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(cracked actor)
06/26/04 01:35 PM
Fahrenheit 5:15- Bowie deceives America  

Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" graphically reveals scenes of Bush and the war the American public was not heretofore privileged to see. The film is a very interesting polemic and the right wing tried to ban it.

However, politicians are not the only public figures who attempt to manipulate the media in order to sway public opinion.

Much like any other "candidate," rock star David Bowie has deceived the American public, using music and the media to make money. It might be argued that Bowie cares not about music whatsoever; what is really important to him is money, power and career.

For example, having conquered Britain in 1973, Bowie next set his eye on America, producing "Young Americans," an album designed to appeal to the young American negro.

Terms like "the sound of Philadelphia" were used, along with famous black musicians like Carlos Alomar and Ava Cherry. Bowie appeared on Soul Train and the Dick Cavett show, singing rhythm and blues.

This album produced his first number one hit in America, "Fame," and for the first time, young African Americans could be seen at Bowie concerts.

But Bowie was not finished. With albums like Station To Station, Scary Monsters, Heroes, and Let's Dance, Bowie set his sights on record buyers in Europe, Germany, Japan, and North America.

Much like the "thin white duke," Bowie was not so much a musical artist as he was a world leader, focusing on world domination. The thin white duke was not a character at all; Bowie was showing us who he is.

Many of Bowie's former employees note his obsession with power and control. Some have been fired because of a wrong word to the press.

Today, in 2004, Bowie is the richest of rock stars and has purchased his own mountainous territory in upstate NY. Fans on message boards do not tolerate a wrong word about Bowie, having been deceived by money, beauty, and power.

However, there are the few, the independent, who still write freely about what they see, terrified by what this world is about. May their views, like those of Michael Moore, have free expression because the day is coming when men like David Bowie will silence them forever.

(cracked actor)
06/26/04 01:42 PM
Re: Fahrenheit 5:15- Bowie's deception of America new [re: pianocraft]  

Oh my word, I never realised how much I have been conned into this myth that David Bowie was an artist whose sole purpose was to create art. I now know it was all about money.
I think I shall give all his cd's and records away, I wouldn't want to sell them as this would feel like blood money, maybe I should just destroy them.

Does anyone know of a musician who is not in the business for the money and doesn't profit from his art, as I now have a huge whole in my life?

Believe everything I say,especially the lies.

06/26/04 06:55 PM
Celsius 232 new [re: pianocraft]  

And your point is?

Get Bowie Back Downunder
The GBBD 2005 campaign starts here!

06/27/04 02:10 AM
Re: Fahrenheit 5:15- Bowie's deception of America new [re: pianocraft]  

Pianocraft why is that 8 people have put you on their bozo list?

I'd really like to see where you got this information that Bowie fired musicians for saying something bad to the press... and Michael Moore is doing the same thing as the rest of the world. He is not any better then anyone else.

"They beat on the outside
And I'll stand by you
Now. Not tomorrow"

(grinning soul)
06/27/04 05:08 PM
Repent new [re: pianocraft]  

HA HA, you've got issues....

Experienced my first Bowie concert on May 14th. Have yet to change my underwear.

(crash course raver)
06/27/04 08:01 PM
Re: Fahrenheit 5:15- Bowie deceives America new [re: pianocraft]  

I see, and how long have been having these delusions? Please, tell me more about your mother.

Okay, I give up.

(mortal with potential)
06/27/04 11:02 PM
Re: Fahrenheit 5:15- Bowie deceives America new [re: pianocraft]  


(crash course raver)
06/28/04 03:00 AM
Re: Fahrenheit 5:15- Bowie deceives America new [re: pianocraft]  

Once Bowie has achieved making all the billions he needs, maybe he'll create a mini-me to leave behind as he takes as much water his ship can carry to his homeworld, then you won't have to worry much longer.

(cracked actor)
06/28/04 03:55 PM
Re: Fahrenheit 5:15- Bowie deceives America [re: pianocraft]  

You really do have issues, pinheadcraft. Oh, and those "young American negro[s]" you referred to prefer to be called "African Americans" these days.

If I had Bowie's combination of beauty, talent, and internal fire to create art, I'd want to take the world by storm as well. Wouldn't you? Just because some of us might be ugly, talentless, and full of sloth doesn't mean we should bedrudge the rewards that befall the pretty, talented, and motivated.

Bowie has brought so much joy into the lives of millions that, honestly, I feel the man is bloody UNDERPAID! I caught six shows this tour and what I got out of it was worth FAR more than what I paid--especially in Canada, where after doing the conversion from my American dollar to the Canadian dollar, my sister and I got to see Bowie "deceive" us from the Second Row for under $120 US. I joked for weeks later that I should "write Bowie a check" and send it to him with a note saying I felt he wasn't paid enough for what he gave me--and almost 13,000 other fans--that night.

As far as I'm concerned, David deserves to be rich, powerful, happy, productive, respected, worshipped, and eternally starring in his fans' shagging fantasies.


(cracked actor)
06/28/04 05:52 PM
Re: Fahrenheit 5:15- Bowie deceives America [re: zigbot]  

In reply to:

pinheadcraft.... those "young American negro[s]" prefer to be called "African Americans"....

I'm not sure if you're an expert about what people want to be called.

In reply to:

Bowie is bloody UNDERPAID!

He's glad you feel that way. Why don't you buy some reissued albums with eight or nine remixes of a song on the "bonus" disc. You already have them, don't you?

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