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(electric tomato)
05/11/05 05:38 PM
Earthling new  

When trying to get friends to like Bowie, Earthling always seems an obvious choice for its contemporary sound and wow factor. As untrue as it is, I really think that the general public feeling of Bowie is an ageing pop star from the 70s and 80s. I don't really think people acknowledge his post NLMD stuff much at all.
In attempt to destroy this image I either pop on the BOB DVD, Disk 2, and play some 90s promos to them, or bang in the Outside or Earthling album, to see their reactions.

I tried it on a friend recently, who is into hip hop, I put on Earthling, and to my surprise he asked "is this Moby?". How far off the mark can you get, but the point is, he was shocked when I said it was David Bowie. If you think about it, lets say you were a casual fan and lost touch with him since the Tonight era or whatever, then you hear Earthling. It would be pretty shocking.

So to give this thread a purpose, how about posting any remarks off friends or relatives about Earthling, particularly to people who are into pop music of today and are fairly unfamiliar with contemporary Bowie.

So far I have had:- "Wow. THAT is David Bowie?", "i thought he was well older than that, how old is he? 30 something?", "is this Moby?" and "wow, this is amazing! Imagine how well this would go down at a party" (when playing Little Wonder).

Another positive thing I reckon, is I brought Earthling into the sixth-form common room around summer 2004, and most people were really buzzing off it and getting into it. They also thought it wasnew, which kind of puts a sock in the mouths of people who think the album isn't ageing very well, since the people who said these positive remarks about the album, are around 17/18 and are the same people who are constantly in touch with chart music and buying all the tripe that infests the charts these days.


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(grinning soul)
05/11/05 08:12 PM
Re: Earthling [re: jump93]  

In reply to:

I don't really think people acknowledge his post NLMD stuff much at all.

Tell us something we don't know.

But I had a similar experience with Earthling - played it to a colleague who's much into dance music and he really loved the production and was surprised that this album came from the same guy, who sings (sigh) China Girl.

Earthling is timeless.

Coin-Operated Boy

(electric tomato)
05/11/05 10:10 PM
Re: Earthling new [re: jump93]  

I remember a bit after it came out and I was a tween, I met this guitar player (my age) and we were chatting about music and he mentioned that there was a new Bowie album he had that was "Techno, and actually really good". Bowie is actually really well respected among most of the people I know, even if not many people really know who he is, which I suppose is a good sign.

05/11/05 10:55 PM
Re: Earthling new [re: kipt]  

It's not one of my favorites, but it is pretty helpful to get people into Bowie. Though I don't like it much for the most part, I admit it sounds very fresh.

Bring back Bowie's moustache!

(crash course raver)
05/12/05 04:05 AM
Re: Earthling new [re: jump93]  

My best mate is mainly into metal, but also some drum and bass and dance. His favourite band is Nine Inch Nails. He told me he was surprised to learn of the overlap between the two for which I filled him in on the details. He also said he didn't really like Bowie's early stuff but recalls hearing 'Little Wonder' back in the day and really liked it. I then leant him Earthling, 1.Outside and a single with the video of 'I'm Afraid Of Americans' which he liked a lot. So this is a case of someone who is only really familiar and likes the contemporary Bowie.

On another occasion I was watching Top Of The Pops to catch Bowie's 'Slow Burn' performance. My female flat mate commented that he was about 30 years older than the also-appearing Ronan Keating, but looked far better!

Conversely I was watching BOB DVD when my other female flat mate (a real girly-girl into crappy pop) began to 'dig' the Never Let Me Down songs. Oh the humanity!

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(wild eyed peoploid)
05/12/05 05:07 AM
Re: Earthling new [re: Nature_Boy]  

You are in a real 'man about the house' situation aren't you?

I haven't got a signature at the moment.

(electric tomato)
05/12/05 10:41 AM
Re: Earthling new [re: Nature_Boy]  

Most likely because NLMD is crappy pop.


Get out of my mind! All of you!!

(grinning soul)
05/12/05 01:06 PM
Re: Earthling new [re: jump93]  

My father,who is a casual bowie fan,own's a few records from the 70's and the 80's, had no idea that bowie has even made music after 'dancing in the street'. I played to him 'slow burn'-and he really loved it. And he loved it even more when i said that Pete Townsend played guitar on it(as he is a ''the who''-fan). The once i plaid 1.outside to my dad, and let's just say, i think it went over his head (although my dad is 11 year's younger then bowie, i have to say that my father is too old for that sort of music)
I've often played music from 'earthling' to my friend's also, and ,more often then not they've really loved it (especially the single version of '' i'm afraid of the americans''.)

(cracked actor)
05/12/05 01:32 PM
Re: Earthling [re: jump93]  

My husband is not much a of a Bowie fan. Actually, he'd probably call himself a "mild fan" if I weren't such a rabid fan, so he kinda pretends to hate Bowie.

He actually likes some of Bowie's 90s stuff more than he does early 70s (he actually dislikes the whole Ziggy era, blasphemy!).

As for Earthling, he only likes I'm Afraid of Americans, sadly. While listening to the album one day, his comment was "Bowie is trying too hard to seem relevant." **sigh**


(electric tomato)
05/13/05 04:44 AM
Re: Earthling [re: zigbot]  

In reply to:

While listening to the album one day, his comment was "Bowie is trying too hard to seem relevant." **sigh**

I've heard this said quite a few times, and it really annoys me. Bowie has always mixed high and low art, the popular with the underground. THat's why he is so repected and admired. If he does this today however he is seen to be 'trying to hard' or 'trying to get in with the 'kids''.

This is why the Earthling album was slated so much when it was released...Bowie Does Drum & Bass etc..... Earthling is not a D&B record. It merely utilises aspects of D&B as a songwriting tool - much in the same why YA uses soul music, Low uses electronic, Kraftwerk inspired soundscapes and Lets Dance uses 80's dance/soul.


The Bowie Contingent
16th June 2005 @ The Grapes, Sheffield, UK
10th/11th June 2005 @ TW Meetup, London UK

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