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(stardust savant)
07/09/04 09:22 AM
The Album Ratings new  

This surely must have come up before - but what the hell. I was thinking to myself, the ratings (out of 5) for albums, which can be voted for on this site, give out some interesting results. Perhaps they are a fairly accurate reflection of a broad base of Bowie fans. Especially since they have been anonymous and submitted over a long period of time.

Ziggy Stardust (1972) - 4.72
Low (1977) - 4.70
Station to Station (1976) - 4.66
Scary Monsters (1980) - 4.64
Diamond Dogs (1974) - 4.62
Hunky Dory (1971) - 4.61
1. Outside (1995) - 4.60
Heathen (2001) - 4.60
Earthling (1997) - 4.48
Lodger (1979) - 4.47
"Heroes" (1977) - 4.45
Aladdin Sane (1972) - 4.44
hours... (1999) - 4.37
The Man Who Sold The World (1971) - 4.33
The Buddha of Suburbia (1993) - 4.02

Young Americans (1975) - 3.84
Space Oddity (Man of Words Man of Music) (1969) - 3.80
Tin Machine (1989) - 3.80
Black Tie White Noise - 3.79
Reality (2003) - 3.62
Pin Ups (1973) - 3.54
Lets Dance (1983) - 3.53
Tin Machine II (1991) - 3.50
David Bowie (1967) - 3.23
Never Let Me Down (1987) - 2.48
Tonight (1984) - 2.46

I arbitrarily decided that rankings of 4 and above deserve being in bold, indicating that all of us as a whole decided these are the classic Bowie albums.

He had a great run up until Ziggy Stardust, each album getting a higher ranking than the last. Aladdin Sane was a slight dropoff, but still a classic. Diamond Dogs was a return to form. Pin Ups was a mistake and Young Americans not roundly loved.

The shit really hits the fan around Lets Dance, but I was really amazed at how low Tonight and Never Let Me Down were ranked. According to us they are the worst Bowie albums by a long stretch, even dipping below his cutesy debut. Those two really have a fight on their hands for worst ever.

Tin Machine outranks Tin Machine II which surprises me. Buddha of Suburbia signalled his first classic album for 13 years. From then on they were all classics until Reality.

Now Reality is a special case. Since this site has gone into a coma voting has dropped off almost completely, so if you think Reality is a classic, then go and vote for it. A few votes could have a considerable effect going by how many votes it has so far.

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07/09/04 09:49 AM
Re: The Album Ratings new [re: PHOENIX]  

Interesting post. Hours a classic? That's a controversial view judging by this and other Bowie boards. Perhaps that is down to the fact that it came out around the "last days of TW" (the last days when this site was active and very much the centre of the Bowie universe online). Lots of people voted, but because the album was still new, they perhaps hadn't time to be totally objective about it. In fact, I'd suggest that's a factor in why the albums between Outside and Heathen get such high votes - most people voted on them fairly quickly after they were released, whereas with the older albums, they had 10 or 20 years to think about it and be influenced by fan and critical consensus.

Look at the number who voted for each album. As I write this, it's:

Buddha 185 (relatively low, reflecting the album's obscurity, and release before the fanbase got online or this site even existed)
Outside 481 (big spike up, reflecting the fact that the Bowie online community was really getting going around 1995, and this album had a special place in the affections of many of these "first online generation" fans)
Earthling 388 (down a tad on Outside, but still high. This was probably the first "new" Bowie album a lot of fans voted on while brand new)
Hours 153 (down a lot, indicating the shift away from TW had already started in earnest)
Heathen 5 (so low the rating is almost meaningless, I suggest. If the next two people to vote decided to give it a 1, that would bring the rating craching down to 3.57)
Reality 16 (a bit better than the 5 for Heathen, but still too small a sample).

Slan libh,


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(crash course raver)
07/09/04 12:00 PM
Re: The Album Ratings new [re: PHOENIX]  

I actually think it's pretty cool that Earthling and 'hours...' have joined the ranks of established Bowie classics. It's always nice to have something unpredictable thrown in.

Bowie like burning.

(stardust savant)
07/09/04 10:27 PM
Re: The Album Ratings new [re: Dara]  

In reply to:

Heathen 5 (so low the rating is almost meaningless, I suggest. If the next two people to vote decided to give it a 1, that would bring the rating craching down to 3.57)

Woah. I was keeping an eye on the total votes cast, but I missed that one. When I saw Reality's 16 votes I thought the ranking for that was worthless statistically, but Heathens low voting rate (5 votes in three years!) makes it a real oddity.

