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(wild eyed peoploid)
02/26/05 04:06 PM
(best of) SNL + videos  

first of all, hello. i have not been on this board in ages, but i had a burning question and who better to ask? so forgive me if this has been asked before.

i recently purchased the 5 disk DVD set of "the best of saturday night live music performances." it was totally worth the purchase, if for patti smith's 1976 performance alone.

however, i was wondering why bowie's performances (the 70s one with the puppets in particular -- i can't describe it, the weird one, with the oversized heads or something...does this make sense?) were not included. i also realized that this snl performance was not on the Best of Bowie DVD either.

does anyone know why his SNL performances are not to be found on the SNL DVDs or his DVDs? is it a question of rights/ownership or something? i love the DVD sets but it feels so sad without the Bowie.

thanks. have a super life!

In conclusion, I love Dustin Hoffman.
"I've said many, many, many unkind things about Philadelphia, and I meant every one." -- David Lynch

02/26/05 04:32 PM
Re: (best of) SNL + videos new [re: whatever]  

I hope that someone here has your info. The SNL performances are my favorite. Especially TVC15. That might be the one you're referring to. They carry him to the mic by his elbows. A TV is on stage and a robot type dog walks across the stage. I've only seen it the only time it aired. I'm describing this from a 30 year memory of it.

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(wild eyed peoploid)
02/26/05 04:39 PM
Re: (best of) SNL + videos new [re: CloverThePoet]  

there we go, that's it! i've never seen it. i missed it by a day when the museum of tv & radio was doing the bowie exhibit (i caught the 80s-early 90s period).

this really should have been included. i can't imagine what naff at NBC decided to include rick james and the backstreet boys but skip over bowie. even his 99 (2000?) performance (with jerry seinfeld as host) would have been awesome. are there more SNL performances of his that i've missed?

In conclusion, I love Dustin Hoffman.
"I've said many, many, many unkind things about Philadelphia, and I meant every one." -- David Lynch

(thunder ocean)
02/26/05 06:01 PM
Re: (best of) SNL + videos new [re: whatever]  

There were three songs done in the same sessions in '79 (Boys Keep Swinging, TVC 15 and TMWSTW), which is what you are referring to though I don't remember which song had the puppet sequence (I've never seen them myself). If memory served Bowie performed on SNL in at least in 1997 in addition to the '79 and '99/00 performances.

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02/26/05 06:29 PM
Re: (best of) SNL + videos new [re: Sysiyo]  

Boys keep swinging has the Bowie head superimposed on the puppets body,
TVC15 has Bowie dressed as an air stewardess with a dog with a tv in it's mouth
The man who sold the world has Bowie in a plastic suit and has to be carried to the front of the stage by his two backing singers.

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(electric tomato)
02/26/05 06:32 PM
Bowie on SNL new [re: whatever]  

Just for the info. Apart from the '79 performances (It was 'boys' that had the puppet/split screen effect),TVC15, and TMWSTW.
In '91 Tin Machine performed 'Baby Universal', and 'Heaven's in Here', in '97 the man performed 'Little Wonder', and 'Scary Monsters'.
Finally in '99 it was 'Thursday's Child, and 'Rebel Rebel'
Incidentally I wonder why he has never bothered to do any skits, many others have like: McCartney, Jagger, Britney, etc etc

(grinning soul)
02/26/05 08:02 PM
Re: Bowie on SNL new [re: thegouster]  

How would one get their hands on the tapes from his SNL preformances? Is it even possible, or is the footage lost within the abyss of the SNL archives?

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(wild eyed peoploid)
02/26/05 09:12 PM
Re: Bowie on SNL new [re: thegouster]  

this always bothered me (him not appearing in SNL skits). esp since he loves to do little quirky acting things & ham it up on screen ("jazzin' for blue jean" would be a prime example). the closest he ever came was in the SNL 75 anniversary, when he and seinfeld introduced the next set of clips with the following exchange (purely based on memory): "so...you're musical guest next week when i host, right?" "yeah." "hey...you have a black wife, right?" "yes, iman." "ah." "yeah." "okay, see you next week." "yes, next week." it got a laugh b/c they were rather good at playing "awkward" with each other.

aaanyway, i did not realize that he had been the musical guest on SNL so many times. i'm confused now. how many times is it? and the are "boys" "TVC15" and "TMWSTW" performances all within the same 79 show? (EDIT: i just read a post further up and discovered that yes, it was all within the same session. i've never heard of a performer being able to perform more than twice on SNL. was this a medley? or were they all separate? and again, why aren't they included on the SNL DVDs? thanks for all the info so far! cheers to all.)

sorry for being such a dunce, but i'm bad with numbers. and thinking. the two combined are just beyond me.

In conclusion, I love Dustin Hoffman.
"I've said many, many, many unkind things about Philadelphia, and I meant every one." -- David Lynch

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(electric tomato)
02/26/05 11:22 PM
Whatever... new [re: whatever]  

Whatever...He actually recorded his performances of the 3 songs on Dec.15th, '79. The show aired on January 5th, '80. Although he didn't perform live, he was there for the final bows. It is rare to perform 3 songs but others have too, Springsteen & McCartney come to mind.
The songs were all performed seperately, and all excellently, particuarly TMWSTW with Klaus Nomi, and Joey Arias on backing vocals and db in a solid body suit which meant that he was carried to the mic by the above named singers. Only his arms were free to move. TVC15 was performed by David in a fetching Blue air hostess type outfit complete with pencil skirt. And the great split screen effect with Davids head looming large over a little dancing rod puppet. Excellent performance all round.
All of his performances are mentioned in my earlier post, incidentally on that Seinfeld piece you mentioned he asked jerry if he was going to do his lost sock bit, and jerry asked him if he was going to sing Changes, they both said yes, but of course neither did those items on the show. Bowie saying that the producers needed a couple of heavy hitters to open up season 25.
Jimmy Fallon once did a parody of David singing a silly alien song to empty seats at the Net Aid concert. And Kevin Nealon said that 'David Bowie has married a man, no sorry that's Iman' On weekend update in '92.

(mortal with potential)
02/27/05 03:27 AM
Re: Whatever... new [re: thegouster]  

The SNL version of TMWSTW is the best ever. His vocals are stunning and still bring tears to my eyes. For those who've never seen it, I've put a smallish version on my site


Btw - a documentary on Klaus Nomi (featuring Bowie) will be in the cinema's soon. More info here


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