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(cracked actor)
10/11/08 01:26 PM
Commissioned by Esquire to do a series on Bowie [re: ]  

Hi. I have been commissioned by Esquire magazine to do a series of interviews and articles about David Bowie. I first arrived at Bowie's NY apartment last week, 10/02/08 for my series on him.

I am greeted at the front door graciously by Bowie himself. He looks thinner and more fit than in recent pics. He is wearing black jeans, a black leather jacket, and black boots. He leads me in the living room. I meet Lexie and Iman and Iman asks if I'd like coffee. I say yes.

The first thing I notice in the room is a Stratocaster hooked up to a tweed amp. Bowie grins that vulpine grin and tells me he is writing a new album. I ask about it He grins and says, "Sure, I'll tell you all about it."

(cracked actor)
10/11/08 01:39 PM
Re: Commissioned by Esquire to do a series on Bowi new [re: to_dizzy]  

Without saying another word, Bowie picks up the Strat, flicks on the amp and starts playing a hard rock chord sequence. I am surprised how bristling and angry it sounds.

He seems very careful as he plays, as if he has practiced and wants to play this one himself. When he starts singing, he sings something like, "I am a civilian, defending my family." The song reminds me of Matheson's I Am Legend.

Bowie asks me how I like it. I say it sounds great. He thanks me and says he wants to return to a rock sound. " I can't wait to hear what Pete does with this," he says. Pete Townshend will be on the new record!

(stardust savant)
10/11/08 08:10 PM
Re: Commissioned by Esquire to do a series on Bowi new [re: to_dizzy]  

Nice try, Mr. DeFries. We all know Bowie would shoot you on sight.

Non importa quanto si aspetta,ma chi si aspetta.

(beyond the yoga zone)
10/12/08 04:07 AM
Re: Commissioned by Esquire to do a series on Bowie new [re: to_dizzy]  

Bowie's grin has not been vulpine since he got his teeth done in the early 90's. Since then, it's just been 'perfect' (in a Hollywood-esque depiction of the word).

my face is finished, my body's gone and i can't help but think,
standin' up here in all this applause and gazin' down at all the young and the beautiful with their questioning eyes,
that i must above all things love myself

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