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(electric tomato)
07/03/05 03:15 PM
Re: DVD War new [re: Sysiyo]  

I actually prefer dvd 2 to dvd1, as I find the videos are more consistent.

You should not underestimate people, not everybody is as thick as you.

(thunder ocean)
07/03/05 03:17 PM
Re: DVD War new [re: Pablo-Picasso]  

Indeed. There are some individual gems on the first disc, but some real stinkers as well. Disc 2 has some real gems, but the only really really poor video I can think of is Fame '90.

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(electric tomato)
07/03/05 03:20 PM
Re: DVD War new [re: Sysiyo]  

I am not fussed with the hours videos either, especially Survive, so for me it ends on a low point, but that is it.

You should not underestimate people, not everybody is as thick as you.

07/03/05 03:28 PM
Re: DVD War new [re: JAMIESIM]  

According to Wikipedia, the first promo clip to "combine all the elements of the modern music video" is The Jean Genie. "Filmed and directed by renowned photographer Mick Rock, this genre-defining four-minute film was produced for less than $350, shot in one day in San Francisco on 28th October 1972, and edited in less than two days".

As for good 90s videos, I'd also add 'You Belong in Rock n Roll' and 'Strangers When We Meet'.

The Last of the Disco Kings MP3 by Adam D Versus David B

07/03/05 03:31 PM
Re: DVD War new [re: Adam]  

In reply to:

'Strangers When We Meet'.

That one in particular being absolutely brilliant

London Bye Ta-Ta...

(wild eyed peoploid)
07/03/05 03:49 PM
Re: DVD War new [re: Pablo-Picasso]  

Was survive Directed by a quite high ranking, well respected director, but then again it might just be my imagination telling me this?

07/03/05 03:58 PM
Battle of the docos new [re: JAMIESIM]  

In reply to:

so does anyone have anything good to say about the documentary DVD's sound and vision and so on

'Sound and Vision' is mainly well known biographical data (from existing book bios) combined with footage that has been screened elsewhere. It probably serves good purpose for new fans with limited materials. For me, the budget 'Origins of a Starman' was slightly more rewarding for the interview obscurities and I hold similar hope for 'Inside David Bowie: 1969-1974'. I am not entirely sure if 'Classic Rock Tribute' or 'Rock Review' differs from that title.

But I suspect the main problem here is that the best documentary ('Hang on to Yourself' from the Dancing in the Streets series) has yet to gain DVD release. It's somewhat an update of the classic 'Cracked Actor'. I'd also put Lou Reed's 'Transformer' DVD ahead of these doco picks. And I hold great hope for the Swedish doco on 'Life on Mars?' for it's exclusive mixes and analysis.

The Last of the Disco Kings MP3 by Adam D Versus David B

(thunder ocean)
07/03/05 05:26 PM
Re: Battle of the docos new [re: Adam]  

In reply to:

And I hold great hope for the Swedish doco on 'Life on Mars?' for it's exclusive mixes and analysis.

Actually, according to the Illusitrated Discography, none of the special mixes were used on the programme in the end.

Project Michelangelo | LiveJournal

(the voyeur)
07/04/05 00:13 AM
Re: DVD War new [re: Dara]  

<<MTV Video Vanguard Award>>

84 - Beatles/Bowie/Richard Lester
85 - Byrne/Kevin Godley&Lol Creme/Russell Mulcahy
86 - Madonna/Zbignieew Rybeznski
87 - Peter Gabriel/Julien Temple
88 - Jacko
89 - George Micheal
90 - Janet
91 - Jacko(?)
92 - G'nR
93 - ?
94 - ?
95 - REM
96 - ?
97 - ?
98 - Mark Romanek/LL Cool J/Beasties(?)
99 - ?
00 - RCHP
01 - U2
02 - not given out!!!!
03 - Duran
04 - ?

Dara, I don't think Queen has ever won the award - at least not when Freddie was around. Other notable omissions are Devo and Weird Al. Elvis Presley should also be acknowledged, even if he died 6-7 years before MTV started up.

I believe Bjork won a European Vanguard Award.

This is the best I can find all the facts - the MTV site is quite useless - I have a history of MTV book, but it's MIA.


(the voyeur)
07/17/05 09:36 PM
Re: DVD War new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

MTV Video Vanguard

1984 - Beatles/Richard Lester/David Bowie(***not awarded***?)
1985 - David Byrne/Kevin Godley/Lol Creme/Russell Mulcahy
1986 - Madonna/Zbigniew Rybcynski
1987 - Julien Temple/Peter Gabriel
1988 - Michael Jackson(renamed the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award in 1991(?))
1989 - George Michael
1990 - Janet Jackson
1991 - Bon Jovi/Wayne Isham
1992 - Guns 'N Roses
1993 - ***not awarded***
1994 - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
1995 - R.E.M.
1996 - ***not awarded***
1997 - L.L. Cool J
1998 - Beastie Boys(Spike Jonze??)
1999 - ***not awarded***
2000 - ***not awarded***/RHCP(performance only????)
2001 - U2(with Ramones onstage)
2002 - ***not awarded***
2003 - Duran Duran(with major tape glitch error)
2004 - ?
2005 - Ashlee Simpson(projected)

I know well enough that seeking historical perspective from MTV is a very slippery slop. This is the same company that disposed of the original US Live Aid aired TV footage.

There are some missing names here: Queen, Missy Elliot, Elvis, Chris Cunningham, Blondie, Bjork, Hype Williams, Devo, ABBA, Weird Al, the guy that did the White Stripes videos, Nirvana and possibly Pink Floyd. Anyone else, Dara?


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