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(wild eyed peoploid)
03/20/04 05:50 PM
What do your family think of Bowie? new  

Just wondering what your loved ones think of Mr Bowie? Did a member get you in to him? Any of you tried to get your kids in to him and with which songs/albums?

There's different levels of interest, but they all like him. Funnily enough, my 2 sisters are like polar opposite Bowie fans. My older sister (31) loves Outside and Earthling (only albums she owns!) and I could probably get her interested in the other CD's quite easily, but my younger sister (25) is narrow-minded and annoying regarding him. She only owns ChangesBowie and when I try to play some album tracks she hasn't heard, she starts moaning and says she wont enjoy them if she doesn't know them. I hate that attitude... >_<

And I as I was just telling Pablo on MSN, my dad was a big Bowie fan... he even recorded Labyrinth so me and my sisters could watch it as children! However, he died of cancer when I was 16 and I only got in to him properly last year when I was 20. It makes me so sad that he died before I truly got became a fan. I would've loved to have discussed Bowie with him and introduced him to his newer stuff. It really breaks my heart; I was very sad when he passed away, but it's now I'm older and I've realised we shared such similar interests that his death really hurts me.

My mum is also a fan and owns albums like Aladdin Sane and Let's Dance on tape, but it's not really the same. Oh well, less of the negativity. Tell me some of your own tales.

(grinning soul)
03/20/04 06:28 PM
Re: What do your family think of Bowie? new [re: Max_M]  

Sorry to here about your father Max M, maybe your father is listening to Bowie somewere else and loving it.

anyway in response to your post.

My brother got me into Bowie to start with when I was eight he was 15 and mad about him, hed by all his records and now he has the biggest Bowie collection of albums ever. I Couldnt believe it last year he was in financial trouble and was gonna sell it I was in shock!!!.....Maybe, he ran it past me to see if I'd by them? Of course I would if i had that kind of money!!!.....to me there priceless! anyway ,he never sold them, he just got more work, better option I say!...so hes a big fan It's the only thing my bro and I can now communicate over really, as we are both big fans.
My sister is a big AC/DC , Rolling Stones girl and thinks Bowie is a Poofter, charming!
My Dad was very accepting of my Bowie's music being blarred from my room at all hours as a teenager, considering he wasnt that into him either, my Dads also a bit Aussie red necky like my Sis and thinks hes a bit to feminine for his likes. (he liked to have a laugh at the laughing gnome though)
My mum would say every time I played Bowie (mum and dad lived apart) "oh, can you play that space man one, i love that song"....refering to Space Oddity, thats all she knew and liked...very cute...she was a streisand and chris de bugh fan!!...hmmmm

My g.f who I live with now didnt know or like him that much but I am educating her or should I say enlightening her, she does think Im obsessed though ( i think it bothers her a bit cause hes male and I love him...and I'm a lesbian)....after the concert however, she saw what i could see in the Man, she said she wuldnt say no either!........lol very funny...she is listening to him more now and is trying to understand his lyrics more as she didnt bother earlier, she also thinks hes very funny which wins her over everytime. she rolls her eyes though if im on the 5th bowie album for the day!.....hehehe

My dog and cats, well my dog loves it, dances with me when im grooving round the house and starts barking to the music!!...lol.....my dog wouldnt know life without Bowie...(she is ten now)

my cats just sleep...except one that loves music and comes in the room and meows.....hes so into sound, unless of course its too loud then their no were to be seen!


(wild eyed peoploid)
03/20/04 08:13 PM
Re: What do your family think of Bowie? new [re: spacie_oddity]  

I got into Bowie when I was 5, and grew up on Labyrinth. Ever since then I've been collecting his music/videos/merchandise. Sadly, nobody in my family likes him. My dad only likes China Girl *sigh*..and my mom doesn't mind if I play it in the car sometimes when she drives, but she'd never listen to him on her own. They both nag and say "He's too old!" ...whatever. I
m not going to bother discussing the "he's too old" subject, because everyone here on TW knows better. They have learned to cope with my obsession quite well, however, it's hard for them to avoid him when I play him everywhere. So they just sigh and nod a lot, shake their heads and walk away. My best friend used to think I'm weird that I listened to him, until just last year she's been listening to him quite a bit, so I'm happy.

