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(mortal with potential)
05/22/06 09:22 AM
Re: Hearing Bowie in unusual places new [re: Adam]  

Lol I heard Bowie in a lot of unusual places , but the most unusual place belongs to me . I work on a Mini market and the owner is my dad , and we are in BA , Buenos Aires , you know in a neigberhoud , in where Tango rules all , but If you go to my place , you always hear all my Bowie albums , I always put them entirely so it's really unusual to be hearing Bowie in a Tango neigberhoud . Then I always hear some Bowie stuff on a lot of strange places , like bookstores that usually play Jazz or Smooth music and the other day , they put Scary Monster entirely . And on Mtv ? Lol well the thing is that is not usual to hear or watch a Bowie video on Mtv , lol .... in my MTV at list .. We're rule by stupid singers , all the videos are Hilary Duff and Britney and well bad bands , and they never put a Bowie video , but the other day they did ^_^ . Sorry I think my post is terribly stupid but I am new and Argentinian.... so do not blame me for it

+I am aware of my sins...But I am aware that they will lead me to my dreams..+

(cricket menace)
05/22/06 10:32 AM
Re: Hearing Bowie in unusual places new [re: Rebelvelvet]  

Well, the fact that you are Argentinian and posting here is beyond all levels of coolness.....so welcome!

I guess one of the strangest things about hearing Bowie in public places (like say your experience with Scary Monsters in a book store) is that the other people are probably not thinking twice about the music being played. I have to keep that in check to prevent myself approaching each and every customer with "can you believe how good this music is?".


(cricket menace)
05/02/08 10:14 AM
Grand Theft Auto IV new [re: Adam]  

The newly released Grand Theft Auto again contains Bowie.

On a previous version, many of you might have found the obscure track 'Somebody Up There Likes Me' playing on the radio.

Not sure what's on the new one......so let me know when you find out.



(incestuous and vain)
05/03/08 07:44 PM
Re: Grand Theft Auto IV new [re: Adam]  


I don't get along with myself
And I'm not too keen on anyone else

(cricket menace)
05/04/08 08:02 AM
Re: Grand Theft Auto IV new [re: RabbitFighter]  

Ah.....thanks.....who would have thought the Young Americans album would be so destined to become the soundtrack for computerised bank robberies, assassinations, pimping, street racing and the killing of policemen and military personnel.



05/09/08 00:08 AM
Feel good hit of the summer new [re: Adam]  

One word Adam: cocaine!

Also, Iggy Pop is the DJ of the classic rock station that Bowie features on.

Je est un autre

(cracked actor)
05/22/08 10:38 AM
Re: Feel good hit of the summer new [re: Remade/Remodeled]  

i heard sound and vision on morning edition yesterday! it's what finally got me up...

there's bourbon on the breath of the singer you love so much
he takes all his words from the books that you don't read anyway

Auntie Prism
(stardust savant)
05/24/08 04:20 PM
Inside every young pair of pants new [re: Max_M]  

I heard the 'Candidate' demo in a Manchester branch of Oxfam a few weeks ago.

This was remarkable enough to warrant mentioning it to the guy behind the counter, but he was slightly old and pervy (think Stu, only with hair), so I declined embarking on a 'tour' of his music collection.

Silence here takes on the quality of a dimension.

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