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(cracked actor)
12/16/08 03:46 AM
Axl knows Bowie and Floyd [re: ]  

From the GnR website where Axl answered fans questions:

Q: How do you feel when you read posts that say "this isn't really GUNS N' ROSES?" Surely it isn't their place to say?

Axl: "David Bowie likes Floyd with Barret, many with Waters and those without. And there are those who like all the different lineups. In my opinion, what makes our situation a bit more unique, at least in how it's played out, is the ugliness of what really took place. If I'd done what was said then, I'd say fuck me too. I also realize this is just one issue in something with upteen however many more so conclusions can't be formulated off this little bit alone by most which is more than understandable.

It is kind of odd to single Bowie out as a Barrett fan as opposed to some fans or something like that but a good chat with Axl anyway. He didn't react pissy or provoked to some of the off-color comments.


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