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06/03/06 10:54 AM
How much Bowie do you listen to currently?  

I realised yesterday that at the moment I'm probably listening to less Bowie than at any time since the early 80s. I have about half of Buddha on my running MP3 player, and I can't remember the last time I actually listened to a Bowie album in its entirety.

My desire to listen to old Bowie tends to ebb and flow with new Bowie. When he releases a new album, or tours, it reignites my passion, and I find myself listening to almost nothing else for months on end. Then it gradually tapers off.

So, how much Bowie are you currently listening to? And have you noticed any factors that tend to increase or decrease your Bowie appetite?

Slan libh,


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06/03/06 11:40 AM
Re: How much Bowie do you listen to currently? new [re: Dara]  

I listened to all of Heathen yesterday.I hadn't listened to it in months. I'm not playing as much Bowie as I used to either, I was playing 2-3 albums or boots a week for a while, especially when the DVD audios of Live and Stage came out.

06/03/06 01:22 PM
Re: How much Bowie do you listen to currently? new [re: Dara]  

I've got loads of Bowie on my IPod and I'm thinking of deleting most of it since those albums are merely hogging valuable space from songs that I'd actually listen to. Still, listened to BBC Radio Theatre 2000 yesterday and was pretty much blown away. Tried to recreate the feeling with Diamond Dogs and that didn't work out all that well...

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06/03/06 04:17 PM
Re: How much Bowie do you listen to currently? new [re: Dara]  

It's been months since I listened to a Bowie album in it's entirety. I did in fact listen to Bowie today, as my girlfriend picked me up from work with and she has been playing 90's Bowie in the car. The last time I actuaslly put on a Bowie album because I wanted to was... I don't remember. But I think I did make a post about it, actually, in the "what Bowie are you listening to" (or whatever) thread here.

Since Bowie has really released only two albums since I became a fan, it's a bit hard to say if new Bowie material has any effect on my listening to his stuff. Probably to a degree, but when I got the Reality Tour DVD a month ago, it had absolutely no effect on me, despite the fact I did enjoy it (but I have to say I was expecting something better, visually at least).

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06/03/06 04:21 PM
Re: How much Bowie do you listen to currently? new [re: Dara]  

With me, it depends on how I'm feeling. There are certain albums I associate with certain times in my life, so when current events cause me to reflect back on those times, I turn back to the albums that meant a lot to me at the time. That's not just true of Bowie but everyone.

I've had quite a traumatic week so I've listened to a lot of Diamond Dogs, Young Americans Low and Outside this week.

Next week I'm travelling so I'll prolly load Earthling, Ziggy and Let's Dance on my iPod.

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06/03/06 04:41 PM
Re: How much Bowie do you listen to currently? new [re: Shelle]  

Well, I havn't listened for a little while, except for a few off of outside. My reason is because I am BUSY or pre occupied and havnt been in the mood for bowie for some odd reason. I dunno why. Well, My freind Melody and I watched best of Bowie on DVD night before last and yesterday morning. For some reason it was more enjoyable to watch with a freind than by myself, just to have someone who appreciated what I did, even if she only wanted to watch what she knew. I did have her watch Strangers When We Meet though.

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06/04/06 02:28 AM
Re: How much Bowie do you listen to currently? new [re: Dara]  

not too much - the la'74 boot is the only full album in my itunes, and modern love and drive-in saturday are the only two songs on my ipod. i call this the p2c syndrome, getting completely disinterested in daddy due to his a) poor latest output and b) getting old and losing his charisma.

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06/04/06 06:40 AM
Re: How much Bowie do you listen to currently? new [re: Dara]  

I'd only just been thinking about the same thing. I haven't listened to any Bowie for around 6 months, even then it was only a few songs.

This would be the first time since 1980 that I haven't regularly and almost constantly listened to Bowie's music.

Maybe I've heard it all so much now, i've no reason to hear it again (at the moment anyway).

bye tr

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06/04/06 07:41 AM
Re: How much Bowie do you listen to currently? new [re: Shelle]  

In reply to:

Let's Dance on my iPod.

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06/04/06 10:23 AM
Re: How much Bowie do you listen to currently? new [re: Dara]  

I haven't really listened to a complete album in a year, believe it was Lodger. Last weekend I listened to Sunday (moby remix) and SlowBurn, My interest has tapered off over the last few years, Reality, his recent collaborations, live performances and looks have left me cold, it reminds me of the Bowie of 1988-1992. it doesn't shine for me. I just hope now that he will floor us next year with something out of this world, because I don't see myself listening to Bowie 2 years from now, I've discovered a whole new set of artists that keep me satisfied.
But somehow I'm certain he can pull something out of his hat.

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