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(cricket menace)
06/22/06 01:52 PM
The TW Official Anthem (As Sung By A Regular) new [re: Bamboo7]  

You seem to be quite into Bowie at the moment. I am not sure if you've heard this......but some time ago, a user here named Einar did a pretty definitive cover of that song. You can here it hear.


(stardust savant)
06/29/06 09:00 PM
Re: Compromised By The Expert new [re: EJ]  

I have a different recollection of what Bowie admitted to altering in Sweet Thing. I recall he said that he DID electronically enhance the high notes, but NOT the low notes. He then followed up with a little joke about how you wouldn't know it to look at him that he could sing so low, being the "skinny guy" that he is.

I always figured he was bullshitting, though. It seemed oddly convenient that a singer in his late 50s, who can clearly no longer reach his higher register, would claim that even at his vocal peak he was "cheating" to hit the high notes.

If he cheated at all, I'm sure he cheated on a few highs and a few lows. That's fine by me. Anything goes in the studio. But I'm not entirely sure Mr. B is entirely honest about what he did or didn't manipulate.

That said, he used to have amazing range back in the day without need for electronic enhancement. The high notes are impressive, but I've always adored Bowie's cavernous low notes. Very sexy.


06/30/06 06:28 AM
Re: Compromised By The Expert new [re: zigbot]  

In my opinion, you can clearly hear that both the low and the high notes are enhanced.

On the original topic, did nobody mention Golden Years?


(crash course raver)
07/03/06 05:44 AM
Re: Compromised By The Expert new [re: Emil]  

In reply to:

On the original topic, did nobody mention Golden Years?

That was the one i was thinking about...
"Angels" very high, with the very low "come, get up my baby"...

Sounds great!

If you want to know me more...and my band !
That's my web site

07/18/06 12:06 PM
Re: Which Song Does He Use Most Octaves? new [re: sonofsilence]  

In reply to:

The Live Version of Stay on the Ryko Station to Station there is one bit where he starts from an incredibly high note and does a crescendo (I think that's what you call it) to a low note. those were the days when his vocals were at their peak.

I actually prefer that version to the orginal. Also, Carlos' (it is Carlos Alomar, isn't it?) playing is fucking awsome.

Initially I thought that Golden Years may have been the one, but he obviously did a lot of similar "vocal gymnastics", especially in the 70s. Now that its been mentioned, I'd be inclined to think that the said live version of Stay is probably the one where he jumps the most octaves or whatever you'd call it.

(byroad singer)
09/16/08 11:37 AM
Re: The TW Official Anthem (As Sung By A Regular) new [re: Adam]  

In reply to:

some time ago, a user here named Einar did a pretty definitive cover of that song.

I witnessed Einar singing something completely different just a few days ago. I went to see a movie called "Berlin Song". It's a wonderful independent documentary about a handful of foreign songwriters who got stranded in Berlin in recent years and who tell their own stories of how they love the city as an inspiration. And when I sat there waiting for what was to come I suddenly realised that this tired looking guy in the opening sequence was named Einar Stenseng, and that it had to be TW's Einar because I remembered TW's Adam drinking with him in Berlin a few years back. And it was.

It's a beautiful film and every artist plays his or her personal song about Berlin and tells the story about their individual favourite place here. Einar's top spot is the bar he drank in with Adam, the Bellmann Bar in Kreuzberg. And in one of the film's best bits he plays his Berlin song, a ballad titled "I'm Cold", solo on piano in that empty bar. Very Tom Waits like, very cool.

Yeah, there's cool TWers everywhere!

Here is the link to the film site.


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