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(crash course raver)
05/06/04 11:10 AM
Re: Fashionable Cats and Golden Falcons new [re: EJSunday]  

Space oddity got very little airplay where I grew up, but Changes got a lot of airplay, so I picked changes. Let's Dance was on the air a lot more than Fame, though Fame did reach number one in the US. Golden Years reached number 5 n the USA, and it seems to me it got more airplay than Fashion did. This Is Not America must have done reasonably well because I remember it getting a lot of airplay. Cat People received less airplay here. Modern Love is still played quite often and I would guess it received more than Young Americans. If I remember correctly, Young Americans got as high as number 28 on the Billboard charts.

(stealing for that one good rush)
05/06/04 12:32 PM
Re: Hello, You're On The Air new [re: Debris]  

I can only speak from my own experience as a radio listener from 1982 onwards, but I know for a fact that "Changes" is more often played in the US than "Space Oddity," and after "Fame"'s initial ride to no. 1 here, it gets much less play than "Let's Dance." I don't think I've ever heard "Young Americans" on the radio, but I know I've heard "Modern Love." "Fashion" and "Golden Years" is a close contest, but I think it's got to be "Modern Love," again based on my own experience. The other question doesn't apply because none of them are ever on the radio here.

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(absolute beginner)
05/06/04 03:10 PM
Re: Hello, You're On The Air new [re: dukewhite]  

When Fame was initially released it was on the radio all the time. So vote FAME!

(stardust savant)
05/06/04 08:13 PM
You've got the hook new [re: Dara]  

In the US, Space Oddity gets a lot more airplay than Changes on the album rock and oldies stations. After all, it was a hit!

Fame vs. LD is an interesting one. Both songs were #1s in the US. But I never hear Let's Dance on the 80s pop stations. China Girl and Modern Love absolutely trounce LD there, probably cos they are shorter and have more arc to them. Fame also misses out on radio play cos it's a bit too far removed from classic "oldies" fare, and not quite disco enough for disco radio. But by a hair I believe Fame gets more airplay than Let's Dance.

Modern Love, China Girl and Space Oddity are the Bowie songs that get the most US airplay, so ML over YA was also a cinch, though YA does manage to get played here and there. In fact, on oldies stations that will play stuff through the mid-70s you are as likely to hear YA as you are to hear Fame.

EJ and Gusst, you showed bad manners to append additional polls to Debris' thread, however, I will only ignore your poll, EJ, cos the songs in it are both nonentities in the US (though America might have scraped into the top 40 for a week on Sean Penn's brill bad-boy looks). Guust's poll is more interesting in that it again brings out the no-man's land where late 70's songs hang and bang - I never hear Fashion on the radio. Golden Years gets very occasional airplay, so it wins my vote.

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(wild eyed peoploid)
05/06/04 10:40 PM
Generic Radio? new [re: Debris]  

Seems all of our Top 40 American (pop & rock) stations had similar playlists as all of my votes matched the majority. As for "This Is Not America" I can remember seeing it on MTV way back in 1985. Bowie was in it for brief spots of singing and posing, but most of it was clips from the movie as someone else stated above.

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05/07/04 02:38 AM
Re: Hello, You're On The Air new [re: Dara]  

In reply to:

Was Golden Years a big radio hit in the US at the time?

Absolutely, Dara, Golden Years got a lot of radio airplay, at least on the west coast of the US. Coming off Fame and Young Americans they carried on playing Bowie. (it was only with Low that the airplay slowed down). This was much to the chagrin of the rock'n'rollers who said Bowie had gone "Disco", as Golden Years would be played by the pop and top 40 stations since the FM "heavy rock" stations would never play disco!

05/07/04 03:29 AM
A Bit Of Lazy Reading On p2c's Side new [re: power2charm]  

In reply to:

EJ and Gusst, you showed bad manners to append additional polls to Debris' thread

p2c you showed bad manners in not reading Debri's innaugural posts propperly. Otherwise you would have found the line "Feel free to add your own pairings" there. Excuses will be accepted.

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05/07/04 03:49 AM
Olive new [re: Guust]  

In reply to:

I didn't know This Is Not America had a video...why isn't it on the BoB-DVD?

Probably for the same reason that Under Pressure, When The Wind Blows, Real Cool World and the Tin Machine videos aren't - Bowie (most likely) doesn't own the exclusive rights to them as they all involve either other musicians or film footage that he might not be able to get clearance for for commerical release.

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(stardust savant)
05/07/04 06:19 AM
I'm gonna turn on you! new [re: EJSunday]  

In reply to:

p2c you showed bad manners in not reading Debris innaugural posts properly.

Actually, Debris showed bad manners in not giving his signature in a different font or otherwise formatting it so that I wouldn't mix up his post from his sig.

Debris, you are on probation, you punk!

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05/07/04 06:59 AM
not giving his signature in a different font [re: power2charm]  

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