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(cricket menace)
11/12/08 10:30 AM
Bowie Generations [re: ]  

Correspond the year category with the time you first owned at least half of all his (then existing) studio albums:

Your Bowie Generation

1999-09 Neoclassic child

1993-98 Renaissance child

1989-92 Ryko child

1983-88 80s child

1980-82 New Romantic child

1977-79 Berlin child

1975-76 Soul child

1972-74 Glam child

1967-71 Prophet

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What were the good and bad points of your Bowie generation?

Bowie Downunder

(cricket menace)
11/12/08 10:37 AM
Re: Bowie Generations new [re: Adam]  

1989-92: Ryko child

The classic 70s and the mainstream 80s were over. Bowie was trying to re-emerge as a cutting edge artist and I guess from the start of this period and onwards, his albums tended to improve with each release with the latest release usually being better than the previous. In this respect it was an exciting time to become a fan.

At the same time, it was also very frustrating (no tours down under).

The other good thing is I've only ever had to buy Bowie's albums once (on Ryko CD) and largely feel I have the definitive issues.

Bowie Downunder

11/12/08 01:47 PM
Simple, really new [re: Adam]  

1999-09 Neoclassic child

I'm 20. I didn't really have much musical knowledge before I was 11.

(cracked actor)
11/12/08 03:03 PM
2 good years & 30 bad new [re: schizophrenic]  

First DB album was ChangesOne. I believe I had them all by '78. Thence, 30 years of disappointment (save for Scary Monsters & Heathen).

(crash course raver)
11/12/08 03:33 PM
Re: 2 good years & 30 bad new [re: globule2]  

My first Bowie album was also Changes One which I think I got in 76. The first album I got that was current at the time was Heroes, so I said I was a Berlin child, but I got Station to Station and David Live around that time too.

Diamond Frog
11/12/08 06:50 PM
Better late than never new [re: kingsteved]  

I borrowed a compilation from a friend in early 2003, I think. Then bought BOB and Heathen. And then almost every album in a few weeks in the summer of 2003. Then Reality on the day of release.

Before that, I had been a huge fan of Sting.

The times we live in are the least moustache of all.

(cracked actor)
11/12/08 11:50 PM
Re: Better late than never new [re: Diamond Frog]  

I downloaded Ziggy, Hunky Dory and Aladdin Sane in 2002, then Heathen, Reality and Best of Bowie in 2003. I found the Deram Anthology in a record store and figured I might as well start buying all the rest.

Oh, do what you want.

Diamond Frog
11/13/08 05:21 AM
Re: Better late than never new [re: Mxy]  

Another late fan.

Satie's Faction

(stardust savant)
11/13/08 07:23 PM
Re: Bowie Generations new [re: Adam]  

I got my first album, Low, as a gift for Christmas 1999. I think I'd previously copied The Man Who Sold the World from a friend but only listened to it once or twice; it didn't grab me at the time. Oh, and I'd previously bought the Afraid of Americans single at some point, and also only listened to it a couple of time.

Not too sure about the album buying chronology, but I think I hit the 50% mark some time around 2003. I'd been familiar with a wider variety of stuff prior to that thanks to the internets & downloading one song at a time, but that's where I got caught up in terms of actually owning complete albums.

Non importa quanto si aspetta,ma chi si aspetta.

(mortal with potential)
11/14/08 03:13 AM
Re: Bowie Generations new [re: Adam]  

Let's Dance was the first one I owned in 1983. Unfortunately just after his concerts in Rotterdam, so I had to wait 4 years to see him live. In that same year, 1983 that is, I bought almost all of his albums.

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