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(stardust savant)
04/06/04 02:31 PM
Re: Flaw, my ass! new [re: zigbot]  

I still think he looks kind of weird and it might be that his teeth are not the originals.

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(stardust savant)
04/06/04 02:38 PM
Re: Flaw, my ass! new [re: Emil]  

RE: It might be that his teeth are not the originals.

Correct Emil, they were digitally remasterd and re-released a few years back, im looking forward to the 30th Anniversary set

Any ideas to what extra's there could be?

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(wild eyed peoploid)
04/06/04 02:47 PM
Re: Flaw, my ass! new [re: zigbot]  

I agree with Zibot, although I can't say for certain Bowie has not had any cosmetic surgery done. It's no secret he got his teeth "fixed" a few years ago (I miss that jagged toothed rakish grin ), but it's amazing how someone looks different with a different hair cut, a beard or whiskers, make-up, lack of sleep, mood expression, good or bad health, etc. Maybe he uses a really good skin conditioning lotion or something. I don't care. I thinks he's absolutely gorgeous - especially because he does not meet the popular standard of male beauty (think Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt). Sorry, but ordinary cuteness doesn't really do it for me.

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(mortal with potential)
04/06/04 02:54 PM
Re: Now I'm happy thanks a lot new [re: eddi_vaibow]  

"he had large crows feet around his eyes, which now are no longer present, or not as visible!"

I think I've heard he uses Botox, which isn't something I would use, however, it isn't a major procedure, or even a surgery. He may have had some slight surgical procedures for all I know, however, I think Zigbot is right with what was said earlier in this thread-- he does look his age (or at least near it) when he's not all made up. I've seen him up close twice in his "regular life" and he looks normal and aged. Like last Thursday (Toronto show), he was sitting by me during the Polyphonic Spree and he looked his age, and not weird-looking like you'd look after surgery, but by the time he hit the stage he looked like he was almost as young as me, lol (I'm in my twenties). And I was in the front row for that show (not trying to brag, just letting you know how close I was), and he really did look good up there, even his hands looked fairly youthful, and those are the first to age as mentioned previously.

I just checked out that Today Show picture... that's about how he looked the two times I saw him outside of a performance (which was in Jan 2004 and April 2004)

"RE: It might be that his teeth are not the originals.

Correct Emil, they were digitally remasterd and re-released a few years back, im looking forward to the 30th Anniversary set"


(crash course raver)
04/06/04 03:05 PM
Re: Now I'm happy thanks a lot new [re: superbeast777]  

Well, if he's using Botox he isn't using much of it. He can still lift his brows, smile and get crinkles on the corners of his eyes, and MAKE EXPRESSIONS with his face. Botox works by paralyzing muscles, and along with erasing wrinkles it also takes away your ability to move your face and emote. In small doses, you retain most movement, but what you give up in exchange is that it relaxes the wrinkles a little but not enough to erase them. I doubt David's even using Botox, but if he is, he's doing it right and retaining his ability to express things with his face. Anyone who's been lucky enough to catch him in performance up close (and I have been) can attest to how much he uses his facial expressions to emote when he sings. Botox would fuck that up, and David's too concerned about his art, I'm sure, to erase a wrinkle at the expense of his ability to perform his songs to their best effect.

And his hands don't look old to me. He does have a few "age spots" on them. Big deal. He still has long, lovely fingers. The hands of a man who hasn't done a day of physical labor in his life. "Artistic hands," as Angie Bowie once called them.

Last, the lighting on stage also smooths out wrinkles. He looks absolutely luminescent up there, but he looks just as beautiful when he comes down.


(electric tomato)
04/06/04 03:07 PM
Re: Flaw, my ass! new [re: zigbot]  

He just looks like a man in his 50s on that pic. He is a man in his 50s, so no big deal.

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04/06/04 04:16 PM
Is that considered a flaw? new [re: zigbot]  

In that big, makeupless picture, he looks like Michael Caine.


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(stardust savant)
04/06/04 04:28 PM
Re: Is that considered a flaw? new [re: WildWind]  

Not alot of people know that.

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04/06/04 07:56 PM
Re: Now I'm happy thanks a lot new [re: zigbot]  

I Bowie was using Botox, he would look like Madonna right now. There is just something quite phony about her face right now.

Also keep in mind that he has very recently quite smoking, and his body would have taken a full year or two to fully ajust. He's just healthier then when he was smoking 3-4 pack of cigarrettes a day.


(crash course raver)
04/06/04 08:09 PM
Re: Now I'm happy thanks a lot new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

Good point, BFP. I've brought up the issue of his having quit smoking in other post on this topic either here or at BWW--it seems I have to defend David's face on multiple fronts against all the plastic surgery allegations.

My husband is 10 years younger than Bowie and bears a slight resemblance to him (actually, he's kind of a cross between Bowie and a younger-looking Christopher Walken--hey, it works for me!). He was a 2+ pack a day smoker for almost 20 years. He quit 10 years ago. After he quit, in about 6 to 8 months, everyone started telling him he looked "young." His skin really did plump up after quitting. Smoking dehydrates the skin and makes lines more visible. Quitting rehydrates the skin, and lines seemed "filled in" a bit.

So that definitely is part of what's going on with Bowie, too. I think he's even regained some of what was previously lost vocal range thanks to kicking the habit.

Yep, Madonna's face looks weird. She has Botoxed herself to the tilt. Bowie still looks natural and can smile, lift his brows, frown, and do all the stuff faces are SUPPOSED TO DO! Like I said people, check him out up close when he's performing. He really "acts out" his songs and it is a lot of fun to watch his happy, pained, tortured, amused, etc. expressions. He is too devoted an artist to want to Botox the hell out of his face and reduce his ability to emote on stage.


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