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08/04/08 12:13 PM
Re: Tin Machine - Edited & Better? new [re: jump93]  

Not bad, thanks.

For me, it is the production of TM1; I just don't like the way it sounds. I like many of the songs but can't turn it up without cringing. I guess it is supposed to be 'metal' but to me it sounds, well, er, tinny.

I actually like TM2; the songs are great, the production is great and you can really turn it up and be satisfied. That album, without the non-Bowie contributions, is a good "Bowie" album.

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08/04/08 04:49 PM
Re: Tin Machine - Edited & Better? new [re: wannabebowie]  

There are parts of both I don't like but a good long-term project would be to create the "ultimate" Tin machine album taking the best songs and editing the crap bits.

I haven't the time nor the patience though plus undoubtedly everyone likes/dislikes different parts of Tin Machine with the exception of everyone hating the Hunt Sales tracks; though I must admit I can tolerate both of them.

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