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05/11/10 03:40 PM
Re: Bowie Generations new [re: emptysmellmetal]  

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After Let's Dance conquered the world no one ever
pointed at my Scary Monsters T-shirt and called him a "faggot"
anymore !

...so you didn't spend the eighties in my hometown. Good for you.

It's SAILER, idiot!

Diamond Frog
05/12/10 04:21 AM
Re: Bowie Generations new [re: Emil]  

You must have been the only gay in the village, Emil.

Baby, I've been
Breaking gas in your room again
Breathe in!

05/13/10 03:35 PM
Re: Bowie Generations new [re: Adam]  

80's child
I remember seeing the Heroes album at a friend's house in 1978.
In 83, I bought Let's Dance, Bowie Rare, Changes 1, Scary Monsters, Heroes, and then later on during the fall, Station to Station.
Ì saw Bowie 15 feet from me at La Brique in Montréal with Tin Machine, that was surreal!
I made a monumental mistake by refusing to go to the 1995 MTV Awards while living in Paris, I was not aware he would be there, my wife went and was sitting at a table with Claudia Schiffer... about 20 feet from the stage. AArrggg.

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