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(cracked actor)
08/08/10 01:40 PM
Bowie, the comic book fan [re: ]  

There's an interesting mini-article here tracing the line "look at those cavemen go" to an old comic strip called Alley Oop. A commenter on that site added a tidbit that was incorporated into the article:

In reply to:

My mum's first boyfriend was a certain David Jones (a fact I've dined out on for years), circa 1964-5 or so. I can confirm that he was a comics fan, particularly the new wave of American comics that were starting to filter through - certainly Fantastic Four. He showed my mum the Galactus saga, which got her hooked. She, in turn, got me interested in comics. So, in a roundabout way, you could say that David Bowie is responsible for getting me into comics...

This stuff geeks me out. By the way, I've talked before about Bowie being a big fan of Watchmen. I wonder if he keeps up with this stuff at all.


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