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(wise like orangutan)
04/23/07 06:25 PM
Dogzfood new [re: sonofsilence]  

I picked up 4 of these bad-boys as my monthly raid on the EMI catalog. I'm actually surprised I was able to get them, most of the good stuff (i.e. Beatles and N.W.A.) is off limits.

And yes, I would scorn Dogz for buying them, but for free they make nice little collectables. The only jones being that Ziggy and Scary Monsters are already gone.

They let the retard in the game and he went wild.

04/24/07 03:41 AM
Re: 22 for mini-vinyl series CD new [re: sonofsilence]  

Are they like the (I assume) Russian vinyl replicas (probably unofficial, but beautifully done) where the CD is like a replica of the label from the vinyl?
I got an (unofficial) Ziggy off eBay for $10(AU) and it was exactly like the original vinyl, except for an additional inner slip with a photo on one side and the details of the remaster per 1999 on the side. Basically it the whole package looked like this (including the RCA logos!) which is why I'm assuming it's unofficial:

I think there was a "Heroes" floating around as well. I missed out on that one though.

Turn off the television - put on romantic vinyl

(wild eyed peoploid)
04/24/07 06:19 AM
Re: 22 for mini-vinyl series CD new [re: Forgotten_Boy]  

Ziggy Stardust

Box Set Number 3

The Complete Set

Currently going for 82.00 English pounds Here

(wild eyed peoploid)
04/24/07 08:53 AM
Re: 22 for mini-vinyl series CD new [re: Forgotten_Boy]  

The unofficial Russian mini-lp's of Ziggy, Heroes and Let's Dance are very nicely done as well - they have the original label on the face of the cd which is a nice touch. They aren't as high quality as the Japanese ones though.

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