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07/09/04 04:55 PM
Re: What the Hell is goin' on around here? new [re: strangeDivine]  

why do you people care about that post in which for some unkown reason told about a night. It makes no sense to as why you dwell on it. If you could tell me where the other seven volumes of my posted life are I'd love to see them. And no - I am not Jewish, i was meerley guessing what would be said in an angry response against such a comment - for the Jews have always been targeted. I have no religion.

Acid Rock

(thunder ocean)
07/11/04 02:13 PM
Re: Crazy and weird new [re: jump93]  

In reply to:

You got your dates mixed up, I think (not that it really matters too much).

It says on my EMI re-issue the rerecorded Space Oddity was done in 1979, and Alabama Song was released as a UK single in February 1980.

Yes, but let us not confuse the concepts of 'release date' and 'recording date'. Bowie's Alabama Song was recorded in 1978 but released only in 1980.

For the record, I also immensely like the re-recorded Space Oddity.

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(cracked actor)
07/11/04 02:18 PM
Re: Crazy and weird new [re: Sysiyo]  

Wish they would release the third track from the Space Oddity/Panic in Detroit session.

Believe everything I say,especially the lies.

(mortal with potential)
07/12/04 07:22 AM
Re: The Width Of A Word new [re: EJSunday]  

I'm not 100% sure but that's my recollection. I read Brecht's biography but that was nearly 20 years ago, so i could be wrong about the exact term they used.

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07/12/04 08:25 AM
Space Oddity is fine... new [re: Sysiyo]  

The Space Oddity recording was pretty good, yeah, but as for Panic In Detroit....the re-recording makes me cringe

(thunder ocean)
07/13/04 02:40 AM
Panic is spelled P-A-N-I-C new [re: BigFatDog]  

It is an interesting re-recording. Not as good as the original, obviously, but different.

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(grinning soul)
07/13/04 05:04 PM
Re: Alabama Song [blah] new [re: filthilyderanged]  


(grinning soul)
07/14/04 09:38 AM
give me a P... new [re: Sysiyo]  

Actually thinking about it, I'd have liked it if the P-A-N-I-C thingymajig was used in the original. I just can't stand the way his voice sort of goes "Panic In Deeeeeeeet (now high pitched) roiiit"

(crash course raver)
07/14/04 10:16 AM
Re: give me a P... new [re: BigFatDog]  

In reply to:

give me a P...

Give me an O, give me an O, Give me an R...

U Got The Look? Isn't that a Gary Numan song?

(grinning soul)
07/15/04 06:30 AM
. new [re: schizophrenic]  

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