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03/20/04 10:21 PM
Small new [re: spacie_oddity]  

My fish used to dance to Young Americans. Unfortunately, Bowie's voice drives my monkey insane and I'm running out of tranquiliser darts.

Question Marks

(grinning soul)
03/20/04 11:43 PM
Re: What do your family think of Bowie? new [re: Max_M]  

My dad likes him but he gets annoyed if I listen to him too much. My mom used to like Bowie but now she doesn't and she claims it's my fault (but I know better, every once in a while I hear her singing "TVC15" to herself lol). My 16 year old sister hates him, but I think she might like certain songs. My other two sisters who are 10 and 7 like Labyrinth, but they think David Bowie looks like a girl, and can't understand why I like him (my 7 year old sister also likes Miracle Goodnight and the songs on Earthling, but she says she doesn't like it when Bowie starts singing :-/). Luckily all of my friends are just as obsessed as I am, so I can talk to them about him as much as I want.

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(wild eyed peoploid)
03/21/04 00:40 AM
Re: What do your family think of Bowie? [re: Max_M]  

My parents dislike him, saying he's too "weird" and such. I get that reaction for a lot of things though. Good thing they don't know I'm gay.

My older brother (21) is convinced he's dead.

My younger brother (11) says it sucks just because he idolizes my older brother, but then I play it for him and he likes it. Especially I'm Afraid of Americans, which pisses my older brother a lot, because he's super-duper country listenin' conservative republican.

I don't particularly fit in with my family. That's okay.

I make no apologies for being fabulous.

(electric tomato)
03/21/04 00:48 AM
Re: What do your family think of Bowie? [re: Max_M]  

None of my family liked Bowie, they were from a different generation, even my brother is about 15 years older than me, I got into bowie in 83 (not through let's dance though, I started from Hunky dory and did it for real). They had not choice but to hear him, when I bought my first couple of albums, it was like "oh you don't like HIM, do you?" Though my father did like the bowie and bing duet. I kept playing the records and they came to accept him in their world, my mother called her Dog Ziggy, a few years later my brother called another dog Bowie, but that was as far as their appreciation went. My father was more interested as he was more open to music, sadly though he died in 85, I think he would have liked the theatricality of the GST, he liked a big show.

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(wild eyed peoploid)
03/21/04 01:47 AM
Re: What do your family think of Bowie? [re: pablopicasso]  

My family doesn't really show an interest in him.

The sisters fell back and said "Don't that man look pretty!"

(stardust savant)
03/21/04 06:28 AM
Re: What do your family think of Bowie? new [re: Max_M]  

Mum and Dad are well 'used' to Bowie. They've put up with him for more than 20 years. They had 2nd row seats to see him in 87 and they had the best night of their lives.

SoulLoveBrother has loved Bowie for a long time. (about 20 years too).

My biggest and latest conqueristation (is that a word?? it is now!) is the delectable Un-Bowie-fan SoulLoveHubby just being blown away by the Bowie at the Bowie Melbourne gig.... and believe me, for a Bowie chick in the front of a stadium with your husband unexpectedly going nuts holding you from behind while Bowie is 8 feet in front of you going off, life doesn't get any better!!


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(stardust savant)
03/21/04 06:42 AM
Re: What do your family think of Bowie? new [re: Max_M]  

My father when he was alive liked Bowie very much ( alas he died in 1987).

My mother likes his 1970s music,I can remember her playing Sorrow the single on our record player

Shes still very much alive and likes him and his looks.

My two sisters are quite an age apart,My older sister likes him and always jibes me calling me Mr Lawrence lol.

My younger sister admires him as a stalwart of the misic world.

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