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White Prism
(cracked actor)
09/07/06 07:47 AM
Who's going to vote for 'David Bowie' new [re: Adam]  

Outside, which I think I must play more often than Scary Monsters (the next possible contender).

I can sit through Outside surprisingly easily, given its length and my attention span which these days

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(crash course raver)
09/07/06 08:29 AM
Re: Who's going to vote for 'David Bowie' new [re: White Prism]  

The most recent album I listened to was Hunky Dory... and I mean the first time in ages (to seduce a lady). I was really impressed by it (the album) ... I may have to investigate more fully again. I forgot how nice it is putting time aside to listen to an album. Then shag.

(crash course raver)
09/07/06 08:37 AM
Re: Who's going to vote for 'David Bowie' new [re: russellmael]  

I like most of Heathen but I don't think it's 90 percent of the album. I guess it's Scary Monsters. I liked most of it right away and I still feel that way.

(crash course raver)
09/07/06 08:41 AM
It's happening outside new [re: Adam]  

1. Outside. Segues 'n' all.

God's footballer hears the voices of angels
Above the choir at Molineux

(crash course raver)
09/07/06 09:42 AM
Re: What Was The Last Bowie Album..... new [re: Adam]  

I'd go with Heathen, i remember being in my student flat, listening to it on my CD player and afterwards quitely saying "wow" to myself. Still love it now.

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The Thin White Duke: David Bowie Tribute Band

(thunder ocean)
09/07/06 10:01 AM
Re: What Was The Last Bowie Album..... new [re: Adam]  

I will have to go with Earthling. There's one song don't entirely like (Looking for Satellites), but there are parts in it that I enjoy so the final balance tips over 90%.

With Hours I only like about 50%, with Heathen there are the covers and Slip Away that let's the album down... and I won't even mention Reality.

"If one of us dies, I'd be the one to inherit your money."
- Mrs. K on the function of marriage

(byroad singer)
09/07/06 10:01 AM
Me Too new [re: Nature_Boy]  

All Nature_Boy says, minus the student bit.

And I want to believe that a light's shining through somehow

(every nation's refugee)
09/07/06 10:16 AM
Re: What Was The Last Bowie Album..... new [re: Adam]  

reality bites, but there's nothing i don't like on heathen

(electric tomato)
09/07/06 03:37 PM
Honest new [re: Adam]  

Going back, Low is the first one i find answers this question.

(you will pay mr jones)
09/07/06 09:58 PM
Soulipsism new [re: Adam]  

That's easy - Reality. Or is that including reissues?


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