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(wild eyed peoploid)
04/06/08 02:36 AM
Was Boy George in that Video?  

My boyfriend is convinced that Boy George was in Ashes to Ashes video because apparently a documentary he saw said it to be true. I said that they didn't do their research properly because the only real name in the video other than Bowie was Steve Strange. But he just won't believe me. Am I wrong?

(cricket menace)
04/06/08 03:05 AM
Re: Was Boy George in that Video? new [re: Chinchilla]  

George was a massive Bowie fan as evidenced here but he wasn't in the video.

The confusion is probably because a character playing Boy George recently popped up in the Ashes to Ashes BBC series (as a cloakroom attendant at The Blitz nightclub - the position & place he worked in 1981). In that same episode, Steve Strange makes an appearance and sings 'Fade to Grey'.



(wild eyed peoploid)
04/06/08 07:42 AM
Re: Was Boy George in that Video? new [re: Adam]  

No this argument we've been having has been going on way before the Ashes To Ashes tv program....but thanks for confirming he wasn't in it. :)

(thunder ocean)
04/07/08 04:58 AM
Also, Visage was a brilliant band new [re: Chinchilla]  

If I remember correctly, both Boy George and Steve Strange auditioned for a part in the Ashes to Ashes vid but only Strange got in. So it wouldn't be very difficult for someone to get their wires crossed in this.

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