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(byroad singer)
07/17/10 01:41 PM
Wayward Hayward and the Haywood [re: ]  

On the internet there are different versions of Bowie's full birth name to be found:

- David Robert Hayward Jones

- David Robert Hayward-Jones

- David Robert Haywood-Jones

I would think that David Robert Hayward Jones is the correct one as Hayward is his father's surname. And the TW Bio says so too. Still the David Robert Hayward-Jones seems to be the most widespread version on the net.

David Robert Haywood-Jones is used by several German sources for a reason I cannot guess.

Bowie's son Duncan is also listed in the Hayward and the Haywood version on the net. I would assume that Hayward again is the correct name.

Am I right?


(cricket menace)
07/17/10 05:08 PM
Re: Wayward Hayward and the Haywood new [re: EJ]  

I've noticed some of this as well and I think it might be a mistake perpetuated by Wikipedia but I am not sure. From memory, there's a bio that includes a copy of his birth certificate. Can anyone remember which book it's in?

(cracked actor)
07/18/10 07:36 AM
"It's, it's Haywood actually..." new [re: EJ]  

I don't know why there are so many variants regarding Bowie's name as his birth was registered simply as David Robert Jones. Bowie's father was Haywood Stenton Jones and this Christian name was, as you mentioned, passed down Bowie's son.

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(byroad singer)
07/18/10 07:58 AM
Re: "It's, it's Haywood actually..." new [re: EuropeanCanon]  

In reply to:

his birth was registered simply as David Robert Jones

So thought I but as I said there are sources (wiki) which claim that he also carries his father's christian name. So where is the source which we can fully rely on?


(byroad singer)
07/18/10 08:02 AM
Re: "It's, it's Haywood actually..." new [re: EJ]  

Addition: The TW Bowie-Bio lists Hayward as one of Bowie's christian names.


(absolute beginner )
07/18/10 11:44 AM
Re: Wayward Hayward and the Haywood new [re: EJ]  

I can't believe how thick you people are. Apart from the fact that this information is published in sooooo many places, it is easy to establish the truth:


Really, if you can't establish simple facts like this you hardly deserve to call yourselves Bowie fans.

07/18/10 06:17 PM
Re: "It's, it's Haywood actually..." new [re: EuropeanCanon]  

It is just David Robert Jones. All the sources stating otherwise are wrong. The Hayward is used in Duncan's middle name: Zowie Duncan Hayward Jones. In respect to Bowie's father.

Robert was a name chosen by his mother apparently.

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