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(the voyeur)
07/03/05 09:30 AM
Re: ...or even Instant Karma!! new [re: SoulLoveChild]  

night flights with scott walker

did bowie has "his band" when he played the WTC thing after 9/11

(heroic dolphin)
07/03/05 09:37 AM
Scott's Missing new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

Scott Walker wasn't there yesterday and the rules say "an artist from the day".

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In the madness that calls 'now'

(electric tomato)
07/03/05 01:13 PM
Re: Hypothetical: If Bowie Played Live 8 new [re: Adam]  

Recent Song: Days with acoustic definitely, at first I was thinking of something from Heathen, but Days would be amazing. Great way to start a set also, as others have mentioned.

Collaborative: Under Pressure with Annie Lennox (anyone else think her performance was fantastic? Particularly Little Bird)

Classic: Heroes!


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07/04/05 10:42 AM
Like A Wet Dream: Joss Stone (I love her) new [re: Adam]  

The Classic: "Heroes"
I can't imagine any other song more appropriate than this one.

The Recent: A Better Future

The Interesting Collaborative: Dancing in the Streets
A Live Aid classic revived for Live 8. But this time, Bowie does it with the totally arousing and energetic Joss Stone. Her young a sexy voice coupled with Bowie's dark and sexy voice would be an instant hit! Bowie always couples himself with the young and talented. Go on, picture it! For the occassion, of course, Bowie would also go barefoot, like Stone did.

I see your thing alright.

07/05/05 04:44 AM
Re: Like A Wet Dream: Joss Stone (I love her) new [re: NoGame]  

Classic - Under Pressure.
I would say a duet but GAD is so suited to that vocal part that if it aint broke dont fix it.

Recent: yes I agree A Better Future

Duet - Can You hear Me with Joss Stone.

if there was room for an extra I'd say Fantastic Voyage would be nice.

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07/05/05 05:25 AM
Re: Hypothetical: If Bowie Played Live 8 new [re: Adam]  

In reply to:

U2 justified their appearance with two songs off their last[album]

Not sure U2 need to or can be bothered with justifying anything they do anymore but that's a by the bye.

My picks:

1. The Recent Song. Seems to me, the lyrics ("Devil in a market place/Devil in your bleeding face"etc ) to Fall Dog Bombs the Moon make it a particularly apposite, if not perfect opener.

Alternatively - being the cash hungry greedhead he can be at times - he could use the opportunity to push his (hypothetical) new single (She Can't) Do That - giving it a nice dryly humorous introduction such as:

"This is a song from a film made to glorify the Stealth Bomber and the US military. Cos, y'know, that's what us rich westerners would rather do instead of feeding poor folks. Invent new and exciting ways to blow shit up and then make piece of shit films justifying the whole thing. What am I doing on the soundtrack with this shitty little song, you ask? Well, I'm a global media corporation in my own right these days and, you know how it is, corporations gotta have product to push to people."

2. The Duet. Something of a reprise of an awards show "spectaculah!" he sleepwalked through a couple of years ago - I would go with Muse singer Matt Bellamy and a glammed up, pomptastic version of T-Rex's Children Of The Revolution - complete with children's choir on the chorus.

3. The Classic. "Heroes". Gotta be, hasn't it. With the childrens choir from no.2. above and images of starving people being fed hamburgers all round the world. "Thanks Very Much. Y'all have a guilt-free day now."

"Let it stay Forever Now"

07/05/05 05:32 AM
Re: Hypothetical: If Bowie Played Live 8 new [re: Adam]  

Absolute Beginners,
Somethings Got A Hold Of My Heart with Marc Almond
Towers Of London with Andy Partridge

(crash course raver)
07/05/05 06:18 PM
Under pressue?? new [re: sonofsilence]  

SOS do you know how many fingerclicks there are in that song? Are you a sadist?

You should not underestimate people, not everybody is as thick as you.

(the voyeur)
07/06/05 06:03 AM
Re: Under pressue?? new [re: Pablo-Picasso]  

There's an upcoming Queen tribute album with joss Stone doing Under Pressure.

I'm also surprised nobody here mentioned DB and Townshend doing Slow Burn together - like the album version.


07/06/05 06:08 AM
Re: Under pressue?? new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

DB and Pink Floyd doing 'See Emily Play' or 'Arnold Layne'.

I think 'Bring Me The Disco King' would be the most striking of the recent songs - something people could not ignore and an unexpected surprise for those who thought they knew Bowie.

I am wondering why he never did 'Absolute Beginners' at the first Live Aid (could have taken it up that extra notch to the # 1 spot).

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