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(cricket menace)
01/10/07 08:13 AM
Big Heads and Drums - Full Speed and Pagan new [re: russellmael]  

For me, Scary Monsters is the greatest drum album of all time.....from the ska backbeats of 'Ashes to Ashes' to the incredible percussive orchestration of 'Up The Hill Backwards'.

To those who disagree, listen again to Side One and focus just on the percussive elements - there's an astounding level of detail.



(thunder ocean)
01/10/07 10:00 AM
Re: Big Heads and Drums - Full Speed and Pagan new [re: Adam]  

Dennis Davis is the best Bowie drummer ever in my humble opinion. In other words, I agree.

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01/10/07 10:34 PM
Re: Big Heads and Drums - Full Speed and Pagan new [re: K]  

Despite the fact that he's a huge showoff, I actually like Aynsley Dunbar quite a bit. Listen to Lou Reed's Berlin or some of his work with Zappa for further evidence.

That said, Dennis is the MAN.

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(grinning soul)
01/20/07 10:37 PM
Re: Unforgettable Bowie drums new [re: to_dizzy]  

Mind you, it was during Bowie's first and only artistic slip
on Never Let Me Down that the drum "sound" also failed
him. Unlike the booming drums on Let's Dance and Tonight,
Erdal K. is much too restrained and the mix doesn't work for NLMD's pop-rock sound. Although I find New York's In Love, Time Will Crawl, Glass Spider & Bang Bang properly "thrusty" songs like Day-in Day-out and 87 and Cry needed more "funk" and "rock", among other things.

I think it was because of the weak rhythm on this album that Bowie took almost a year for Nile Rodgers to get the rhythm and feel of "You've Been Around" (along with the whole of
BTWN) "just right."

looking glass
01/29/07 01:38 PM
Re: Unforgettable Bowie drums new [re: to_dizzy]  

already mentioned, but the drums on 'up the hill backwards' are my favorite bits of the song...

but as for another shining moment, when the drums kick in on 'secret life of arabia,' it sends shivers down my spine...

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03/20/07 03:24 AM
Re: Unforgettable Bowie drums new [re: to_dizzy]  

Sound and Vision specifically from the Low period for me. Love the cymbal splash and the simple 3 hit intro just gets me every time.

I think Dunbar was a bit of a drum wank. Obviously supremely talented, but ruing the fact that he never got into The Who or Led Zeppelin, therefore had to try to show off his prowess on every album he played on. Pinups would have been probably stronger with a drummer with a more primitive instinct,

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