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02/25/05 07:32 PM
Re: Amnesia?? new [re: BigFatDog]  

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another halfheaarted pointless effort

uuhwee..that's one mean mod.

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for the first time, he is truly lost

I could never doubt the innovation that would come from him. This is a man who can take the simplest of concepts and produce 2 to 3 albums and a tour from it. One aspect of a type of music will be transcended after his treatment. The man is too smart to be lost creatively. If he can't find the inspiration around him, he'll create it. Thanks for letting me share.

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02/25/05 08:03 PM
Arcade Fire new [re: CloverThePoet]  

One might speculate how much an inspiration The Arcade Fire is to Bowie at the moment. If he is really as taken with their debut album as much as claimed, it might be enough to start picking up the guitar or sax and start writing. Musically, I don't think they are anything that he hasn't covered before but that is not to say they couldn't still inspire good music from him.

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Bowie may be thinking not so much along the lines of "When can I record a new album?" as "When can I tour again?".

That is a kind of depressing thought for me. Live dates seem like a short and shallow gratification compared to albums that can make an impact for decades to come.

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02/25/05 08:24 PM
Re: statistics new [re: CloverThePoet]  

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This needs to be said. Mr. Bowie is only human. I know we want what we want, and we wanted it last year.

See, I think you are totally wrong. Yes, Mr. Bowie is only human, but this is his JOB! It's his job to make us happy and to release albums. If he didn't want that, then he shouldn't have become a musician. He's just power hungry. He knows we want it, so he doesn't give it us. The bastard.

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02/26/05 04:22 AM
Re: Amnesia?? new [re: Sysiyo]  

<Bowie seems to be quite at loss with what to do next.>

Sissy, could we assume that you don´t know anything about what is happening and that you are speculating wildly?

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02/26/05 05:32 AM
Re: statistics new [re: blacktropic84]  

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Yes, Mr. Bowie is only human, but this is his JOB!

A lot of people in well paying jobs have retired at his age.

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02/26/05 06:04 AM
Re: statistics new [re: blacktropic84]  

It's not as if Bowie's being forced into making music. Just because he has made music in the past does not mean he is required to continue doing so. Besides, Bowie could quit his 'job' at any time.

And it is not his job to make you happy. What would make you think it was?

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(thunder ocean)
02/26/05 06:34 AM
Re: Amnesia?? new [re: jonasf]  

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Sissy, could we assume that you don't know anything about what is happening and that you are speculating wildly?

You may feel that way if wish. Obviously I have got no first-hard evidence of what Bowie is going to do, I was simply laying out my impressions, based on Bowie's recent activity (or the lack of thereof). Which is really the only thing any of us can do.

Unless of course you know Bowie, Jossy.

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02/26/05 07:43 AM
fools rush in new [re: blacktropic84]  

I think we all are too much consumer minded and prejudgemental to state any speculation or debate on this whole thing. Our idoltry of him and wants create a problem of disillusionment and disappointments. People say things like "Oh, Reality was just to make another tour", or the comment from Blacktropic, but saying something like that is too simplistic and I think we really are clueless on the whole state of affairs here and speculation is futile and in itself, by human nature, depressing. Let the man be and hope for the best. Now my mouth is dry. Dammit!

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02/26/05 08:28 AM
Re: statistics new [re: wannabebowie]  

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Sounds like "hours...2"


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I want a new good album, not another halfhearted pointless effort like Reality.

Absolutely, I think the same can be said for most Bowie fans


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02/26/05 02:46 PM
Re: Amnesia?? new [re: Sysiyo]  

Well, if you base your impression on Bowie´s recent activities, could you please specify what those are and your references?

Is there a logical connection between you writing rubbish and me knowing Bowie?

I was always looking left and right!

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