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(grinning soul)
12/17/08 01:51 PM
Hunky Dory- Visual Images? new [re: ]  

Just curious if the album brings any images to mind. It always has for me and now my 12 year old son (who I never discussed them with) told me what he imagines when listening to the album and it was the EXACT same thing I imagined...and I absolutely never had the conversation with him.

So I'm just curious....

(electric tomato)
12/17/08 04:50 PM
Re: Hunky Dory- Visual Images? new [re: Starling]  

Eight Line Poem always gave me a pretty strong image of suburban London, and now that I live there I'm still reminded of that every time I look out the kitchen window.

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Diamond Frog
12/19/08 04:12 PM
Re: Hunky Dory- Visual Images? new [re: Starling]  

Andy Warhol conveys images of Andy Warhol.

Satie's Faction

(crash course raver)
12/22/08 02:16 PM
Re: Hunky Dory- Visual Images? new [re: Diamond Frog]  


Life On Mars? reminds me of the TV show, Life On Mars.

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Diamond Frog
12/23/08 04:30 AM
Re: Hunky Dory- Visual Images? new [re: jump93]  

How witty.

Satie's Faction

(wild eyed peoploid)
12/27/08 03:40 PM
Re: Hunky Dory- Visual Images? new [re: Starling]  

Only classical music conjures visual images in my mind.

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(stardust savant)
12/28/08 05:32 AM
Re: Hunky Dory- Visual Images? [re: Diamond Frog]  

In reply to:

Andy Warhol...Life on Mars...How witty

I've landed on my balls before, but never from such great heights.

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Diamond Frog
12/29/08 06:11 PM
Re: Hunky Dory- Visual Images? new [re: guiltpuppy]  

Don't thank me.

Satie's Faction

(grinning soul)
12/30/08 11:48 AM
Re: Hunky Dory- Visual Images? new [re: Starling]  

Well first of all this is a bit stream of consciousness, so maybe most of it won’t make too much sense but as it’s my favourite daddy record why not give it a bloody go. So here comes the bullshit:


Somehow reminds me of the kind of music my dad would have running in the car (he’s quite fond of oldies radio *lol*) when he used to pick me up from elementary school, which was lots of sixties rock and pop (the beatles, the who, the kinks etc.), so it’s mainly images from the ride from school to home back in the late eighties.

2.Oh! You Pretty Things

Images of the arctic and old norse myths like Thule come to mind. For me it definitely has some Hörbiger and Bulwer-Lytton in it. But “whatever”, said the spider to the fly.

3.Eight Line Poem

The precise moment when you’re waking up with a soft hangover and the silly thoughts start to creep in. All that and the colour orange (although normaly I’m not a synesthete).

4. Life on Mars?

Don’t know why but every time I hear it images of the 19th century come up in my mind. It also reminds me of an “arty” girl I had a crush on in high school. She was a mystery to most people, just like the average world must have been a completely mystery to her. Just imagine a Simone de Beauvoir-like character in snow white’s body. Last time I saw her (must have been the late 90’s) she had her head shaved (strangely enough she still locked sexy to me, which simply proves that there are some “classy” girls out there who can wear everything *lol*).Wonder what became of her, maybe she’d married a buddhist monk and became ah part-time mom who knows.


Images of my childhood and how my parents where never like that.


Images of Himmler and Marlene Dietrich and my university time, cause most of profs and tutors I met there were really what some might call “headfucked” (and I mean it in a sophisticated way, which probably makes it even worse).

8.Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol and art class. Actually it’s more images of Andy Warhol and me falling asleep during art class. It’s always the same with me, never been much of an intellectual as I’ve always preferred to do things instead of talking about them. As much as I like to paint or play guitar I never could stand talking endless hours about things like composition. Only negative factor that comes along with such an attitude is that I never can explain what I’m doing cause I don’t know it myself. “I really liked your jazz progression in the coda.” “You liked my what in what?”. But I’m wandering from subject I guess. So here comes:

9.Song for Bob Dylan

Images of Dylan and how I never understood his „magic“. Never could stand his “singing”, guitar playing or songwriting. May have much to do with the fact that I never fully understood the sixties as a period or have ever fallen in love with sweet marry jane. But what to expect from a guy born during Reagan’s first year of office?

10. Queen Bitch
Images of waking up next to the wrong girl after a “durchzechter” (I don’t know if there’s an English word with a similar meaning. It basically means some all night vivid drinking.) night of some serious nightclubbing. In my precise case her name was Eve, so how funny’s that?

11. The Bewlay Brothers

Machiavelli and lots of green fog. Blur images of my dead uncle who meant the world to me and who I wished I’d have known better. Also images of a friend of mine who used to be a hell of a bass player and drinking buddy until he turned schizophrenic and started believing he was receiving secret messages from god.

P.S.: Not that I’m much of a curious bastard, but you’ll never tell us what the similar images of you and your son were, aren’t you?

And the world receives yet another crack.The mystery condenses ...

12/30/08 06:17 PM
Nice new [re: NewFalcon]  

In reply to:


I think "bender" would be the term you're looking for.

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