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(crash course raver)
09/17/06 07:10 AM
The Boysi  

Hi, Well basically I've been a Bowie fan since 1996.
When I was 11/12 in 1998 I had a mate and we just to just record songs with a tape recorder and an acoustic guitar. He liked Labyrinth but I hadn't seen it at that point, but we recorded this, which is called "Jump Magic Jump" but I think he was trying to do "Magic Dance".

It's kinda cool thinking that all those years ago I was doing Bowie related things haha.

Don't expect much we were only young! But it's interesting how UN-like Magic Dance it sounds, but is still blatantly ripping it off!

The Boysi - Jump Magic Jump

Why did I post it here? Well to see what anyone thinks, whether it will b ripping it to shreds, taking the piss out of it or worshipping it I don't really care!

Don't listen to the crowd
They say jump

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