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(crash course raver)
07/30/08 02:04 PM
Tin Machine - Edited & Better? new  

Many people don't like Tin Machine for various reasons but I thought it would be interesting to create my own edits of some tracks in attempt to make them more "bearable" to people who dislike the squealy guitars or just the length of some of the tracks.

I've done "Heavens In Here" and effectively halved the length (the same riff for 6 minutes or so grates on some) and have got rid of a lot of the screechy guitars.

I am interested to hear what people think.

Download it from here

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...but I will prick you!


(grinning soul)
07/30/08 02:37 PM
Re: Tin Machine - Edited & Better? new [re: jump93]  

Much better and a lot more "bearable" thanks Mike

I went to a restaurant that serves 'breakfast at any time'. So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance.

trendy rechauffe
07/31/08 07:29 AM
Re: Tin Machine - Edited & Better? new [re: jump93]  

The edited version of Heaven's in here on the promo CD is really good. All the overdone guitar parts have been removed and it has a proper ending, not a fade like this edit. Not sure why it wasn't released as a full blown single.

bye tr

trendy's trainpage is at http://www.geocities.com/trendy_rechauffe

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I'm with you so I can't go on"

(cracked actor)
07/31/08 07:39 AM
Re: Tin Machine - Edited & Better? new [re: trendy rechauffe]  

I'd have to say HIH is up there with Stateside as a tiresome TM song. If that first album tracklist order was shuffled, almost any other song would've made a better opener and maybe history would be different.

I'm guessing here, of course.

Diamond Frog
07/31/08 10:22 AM
Re: Tin Machine - Edited & Better? new [re: russellmael]  

The best TM track will always be the one written by Bryan Ferry, anyway.

Fashion makes you look pretty ugly.

(grinning soul)
07/31/08 04:24 PM
Re: Tin Machine - Edited & Better? new [re: jump93]  

Mind you, the entire point of Tin Machine (initially) was Bowie not
editing himself lyrically/musically....for better and worse.

Most disappointment for Bowie fans (and music fans in general) is
based on "expectation."
If you're feeling funky you don't put on Heathen you put on Y. Americans
or BTWN. If you wanna rock you don't put on Tonight or Hours. For instance,
Tonight can only be enjoyed poolside in the hot sun drinking Mai Tai's....

Imagine Tin Machine opening with the title track.....cool, short, direct song
with the added gimmick of being the name of the band. Would've been a
great way to introduce them to the public.....and it hinted at EVERYTHING
Bowie was trying to do with the project...

"Raging, raging, raging".....
"Come on and get a good idea, come on and get it soon".....
"Take me anywhere".....
"I'm neither red nor black or white I'm gray and blown to hell"....

(cracked actor)
07/31/08 10:11 PM
Re: Tin Machine - Edited & Better? [re: emptysmellmetal]  

He should have edited himself a better name for the band. "Tin Machine" means nothing, does not evoke anything, nor should it be the title of a song.

What is a tin machine? How does a tin machine "take me anywhere?"
Bowie should not even be singing these words!

(cracked actor)
08/01/08 04:04 AM
Re: Tin Machine - Edited & Better? new [re: to_dizzy]  

I thnk it's up there with his best band names, it's just tarnished by the (incorrect) reputation of the band.

(electric tomato)
08/01/08 07:44 AM
Re: Tin Machine - Edited & Better? new [re: jump93]  

I liked how your editing made the song tighter, but I felt the fade out was premature. Made the whole song just sound a little pointless.

I used to be with it, but then they changed what "it" was. Now, what I'm with isn't it, and what's "it" seems weird and scary to me.

(grinning soul)
08/01/08 12:59 PM
Re: Tin Machine - Edited & Better? new [re: to_dizzy]  

I actually love the bands name....
I see it as a reference to "starting from scratch".....
& of course, a play on words, with "time machine".....going backwards

Bowie did something performers/artists rarely do.....create a SECOND
debut album..........how anyone can listen to Tonight and NLMD and not
realize Gabrels and the Sales Brothers gave him a much needed kick in
the ass is beyond me......I certainly listen to TM more than Space Oddity...

How it devolved into Bowie wearing lime-green suits (cool) and Versace
shirts (not so cool) in Jesus poses is somewhat baffling....though I've
never seen him so improvisational and loose as on the second TM tour....
taking his shirt off and wrapping it around his head, not knowing when
of IF a song will end and "rocking out" in a true "un-mannered" fashion...

I know H. Sales gets a lot of flak for his "contributions".....but how many
times has Keith Richards "singing" ruined the flow of supposed "classic"
Rolling Stones albums......?!

Though what really put the nail in the coffin was Bowie going on a "Greatest
Hits" tour after trying to convince the world he was completely dedicated
to his new project/band and steering away from things like....um...playing
the hits in Stadiums...with a band that simply made you yearn for......um...
Tin Machine......

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