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03/24/05 08:08 PM
Chloe loves Edgar new [re: SoulLoveChild]  

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Nevermind the fact that he toured the album and everybody but everybody saw it and loved it (well, except for about 3 people here)

Right, but were they really loving "Pablo Picasso?" Or were they using that section of the set as a good excuse to go to the bathroom so they wouldn't miss "Life on Mars"?

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I wonder if Jack Bauer gets overtime?

He fucking better, especially what with the horseface love interest they've saddled him with this season!

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03/24/05 09:30 PM
Re: What's wrong with reality?? new [re: SoulLoveChild]  

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b_mardle, when you've been here a bit longer and understand the dynamics of the board a bit better, you will realise that you won't really fit in with everyone here unless you bag the shit out of Bowie's albums since Scary Monsters (1.Outside excepted).

That's a pretty unfair generalization. I've loved most of the albums since then, even ..hours, which is an album that very few people ever defend.

Most people on this site will are quick to champion Buddha of Suburbia, Earthling, even BTWN has a few fans. Fans are very supportive of his later work.

Reality is a bland, silly album. It shows no experimentation and reeks of being made simply to cash in on that tour that everybody loved so. It's overproduced and it's few successes seem like attempts to mimic more successful songs.

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03/24/05 11:56 PM
Re: What's wrong with reality?? new [re: b_mardle]  

I agree with every part of the original post except for the queen of tarts statement. that song should have never made it onto an album period.
All i can say about reality is that it's 100 times better than heathen.

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03/25/05 00:51 AM
Re: What's wrong with reality?? new [re: FritzFassbender]  

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That's a pretty unfair generalization.

That obviously went straight over your head.....

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03/25/05 02:33 AM
Re: What's wrong with reality?? new [re: SoulLoveChild]  

I put Reality on at work every now and then and more often than not people come up and ask what Bowie record this is they are listening to.

Reality was never meant to be a brain fucking masterstroke. It was was recorded in quick time with no fuss to take on the road and fit rather well in with a back catalogue that puts the rest to shame. It was just a bit of fun, not much more really.

Cass, ur spot on in ur comments and almost everyone I know had a blast at the Reality shows. The Reality shows gave a bit of everything for everybody.

Whilst Reality won't go down as a classic it will surely go down as a good, fun record.

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03/25/05 03:40 AM
Re: What's wrong with reality?? new [re: Diamond_Dave]  

Well put, Diamond Dave. I would say it is a fun record, with a message in some parts. I find that I still enjoy the songs that I liked when I first got it(some even more, in fact) and that a song like "Loneliest Guy" is a grower which has many levels. I have always disagreed with the "a rushed record" philosophy that a lot of listeners seem to have. The songs have so many sounds going on and many different chord changes that you won't find on any current record and it kicks any other artist's of his statures ass in terms of originality and energy (I consider Tom Waits on the same level of Mr. Bowie at this point). I wouldn't compare it to anything he's done in the past and he basically told people what to expect before it was released(Thrusty, good live). It is a nice record to my ears.


(thunder ocean)
03/25/05 05:30 AM
Re: What's wrong with reality?? new [re: ghostlove]  

It's not that it wouldn't have 'many sounds going', but they don't fit together as well as they should. Which gives the impression of rushedness, at least to me.

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03/25/05 06:54 AM
reality sound bites new [re: Sysiyo]  

i can see what you mean. It doesn't have that 'thought out' quality that, say, Low has, but i think it is a good representation of the scatteredness that is representative of this time and the place that he recorded it in. In a sense, it does represent the incohesiveness that is reality. I enjoy that. But that sounds weird, i suppose.


03/25/05 07:33 AM
Re: reality sound bites new [re: ghostlove]  

Reality is an album of songs, like hours, tonight, lodger, space oddity, rather than an album with a cohesive theme like Outside, Low, Diamond dogs etc. It seems that the more straightforward albums are not as revered as the ones which work on more than one level.

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03/25/05 08:33 AM
Re: reality sound bites new [re: pablopicasso]  

Reality is a fun record, nothing more nothing less. The songs aren't of the Heathen quality and there's no experimentation for it to be even worthy of inclusion in the same breath as Earthling (I'm talking in terms of the body of Bowie's work in the past decade). In saying that, I thoroughly some of the songs on the album, namely Pablo Picasso, New Killer Star, Days and Looking For Water. The Loneliest Guy will probably the track that will have the longest life though - watching Bowie perform that on the Reality tour made me realise that, despite the fact theres no props, no elaborate costumes, whatever, the man can still tap into character and that wild eyed glare he gives at the end of that song, the "Not me" line... it's downright scary.
I think Reality is really enjoyable on a level that it reflects alot of Bowie's previous works. Days sounds like early folk Bowie, Looking For Water sounds almost like a Lodger outtake (perhaps why I like it so much), perhaps at times it sounds a little too familiar, which is why not so many people like it.
And let's face it, it was a great touring record, the songs slotted in perfectly among the old chestnuts.
But in saying that, an album of material of stuff like Fly, couldve proven to be much more interesting.

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