Anyway, I'm interested enough to do the songs on the albums also. This time a 4.50+ score denotes a classic song (if it was 4 there would probably be 150-200 classics which devalues the 'classic' title)

David Bowie

Love You Till Tuesday - 4.10 (58)
When I Live My Dream - 4.04 (47)
Please Mr Gravedigger - 3.96 (47)
Rubber Band - 3.86 (42)
She's Got Medals - 3.66 (32)
Little Bombadier - 3.64 (28)
Maid Of Bond Street - 3.62 (32)
Sell Me a Coat - 3.53 (32)
Silly Boy Blue - 3.46 (24)
We Are Hungry Men - 3.39 (33)
Uncle Arthur - 3.20 (45)
There is a Happy Land - 3.20 (30)
Come and Buy My Toys - 3.09 (32)
Join The Gang - 3.00 (28)

Bracketed numbers are total votes cast.

I always knew Please Mr Gravedigger was popular amongst his early songs. Love You Till Tuesday is pleasant to listen to but surprised me taking out the top spot. No song made it to classic status however, but there are no real clunkers (songs under 3.00) although Join The Gang made it very close. In fact if someone went and gave it a vote below three right now it would drop to clunker status.

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(stardust savant)
07/09/04 10:41 PM
Space Oddity (Man of Words/Music) new [re: PHOENIX]  

Cygnet Committee - 4.72 (112)
Space Oddity - 4.71 (232)
Conversation Piece - 4.54 (24)
Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud - 4.50 (58)

Memory of a Free Festival - 4.23 (69)
Letter to Hermione - 4.21 (39)
Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed - 4.14 (70)
An Occasional Dream - 3.98 (51)
Janine - 3.87 (39)
God Knows I'm Good - 3.75 (32)
Don't Sit Down - 2.96 (46)

I was more than surprised to see Cygnet Committee come out first, beating Space Oddity. 4 classic songs in this album and I agree with all of them although I'd put Cygnet Committee 4th out of those in my personal list.

It doesn't take a genius to predict Don't Look Down to score lowly.

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(stardust savant)
07/09/04 10:56 PM
The Man Who Sold The World new [re: PHOENIX]  

The Man Who Sold The World - 4.72 (148)
All The Madmen - 4.70 (138)
The Width of a Circle - 4.63 (95)

Saviour Machine - 4.33 (63)
After All - 4.32 (57)
Black Country Rock - 4.29 (78)
The Supermen - 4.25 (60)
Holy Holy - 4.20 (56)
She Shook Me Cold - 3.84 (56)
Running Gun Blues - 3.70 (54)
Lightning Frightening - 3.46 (35)

He probably should have left Running Gun Blues off this album and put Holy Holy in instead. I thought All the Madmen would come out on top. It was very close.

Only 3 classic songs on this album - but they are all brilliant.

I hate coffee

(stardust savant)
07/09/04 11:08 PM
Hunky Dory [re: PHOENIX]  

Life On Mars? - 4.70 (206)
Queen Bitch - 4.70 (77)
Quicksand - 4.61 (127)
Changes - 4.59 (111)
Oh! You Pretty Things - 4.55 (87)
The Bewlay Brothers - 4.51 (81)

Andy Warhol - 4.38 (89)
Bombers - 4.16 (51)
Kooks - 4.06 (64)
Fill Your Heart - 3.69 (54)
Song for Bob Dylan - 3.42 (40)
Eight Line Poem - 3.14 (42)

The highest number of classics on one album so far. I take exception to Eight Line Poem being held in such low regard, it must be vastly underrated by Bowie fans.

In the case of a tie, the song with more votes cast gets a higher ranking. Oh! You Pretty Things is my favourite Bowie tune, so I hate to see it not come even in the top 4. Stiff competition though.

I hate coffee

(wild eyed peoploid)
07/09/04 11:26 PM
Re: The Album Ratings [re: schizophrenic]  

It shouldnt be so predictable though. I just recently purchased hours, and though I dont like the way his voice sounds in some of the songs (why is he singing like that?!) some of the lyrics really hit me deep. Especially in "Theres Something In The Air". Its kinda heart-wrenching.

I've nothing much to offer.. Theres nothing much to take

07/10/04 00:24 AM
Re: The Album Ratings [re: PHOENIX]  

personally i have always loved young americans to death
i used to hate and despise station to station before i bought it pshame on me - its a classic, I love it now!]

Acid Rock

07/10/04 07:36 AM
Young Americans [re: filthilyderanged]  

In reply to:

personally i have always loved young americans to death

This is indeed a most brilliant Bowie album, i can remember a time when people thought this not so, i never could understand anybody not liking it.

And im sooooo looking forward to the 30th anniversary edition along with "STATIONTOSTATION, with I hope the original B/W cover, please EMI.

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