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(mortal with potential)
04/22/04 04:41 AM

I am so shocked that some people think that "Slip Away" from "Heathen" is one of his baddest songs (in the topic "Worst of David Bowie").
Nothing could be more wrong, it is one of his greatest songs ever recorded and the undoubted highlight of "Heathen" (my view).
It has everything that a classic Bowie song needs: It's strange, it's beautiful and it's dramatic, all at the same time!

I really consider "Slip Away" one of his all time greatest songs and when I saw Bowie perform it live in 2002, I almost cried, it was so perfect and wonderful!

If I should pick only one song from his period from the nineties onwards it would be:


(electric tomato)
04/22/04 04:47 AM
Re: SLIP AWAY new [re: MHP]  

My first listen of Heathen, this song absolutely jumped out at me. Great melody, great lyrics ("Watching all the world and war torn"). I too went "wooooooooo!!!!" when he played it at Manchester 2002.

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04/22/04 04:54 AM
Re: SLIP AWAY new [re: MHP]  

My assessment is that it's a great song but is let down by the occasional poor lyric. A ballad as grand as that should be about world peace or something not a fricking childrens TV show.

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(electric tomato)
04/22/04 08:26 AM
Re: SLIP AWAY new [re: MHP]  

I think the verse on Slip Away is the best melody he's written in 20 years or something, and the lyrics are great too. But the chorus has trouble standing up against such a great verse, and becomes too much of a "filler". It's not a bad song. Absolutely one of my favorites among the later songs. But I really wish he'd spent more time on that chorus.


04/22/04 12:27 PM
Re: SLIP AWAY new [re: MHP]  

i hate his voice on that song. i guess it is his idea to sound older and not singing one tiny bit correct but it does not make it sound better...

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(crash course raver)
04/22/04 12:41 PM
Re: SLIP AWAY new [re: MHP]  

I love Slip Away. It has a grandeur similar to that of Word On A Wing, Life On Mars? and Wild Is The Wind. The soaring sounds when he sings of "sailing over Coney Island" actually make me feel as though I am sailing up somewhere in the sky. His voice is lovely on this song, as well.

I've never heard it live, and am actually a bit psyched that he's been performing it recently backed by The Polyphonic Spree. Now THAT might be a way to make all them hippies actually USEFUL to a song! I hope he and the Spree do the song in Loveland. Three days to go. I'm both thrilled and already sad, as this will be my last A Reality Tour gig.

As for Adam's comment that a song as grand as Slip Away should be about something bigger than a children's show--dude, it IS! Although the lyric mentions Ooogie, Bones Boy and Uncle Floyd, I think the song transcends them and becomes a general balad about the passage of time, the lsoing of connections with people and events, and the nostalgia we all feel for the past--a nostalgia that often is skewed and viewed in hindsight with "rose coloured glasses." Nostalgia is weird that way. People can romanticize ANYTHING in their past when they feel there is little hope in their future. I think Slip Away is about that self-deceiving desperation that makes us want to reach back to the past and airbrush and glamourize it.


(stardust savant)
04/22/04 12:57 PM
Re: SLIP AWAY new [re: zigbot]  

Hi zigbot

I find you post very interesting, its how I myself actually read the song also. i think its a beautiful song with wonderful lyrics.

Sad and happy, the part in the song where he sings about 1982 being the joke we always knew, i take it thats something to do with that television show also ?

I hope you enjoy the show , im not that keen on the polyphonic spree still it might sound really good ? please let us know.

BTW all this talk of nostalgia reminds me of a brilliant autobiography i once read, by the French actress Simone Signoret, the title she got from a new york subway train, it was called "Nostalgia is'nt What it Used to Be"

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04/22/04 01:01 PM
Nostalgia. new [re: zigbot]  

The sound of waves in a pool of water,
I'm drowning in my sea of nostalgia. - David Sylvian

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(crash course raver)
04/22/04 01:22 PM
Re: SLIP AWAY new [re: diamondogz74]  

Hi, Dogz, the reference to 1982 is, I think, a double entendre. I've heard that the Uncle Floyd show was cancelled around 1982, so that may be a reference to its "last hurrah" before cancellation. As for David personally, 1982 was the year before Let's Dance and the beginning of David's commercial overexposure and artistic decline. So, perhaps, as he looks back on the past with is rose coloured glasses, he sees 1982 as his last "pure" year--the year before the beginning of his own decline at that time. Just a thought, I could be wrong, but I kind of like this view.

Yeah, Tristan, nostalgia ain't what it used to be.

All this talk of nostalgia also reminds me of a great quote (which I don't recall word for word, and I can't even recall the source) about how David's work seems to have a bizarre sense of time-blending that often makes one feel a "nostalgia for the future." It may have been Nicholas Pegg who said this, but I've always loved the quote. I think it is the perfect oxymoron to describe David's simultaneous musical delving into the future and the past, and being somewhat dissatisfied with what he finds in either one. That dissatisfaction makes for some very fine songwriting, though, doesn't it?


(wild eyed peoploid)
04/22/04 01:31 PM
Re: SLIP AWAY [re: Adam]  

I hat to say this, but I totally disagree with your point, Adam.

In reply to:

A ballad as grand as that should be about world peace or something

Looks like you're talking about Elton John or Bryan Adams! I mean, what's Life On Mars about, anyway? or Space Oddity? Of course, these are metaphorical songs, but so is Slip Away.
I fact, I believe that Bowie's most social-conscius moments are not among his best work.

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