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(mortal with potential)
04/15/05 06:17 PM
Bowie Cringe-o-Meter  

I was in my local video store the other day when all of a sudden Labyrinth came on the display monitors. As I was waiting in line with my girlfriend and a copy of Dodgeball "a true underdog story" a woman in line ahead of me noticed the monitor and loudly questioned the store clerks, "Is that David Bowie"? One of them piped up and confirmed that yes it was, whilst the others laughed at the supposed spectacle of Mr. Bowie in such a role. I couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed at that moment being such a big fan.

It got me thinking though, that there must be moments in our daily listening and viewing of David Bowie's work that we feel a little embarrassed by some piece of it. Whether it's a song or a certain part of a song, or a part in a movie. Maybe it's just a particular look or gesture you once saw him make. It could be just about anything. What's made your Bowie Cringe-o-Meter register high or off the scale?

Try not to mention major bodies of work like albums and whole movies if you can ie: Tonight really sends shivers down my spine, or The Linguini Incident makes me run for the hills.

Remember it's not necessarily bad it's just embarrassing.

For me I would go with the Dancing in the Streets video. The sight of Mick Jagger and Bowie prancing around lip synching in bad outfits is something I wouldn't want anyone to catch me sitting around watching. I think it's made worse from the Bowie slept with Jagger revelation Angie Bowie made almost around the same time.

(stardust savant)
04/15/05 06:36 PM
Cheap-ass therapy new [re: yirmiahu]  

In reply to:

the Dancing in the Streets video

Cringe-worthy, yes; but I once snatched a client from the deep jaws of depression by showing her this video. She laughed so hard she eventually threw up (speaking of throw up), choked on it, and died. So don't be looking for a happy ending here.

In reply to:

I wouldn't want anyone to catch me sitting around watching. [the Dancing in the Streets video]

Uh, are you saying that you do?

a girl needs a gun these days hey on account of all the rattlesnakes

(crash course raver)
04/15/05 07:13 PM
Re: Bowie Cringe-o-Meter new [re: yirmiahu]  


Tickle My Bunny, Please

04/15/05 10:13 PM
Re: Bowie Cringe-o-Meter new [re: blacktropic84]  

As in, I'll reject you foist?

Speaking of reworked versions of songs starting with Fa, it's ridiculous when in the new version of Fashion he sometimes sings,

There's a brand new dance but I don't know it's name... YO
People from bad homes do again and again... YO

Bring back Bowie's moustache!

(electric tomato)
04/16/05 01:51 AM
Re: Bowie Cringe-o-Meter [re: yirmiahu]  

The dancers from the Glass Spider Tour win the most embarrassing award in my award show. There was probably a special term for them, like "the raggataggas" or something, and I bet that term makes it even more embarrassing. Does anyone know that term, if there is one? Somebody's got to know the term.

Is it getting harder to stay clean?

(stardust savant)
04/16/05 02:46 AM
Re: Bowie Cringe-o-Meter [re: yirmiahu]  

I think I was most embarrassed about the time 'hours...' came out, and was in the car with others when "The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell" came on the radio. It grated on and on and I even turned it down because I found it too cringe-worthy to be associated with, particularly the whining, boring, shitty chorus and guitar 'solo'.

I'd probably say the same if I heard "Don't Let Me Down and Down" on the radio, but thankfully, that's NEVER happened and never will.

Get Bowie Back Downunder!
GBBD 2005 !!!!

(wild eyed peoploid)
04/16/05 06:33 AM
Re: Bowie Cringe-o-Meter [re: SoulLoveChild]  

Dancing In The Street I can definitely agree with. The only consolation is that he doesn't make as much of arse of himself as Jagger. But worse still is listening to God Only Knows.

I just can't understand how The Worlds Greatest Rockstar (TM) can wreck a song by the genius that is Brian Wilson. In this case its not just the production (astonishingly cheesy) but his voice. I hate to say this, but when he sings in the really low parts (which I usually love), it actually makes me laugh.

04/16/05 06:43 AM
Re: Bowie Cringe-o-Meter [re: littlechinagirl]  

Over the years I have grown to love God only knows.

The Ow at the end of lines in Fashion does grate though, also the 'who but we, rememberrrrrrrr these' bit in the live NKS

I quite like foist however.

I cringe a bit at his pre-David Brentisms at the BBC theatre show in 2000.

What shall we do to fill the empty spaces?

(electric tomato)
04/16/05 06:46 AM
Re: Bowie Cringe-o-Meter [re: SoulLoveChild]  

Oh! But I like The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell... Especially the bridge...

I guess I have a new embarrassing moment.

Is it getting harder to stay clean?

04/16/05 07:12 AM
Re: Bowie Cringe-o-Meter [re: guiltpuppy]  

When he was rocking backwards and forwards performing Black Tie White Noise on tele was bad. Can't remember which show though!


"Hating Bowie in 1997 means hating everything overblown, theatrical, pretentious, pseudo-intellectual and jarringly progressive in the past 25 years of pop. In other words, everything great about pop. It also means hating yourself."

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