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(grinning soul)
09/18/04 08:48 AM
If you were Angie  

A couple of weeks ago i read a thread about what yo would do if you were Bowie. That inspired this: so what would you do if you were Angie:
make your own record, become president of Mainman, produce Alladin Sane, run of with Brian Eno or start a movie carreer. Or if you've got a better idea

(crash course raver)
09/18/04 05:18 PM
Re: If you were Angie new [re: thinwhiteme]  

I'm not entirely sure what I'd do if I were Angie, but if I were you, I'd learn to spell...


I seem that which I am;
And therefore do I ask of thee, if thou
Wouldst be immortal?

(grinning soul)
09/19/04 06:23 PM
Re: If you were Angie new [re: thinwhiteme]  

hahha, probebly go into extensive therapy........
leave the past behind me with out writting about it
and get on with my own life!

by the way not being able to spell correctly all the time is not a crime...; P


09/20/04 02:03 AM
Liberation new [re: thinwhiteme]  

Exploit my connection to Bowie to the greatest extent possible.

Ziggy Piggae

(grinning soul)
09/20/04 04:25 AM
Re: If you were Angie new [re: thinwhiteme]  

Jump off something high.

We're gonna give him a razzin', 'cause he's a nasty nazi!

(mortal with potential)
09/25/04 05:13 PM
Re: If you were Angie new [re: spacie_oddity]  

but it should be a crime, and i'd be first in line to beat your ass. we should all be lenient on grammar though. a simple lashing should be enough. Fun!

I live to Pillage!

09/27/04 00:18 AM
Re: If you were Angie new [re: thinwhiteme]  

Have a lot of sex with myself, saying "oh yeah, David Bowie had sex with that."

And any of you who say you wouldn't are lying bastards.

The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had.

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