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05/03/04 03:37 PM
Re: New Bowie fan new [re: Coco82]  

If you like the darker side of his stuff, go with Diamond Dogs & 1.Outside, for proper rock go with Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane. The best ones other than that are Low, Heroes, Station to Station and Let's Dance. Hunky Dory is good too.

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05/03/04 05:34 PM
Re: New Bowie fan new [re: Coco82]  

Hi, Coco82, I'm from Seattle. So, "hello neighbor!"

If you enjoyed the concert, I'd start with listening to some of the albums that a lot of the concert songs came from. SInce you've already got Realitym and Best of Bowie, I'd go with the following, for starters:

Scary Monsters (Wave-O Bowie at his best)
Heathen (introspective and uneasy, but it rocks in places, too)
Ziggy Stardust (the album that really started it all)
Aladdin Sane (Ziggy in America--fast-paced, sexy, lipstick-wearin' rock 'n' roll)
Hunky Dory (beautiful piano-based ballads, and the rockin' Queen Bitch that foreshadowed the Ziggy era's jthen-impending arrival)
Station to Station (very classic Bowie, funk meets minimalism)
Space Oddity (in a way, this too, was an album that "started it all" for Bowie--or at least the title song was)

I would then go on to the beautiful yet horrifying world of Diamond Dogs--Bowie makes even the apocalypse seem somehow sexy and . . . desirable. Then go to the "holy trilogy" of Low, "Heroes" and Lodger, but be ready for a lot of atmospheric and instrumental/experimental stuff mixed in with the usual Bowie show-stoppers. Also give The Man Who Sold The World a shot. It is dark in theme, has fantastic lyrics and guitar riffs, and is the closest Bowie has come to heavy metal, in my view.

Then plunge into the 90s. Start with Earthling, and then go to 1. Outside--and stay with it until you realize the masterpiece that it is. Then see if you can find Buddha of Suburbia. It's amazing.

By now, you should be pretty well convinced of Bowie's genius, so you can go into some of the lighter and danceable sides of his music. Let's Dance is a fun album, despite what many may say. Black Tie White Noise is, in my view, even better--very sensual and jazzy, and Bowie's vocals are breathy and urgent. Just lovely. Young Americans is from the 70s, but similar in style, I think, to BTWN--Bowie's blue-eyed soul. I think he pulls it off beautifully, with all manner of funkiness.

By now you're ready for Tin Machine and Tin Machine II. I thought they sucked at the time, but have since concluded that it was I who sucked at the time for not realizing they were a kick-ass band.

Last, go for hours, a decent relatively recent album, but not one that deserves a first-tier position among his works, and then go the late 60s stuff and mid-to late 80s bombs, just to complete your collection. Actually, David Bowie is a very fun album--once you already know and love our David. And Pin-Ups is a fun historical lesson on what types of late 60s music influenced David's early career. Tonight and Never Let Me Down are largely tosh--but even there there are some good songs. Even Bowie's "worst" is not that bad.

Enjoy the musical ride you're about to embark on. And remember, all these suggestions are just that--suggestions--you're free to explore Bowie's vast back catalogue at your own pace and in your own order. Just one rule: Don't give up on Bowie after a single listen. Many of his albums need to get under your skin a bit before you have your "aha!" moment when you realize how much you love them. And if one album still disappoints you after you feel you've given it a fairy chance, not to worry. You can dislike one or more albums and still love Bowie overall. Because of the diversity of the musical styles he has--and continues--to explore, you can love some parts of his work, hate others, and even "love to hate" a few.

If you get to this point, then you may end up like a lot of us here, pawning your every other possession just to get your hands on every "rare" Bowie item you can find. And you'll be able to hold forth intelligently about every known "outtake" and a few that Bowie biographers deny exist but you claim to personally own!


05/03/04 08:32 PM
Re: New Bowie fan new [re: BreakingGlass]  

In reply to:


And what was that for?

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05/04/04 01:27 AM
Desire new [re: zigbot]  

Now here's a question, trying to steer the conversation away from the usual torrent of personal opinions as to whether one should experience Tin Machine before Tonight: does it really make that much difference what order one purchases these albums (assuming, of course, that the intention is to collect them all)? Is it necessary to listen to Low before you can get "Heroes"? Does Reality only make sense after you've listened to Heathen? In the end, liking these albums is going to come down to personal taste and although it probably is better to start off with albums more likely to be enjoyed, would it really be that off-putting starting with something like 'hours...'? After all, it could be because of that album that one's interest in Bowie developed.

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05/04/04 02:03 AM
Re: Desire new [re: poorsoul]  

In reply to:

does it really make that much difference what order one purchases these albums (assuming, of course, that the intention is to collect them all)?

I think this would not be an issue if there were only five albums to aquire, but with twenty five, it's a large commitment to say you're going to get them all. If someone starts out on this venture, but chooses first the albums that don't grip them and drive them to get the rest, they could easily give up on the daunting task.

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05/04/04 05:54 AM
Re: New Bowie fan new [re: Coco82]  

Hi Coco82, it might soiund obvious, but why not ask your dad? he's prob got some vinyl stashed away in the attic - and could rattle off some real live experiences - if they wow you out, spill here .... ;-)

05/04/04 06:00 AM
Re: New Bowie fan new [re: WoodJackson03]  

In reply to:

What do you mean, welcome back! You assume everyone is an alter ego! It is so boring!

Boring! give me strength

I do not assume everyone is an alter ego, but lets just say, there are ways of spotting them

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05/04/04 11:18 AM
Re: New Bowie fan new [re: diamondogz74]  

Well, i'd rather you concentrate on mastering posting first.

There's no real way to collect Bowie Albums, just buy them as they come along. Unless there is an actual sound or era you particulary want to hear. Just take it one step at time. Like what an earlier poster said, ask your dad or someone old enough if they have any LP's etc.

I am still looking for Buddha :(

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05/04/04 11:44 AM
Re: New Bowie fan new [re: WoodJackson03]  

Buddah is very hard to come by, I have seen copies go for 30-40 on eBay. I was lucky to get it when it came out in '93 with the novel in a plastic case.

This remark might have a hint of irony in it, or it may not.

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05/04/04 01:06 PM
Re: New Bowie fan new [re: pablopicasso]  

In reply to:

Buddah is very hard to come by, I have seen copies go for 30-40 on eBay.

This reminds me that I need to thank my dad for buying it for me back in 1999(for 10 euros or something)

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