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03/22/04 09:39 AM
Re: What do your family think of Bowie? new [re: Max_M]  

Brother: One of the people who got me into Bowie, although I have since exceeded him as a fan (he still listens to other music.) Doesn't generally like much after 1980 (except Outside); finds his more recent albums too emotionless (whereas I think, if anything, they're a bit melodramatic)

Sister: Listens to crappy radio country and crappy radio pop. I'm willing to bet she'd like some of the 80s stuff though (China Girl, Modern Love would probably suit her tastes)...

Mother: Would probably like a lot of Bowie, though I've never gotten around to trying to play it for her... Might know a few songs (Under Pressure for her, she used to be pretty into Queen), but definitely doesn't know what she's missing.

Father: I secretly suspect he had a copy of Space Oddity when he was in college but has since forgotten about it... It seems like half the bands I listen to, he'll overhear and say "oh! I know that from college!", but if you'd asked him about it by name beforehand, he would have just shrugged.

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03/22/04 12:44 PM
Re: What do your family think of Bowie? new [re: Max_M]  

I became obsessed with Bowie after I saw the movie Velvet Goldmine. I started with Ziggy Stardust and then went backwards in albums. Then my girlfriend at the time got me into his more current stuff. My mom thinks David is a sellout because "Changes" is on the Fidelity commercial, and doesn't understand why I'm obsessed with him, because she doesn't think he's that good of a singer or songwriter. We all know that she's wrong. My dad likes some of his songs especially "Ashes to Ashes". He loves to do stupid parodies of David's songs. He was cool enough to go to David's concert in L.A. in January. My dad kicks ass. My sister just thinks David has always had bad fashion sense. She doesn't even appreciate his music. All she can talk about when I bring him up is that he is old, his music is boring, and how many face lifts he's had. I've finally given up trying to convert my sister. I think I might try to slowly convert my dad.

03/22/04 04:25 PM
Re: What do your family think of Bowie? new [re: Max_M]  

I only have one sister, who's... erm, well, I don't know what term I should use so I'll say handicapped and because of that, she can't fully appreciate David's music...

My mom likes David Bowie a little, I think. She likes Young Americans and Fame, but I think that's because she listens to old-timey Motown stuff on a Detroit radio station a lot. She also likes Lodger with the exception of Repetition, and I'm dragging her with me to see David twice.

My dad listened to Reality for a while and really likes New Killer Star and Bring Me The Disco King. He's only going to see David with me once.

My parents aren't that big on Bowie because he came around after they lost interest in music, I think.

My uncle and aunt give me Bowie stuff all the time, but I think that's because my aunt trades stuff on eBay for a living and not because they're fans.

And my dad's side of the family is pretty bad when it comes to Bowie. I was reading Bowie: An Illustrated Record and my grandpa walked in and he said "So what's this book about?" "Oh, I'm doing a project on David Bowie." "Oh.. yeah, I think I may have... heard... David Bowie... mentioned... a few times... before..." and then there was an uncomfortable silence and he left. But I can't say I blame him, Bowie came about when he was in his 40s, so naturally he'd think he was a pretty weird guy.

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03/22/04 07:13 PM
Re: What do your family think of Bowie? new [re: Max_M]  

my brother was into Bowie. At first he didn't like him, but eventually i converted him and he became a hugh fan. Unfortunately he's no longer around. My parents don't quite appreciate my fandom, they never have and probably never will, but that doesn't bother me anymore.

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03/23/04 01:42 PM
Re: Preservation new [re: poorsoul]  

In reply to:

Is he actually incapable of identifying a melody or does he just not like music?

Take your pick. It is a bit of both, I believe. He is one of those people who can't understand why anyone would actually buy albums since he sees no need to listen to a song again and again. He certainly had none of his own.

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03/25/04 12:27 PM
Re: What do your family think of Bowie? new [re: boguswoman]  

In reply to:

My few friends have heard Bowie's name and approximately know who he is, but don't know much about his music.

Talking about friends... I just made this 80s Bowie collection for a friend of mine, who I know generally likes 80s music. The album included stuff like Ricochet and Magic Dance. Later she said, that it was really good, it was weird, but not too weird! So, I think I made the right choice by sticking to the eighties... I mean, if she thinks Ricochet is weird... Well, need I say more?

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03/26/04 10:03 AM
mes grandparents new [re: Max_M]  

I recently emailed my grandpa in France with news that I finally bought my airline tickets to visit them this summer and mentioned the upcoming Bowie concert in KC I’ll be attending in May with my sisters (who are second-hand fans through me). His reply?

I won't comment on David Bowie, but I hope you three sisters have a lot of fun together; it should be a great outing. David Bowie has been featured recently in some sort of weird TV ads, but I don't really understand what he was advertising. I do know that he is an excellent businessman - $$$$$!!

My parents never really liked him – I think he was a bit too shocking for them at the time (they didn’t even have anything by The Doors in their musical collection ) but they were mostly tolerant of my obsessiveness.

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03/26/04 02:16 PM
Re: mes grandparents new [re: white rabbit]  

Hey, that's funny. My dad always says Bowie is a great business man - even though he knows nothing else about the man (I left home in my late teens so my folks never got the full assault of my fandom).

(grinning soul)
03/26/04 05:46 PM
Re: mes grandparents [re: maynard]  

i'm not sure what my parents think, but there seems to be a lot less americans who like him than us english!!

i've got outside in the car and they dont seem to mind to much, my auntie likes him a lot, she isnt out of touch either, she bought heathen :)

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03/26/04 08:20 PM
Re: mes grandparents [re: jump93]  

The majority of my family doesn't like him. But my grandma does and she took me to the concert in chicago for my birthday and my littlest sister whos three likes him. She loves labryrinth but she also likes me to just play him music and sing and dance along with it... she also likes Queen. She can pick up the words pretty fast for a three year old but the other day I got in trouble when we were watching one of my queen dvds and she repeated freddy saying fuck you all or something like that hehe.


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