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08/12/05 03:04 PM
Re: Learn from the master new [re: RabbitFighter]  

Whats all this satan mumbo-jumbo? omens and devils, sounds like a right old spell you're casting.

London Bye Ta-Ta...

08/12/05 03:10 PM
Re: Learn from the master new [re: diamondogz74]  

Not quite, it's just that we Finns haven't sold our expletive vocabulary completely to the altar of genitals. We still have healthy amount of petnames for the good ol' Beelzebub.

Someone told me Jesus was the Devil's lover
While we masturbated on a magazine cover

(thunder ocean)
08/13/05 07:36 AM
Re: Käännetään nyt kaikki sitten new [re: b_mardle]  

En ole koskenut muiden kyttjien viesteihin, mutta moderaattorina m voisin kyll niin tehd. Siit tosin j aina jlkeen teksti 'edited by Sysiyo at...' jos m muiden viestej muuttelen.

En kommentoi timanttikoirien knns-yrityksi, kiitoksia vaan.

Project Michelangelo | LiveJournal

08/13/05 07:45 AM
Re: Käännetään nyt kaikki sitten new [re: Sysiyo]  

En ole concern muiden user viesteihin , only moderaattorina m melted yea thus inflict. Siit though ice ever after text 'edited an Charcoal at. ' if m muiden word muuttelen. En comment timanttikoirien version yrityksi , thanks but.

And I thought my language skills were bad

That translater is lousy.

London Bye Ta-Ta...

(cracked actor)
08/13/05 12:28 PM
Re: Käännetään nyt kaikki sitten new [re: diamondogz74]  

In reply to:

As Teenage in villielm is clean sekopinen site.

"Because Teenagewildlife is a totally crazy place."

In reply to:

I-KIRJAIN olemassaolo kohdella epkunnioittavasti alkeellinen kotona hvyttmyys elmntapa Kati , I-KIRJAIN vieras Alan kurja nurmi

"LETTER-I existence treat unrespecfully basic at home shamelesness lifestyle Kati, LETTER-I strange Alan poor lawn" Thanks, that explained everything

Anyway, in Sys's message "timanttikoira" means "diamond dog", where "timantti" is "diamond" and "koira" is "dog".

I think one problem with the translater is that it doesn't recognize for example the word "m", which is actually a shorter form of "min" in the spoken language, which means "I".

This is fun

You're one microscopic cog in his catastrophic plan

08/13/05 03:45 PM
Re: Käännetään nyt kaikki sitten new [re: LadyGravedigger]  

In reply to:

This is fun

Yes it is very good fun and we can learn by it too, I think one of us ( go on Kati ) should start a translater usage thread, rather than clog this thread up, because as sure as eggs is eggs! we are gonna be told off by Sys sooner or later

Minun armas Barbie hempukka rakastaja ( puna )

London Bye Ta-Ta...

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