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03/10/04 08:57 AM
careful! new [re: EJSunday]  

yes, but you know that such polemic discussions easily lead to "is outside underrated" threads created by newbies...

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03/10/04 09:09 AM
Hang My Head In Shame new [re: th0mas]  

Admitted, again.

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03/10/04 11:18 AM
Re: Will 2.Contamination ever see release? new [re: Myriada]  

In reply to:

Sure, just as soon as pigs fly, hell freezes over, and the Chicago Cubs win the World Series!

If you don't have anything nice to say, go to London and say it in front of 2000 people. NM.

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03/10/04 12:15 PM
Re: careful! new [re: th0mas]  

Anyone on here think that 1.Outside is underated, I personally think it is a fantastic album.

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03/10/04 04:05 PM
Re: careful! new [re: pablopicasso]  

diamonddogz, please please follow my example, since multiple posts in a row are very hard to follow, since one cannot be precisely sure what you're replying to.

In reply to:

I have the Outside Outtakes CD and its brilliant.

The sound quality is breath taking,Coming straight off the master tapes.

The 70-minute one or the shorter one? Because if it is the shorter one, like Emil said it comes from the masters via some very low-quality mp3's.

In reply to:

I'll throw you a name EJ.

Karmastarman,Go do some good and get shot of THAT!!!

He might be more annoying than you are, but that doesn't nescessarily mean there isn't some roo mfor improvedment (in all of us).

In reply to:

Anyone on here think that 1.Outside is underated, I personally think it is a fantastic album.

It's certainly underrated by EJ.

And most of the world's record-buying population.

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(grinning soul)
03/10/04 06:22 PM
Re: careful! new [re: Sysiyo]  

"Anyone on here think that 1.Outside is underated, I personally think it is a fantastic album."

I agree, I think that it's a great album!
I was hoping though that the rerelease would include a few bonus tracks, outtakes, and rarities that I have heard rumours of, so the 1 bonus track is very dissapointing.
I agree that it is very underrated by most Bowie fans.

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03/11/04 05:26 AM
Re: careful! new [re: TheYoungDude]  

It seems that Bowie isn't going to give us any previously unreleased outtakes or rarities in the near future. We'll only get remixes and B-sides.

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03/11/04 06:12 AM
Re: careful! new [re: Sysiyo]  

Bowie IS releasing rarities. Double check the new album.....

Bowie has been an artist that passes off old ideas as new songs and has done so since the early 70's. Not many other artists do it as often as David, and it's likely the reason why Bowie has such a long career of consistent albums.

It's a personality trait of DB's that I greatly admire, the snake oil salesman where fans keep coming back for more. And leave happy.


(cracked actor)
03/11/04 07:14 AM
Re: careful! new [re: Sysiyo]  

The Outside Outtakes I have lasts about 60 mins.

And if you consider that to come from some very low-quality mp3's.

Then goodness knows what sound you think is low quality?,For me the sound ( and im fussy ) is truly brilliant.

Still you spell my name incorrectly.

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03/11/04 07:17 AM
Re: careful! new [re: diamondogz74]  

I goddamn thought I made sure there was only one d in the middle! Well, I quess this is the revenge of my subconciousness for all the times my name has been miswritten in these boards.

In reply to:

Bowie IS releasing rarities. Double check the new album.....

I count four officially released outtakes. Fly, Queen Of All The Tarts, Love Missile F1-11 and Waterloo Sunset. OK, I admit, nice stuff. But still, no (previously unreleased) outtakes for Ziggy, Aladdin or DD 30th when we know some exist, and considering Bowie's habit of keeping his vaults 'secure' there are dbound to be more. We also know there were more tracks cut in the Outside and Earthling (and even BTWN) sessions, but those are not released. And the projected tracklisting for the 'hours...' rerelease will not even include all the B-side outtakes released in 1999!

60 minutes... could you provide us with a tracklisting? Since that sounds like you have agenuine rarityin your hands.

KArt | Project Michelangelo | LiveJournal

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