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08/11/05 03:31 PM
Re: Shag-O-Rama new [re: FritzFassbender]  

...is it really? I...that shag-o rama strikes me as odd..but extremely funny-the look on his face...

" If we're all gods children..whats so special about Jesus? "

(the voyeur)
08/11/05 07:04 PM
Re: Shag-O-Rama new [re: FritzFassbender]  

That's the one. I'm not sure which cover I actually like better.

Does Bowie own the movie? It said Isolar productions at the beginning.


08/11/05 07:33 PM
Re: Shag-O-Rama new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

If he does, he has a hell of a sense of humor about himself.

The IMDB lists this film as Isolar's only movie. It's doubtful that it's Bowie's Isolar as that is a private management company, not really a full fledged production unit.

If his company had produced it, he most certainly would have gotten an 'executive producer' credit. You don't even have to be directly involved with the movie to get that (Bowie actually has been an E.P. for two foreign made movies).

(stardust savant)
08/12/05 04:37 PM
Re: Shag-O-Rama new [re: FritzFassbender]  

Which films are those, Fritz? I'm curious.


08/12/05 06:39 PM
Re: Shag-O-Rama new [re: zigbot]  

The IMDB lists them as:

Passaggio per il paradiso (1998) (executive producer)
... aka Gentle Into the Night
... aka Passage pour le paradis (France)
... aka Passage to Paradise (USA)
Büvös vadász (1994) (executive producer)
... aka Bűvös vadász (Hungary)
... aka Magic Hunter (International: English title)

Could just be a case of the E.P. being a guy named David Bowie, but IMDB is usually pretty reliable.


(stardust savant)
08/15/05 02:17 PM
Re: Shag-O-Rama new [re: FritzFassbender]  

Thanks Fritz. I've not heard of either film. I'm interested to check them out if I can find them in the foreign section of my local video store, though.


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