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(mortal with potential)
03/21/05 04:03 AM
Re: Time to admit to which classic Bowie song you hate new [re: Mxy]  

I don't like these, partly cos I never did, and partly through overexposure of listening to hundreds of shows over and over (familiarity breeds contempt and all that) :

Beauty and The Beast
I'm Afraid Of Americans (the WORST track listed here by a mile)
John I'm Only Dancing (all of them)
Rebel Rebel (Time for retirement for this one)
Fame (Ditto)
Hallo Spaceboy (though PSB version is FAB)
I Can't Read
Andy Warhol
Scary Monsters
Blue Jean
Jump They Say
Boys Keep Swinging
The Prettiest Star

03/21/05 04:38 AM
bye, bye psboys new [re: Rocknrollinbitch]  

I never liked the psb version of "Hallo, Spaceboy". It's too corny with all that major tom talk. And it 's a generic techno beat if you ask me


03/21/05 04:43 AM
Re: Time to admit to which classic Bowie song you hate new [re: Mxy]  

There are few 'classic' era (1970-80) songs I find to be below average but if I had to pick the three:

1. 'When You Rock n Roll With Me' - OK for a Neil Diamond song but not really of Bowie standard.

2. 'Stay' - I've always found the the riff to be annoying and the chorus a bit devoid of melody and resonance. Best thing is the lyrics in the verses (the days fell on their knees, etc).

3. 'Blackout' (although the 'if you don't stay tonight, I will take that plane tonight....' part is rather good).

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(crash course raver)
03/21/05 02:29 PM
Re: Time to admit to which classic Bowie song you hate new [re: Mxy]  

This should be an easy one.

- Any track on "Heroes". The title track is a great song, but I don't like the way it was recorded. I do like most of the live versions, though. "The Secret Life of Arabia" is my favorite track on this album.

- Most tracks on "Lodger" with the exception of "Fantastic Voyage" and a few others. "Boys Keep Swinging" and "Repetition" just don't cut it, for me. I prefer the more conventional arrangement Susannah Hoffs did for "Boys Keep Swinging", which turned it into a real funky song. So David had the players switch instruments for this track. So what? If he wanted the playing to sound amateurish, he succeeded. I don't care if that's the point of the song, I just don't like it.

- "Loving the Alien". Not bad, but not the masterpiece some fans consider it to be. I like the new stripped-down arrangement better.

- "Heart's Filthy Lesson"

(thunder ocean)
03/21/05 03:02 PM
After the fall new [re: Emilio]  

In reply to:

I like the new stripped-down arrangement better.

The new arrangement is horrible. The original was too overblown, but the correct ansver for the song isn't to go to the other extreme. It would definately need drums, bass and possibly keyboards in addition to Bowie's voice and the guitar.

I do agree on Boys Keep Swinging though. It was much better for instance as the version on Saturday Night Live in 1979. Although I might like that just because it had Klaus Nomi on backing vocals.

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03/21/05 03:32 PM
Re: Time to admit to which classic Bowie song you new [re: jump93]  

In reply to:

I don't really like the Young Americans album.
Fucking hell I'm brave, the only track I can listen to on it is Fame and I don't find that too great really.

Im sure after a few listenings whilst queueing in your local Co-Op waiting for the ever efficent staff to find their brains you might just become used to it Mike

London Bye Ta-Ta...

03/21/05 11:53 PM
Loving the Loving the Aliens new [re: Sysiyo]  

I like the original also. I think it is more the production that is the problem. The new version is good and brings out a very intimate setting to the audience. It has the same quality that made me reevaluate "The Loneliest Guy" after I saw that performed.


(crash course raver)
03/22/05 03:38 AM
Re: Time to admit to which classic Bowie song you hate new [re: Mxy]  

Off the top of my head I don't care much for Scary Monsters. I think Fripp over does it in a Reeves Gabrels kind of way. It is too long and I actually prefer the single edit.

Also The Prettiest Star. I bet Angie was hiding a snigger when Bowie sang this down the phone to her.

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03/22/05 05:57 AM
Let loose the Flying Monkeys new [re: Nature_Boy]  

I love how Reeves 'overdoes' it, but he's fair game, I suppose.


(wild eyed peoploid)
03/22/05 07:17 AM
Re: Suffragette Slums new [re: Sysiyo]  

I LOVE THIS THREAD!!! I thought I was alone in seriously hating some of Bowie's most worshipped songs... finally I can come out, so here I go!!

Jean Genie, Rebel Rebel, Suffuckette City - bore me out of my skull. Has he ever written anything duller?
Red Sails - a throaway song that almost spoils an entire album
Andy Warhol dunno why, I just can't stand listening to it. It's the only track I skip in HD.
Fame, Fashion if he plays them live one more time, I swear I'll shoot him. Fame especially, what does it have? I mean, really: it's as plain as tap water.
Miracle Goodnight, Looking for Satellites Sysiyo, I agree wholeheartedly! On Satellites, I agree it's the shampoo bit, the rest is fine, especially when the distorted guitar kicks in. But hey, Sys, what's that with Cracked Actor?? I love it, the sequence of chords especially.
Sense of Doubt : that's how a child with no imagination would write a sing about doubt. Conventional. Predictable.
Telling Lies my personal all-time most hated song!! Another cheapo attempt at a detached, cynical rendering that ends up with no soul or purpose - and leaves you with a headache.

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