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05/19/04 10:43 AM
Too True, Kidtoucher new [re: Diamond_Dave]  

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Maybe if some of you guys went out to a listening post and gave the new Mozz record a chance you might just ch..ch..ch..change your minds about how crap he is

I'll admit that I held very little hope of You are the Quarry turning out to be interesting, but what I heard of it yesterday seemed quite passable, really. I don't know that I feel compelled to buy it, but it was pleasant.

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05/19/04 12:55 PM
Morrissey can't write songs.. new [re: Diamond_Dave]  

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You should all go and listen to a bit more of Mozza's solo work before pasting the poor guy.

I've heard every solo album he's put out. I'm slating his mediocre ouput from a position of authority.

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And he was right in some respects about Bowie selling out to the mass market ......

Yeah, I guess it just comes down to who do I sympathise with more on this point. From seeing Bowie on TV and reading about him, he comes across as a nice bloke, interesting and amusing. Morrissey, on the otherhand, comes over as a spoilt little shit who's still trying to trade on his "miserable teenager in Thatcher's Britain©" credentials when he's sunning it in California. So when Morrissey trots out the same insult to various media outlets in a blatant publicity stunt, all I can think is "What a wanker". And lo, so he is!

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05/19/04 01:33 PM
Re: What's Next? new [re: EJSunday]  

What annoys me is that there was plans to release a Never Get Old/Waterloo Sunset double A-side last Christmas, but they seemingly bottled out. Never Get Old even had some sort of video I believe, with clips on the "New Killer Star" DVD.

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Without any warning he is selling albums again, without any warning he sells out a major world tour and without any warning he got overwhelming critical acclaim from the media. Noone would ever have expected that, not a few years ago and certainly not he himself.

Indeed, Bowie never expected it. I found this quote from a 1995 Q magazine interview interesting: "I know what happens when I play the classics. I know the outcome. So why would I want to do it again? Other than for financial remuneration, which frankly I don't need... in ten years time when I'm playing to halls with no audience whatsoever, my comporaries can turn around and say, 'Well that's the reason we didn't do what you did.' But we'll see."

It's now 9 years later.

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05/19/04 01:51 PM
Re: The Idiot new [re: Diamond_Dave]  

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Recording songs with P. Diddy or whatever he calls himself.

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05/19/04 02:12 PM
Re: Singles - cool again when Bowie says so new [re: Dara]  

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As far as most casual music fans who get most of their information from programmes like Top Of The Pops and video channels, Bowie seems to have disappeared in the last few years.

Whether or not he seems to have disappeared, he's not adding to his cannon of "greatest hits" at the moment. As has been mentioned many times in other threads, Bowie has a rather impressive list of songs that everybody has heard, most of which can be found on either ChangesBowie or A Reality Tour (not so much the new Best of Bowie which adds on unmemorable songs which happened to chart well at the time). Even though "I'm Afraid of Americans" didn't chart exceptionally well by Bowie's standards, people know it, even if it is in the context of "that song Bowie did with NIN." I'm constantly amazed at how so many of my friends can say, "I can't even name a single Bowie song," but then listen to a few albums with me, or a collection of ones I know they've heard, and lo! they have heard them after all! It's Bowie not adding to this repertoire that I think is what is hurting him, not sales and chart possitions. Next time Bowie goes on the road to do a medium-to-large-scale tour (if ever again), he will play "New Killer Star" to fill the 00's hit quotient for the show, and though it might be just five years from now, no one will remember it but the hardcore fans.

Now, about Morrissey, I am of the mind that he can say what he wants, but as far as this statement goes, it has served its purpose. We are talking about it at length. I actually gave his new album a listen, which I never would have done had he not been in the media so much now with this Bowie-bashing. And I enjoyed it. Might buy it, might not. In any case, he got me to consider it. Perhaps that is another factor in charting so well in the UK (though I agree that his #4 in the US is due to a small market and a core of dedicated fans.)

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05/19/04 03:17 PM
Bigmouth strikes again. new [re: JonnyManic]  

Now I know how Joan of Arc felt, as the flames they rose to her Roman nose.

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05/19/04 03:18 PM
Re: The Idiot (Morrissey calls Bowie "A Business") new [re: tonyinsf]  

The worst part is that Moz's new album sounds quite good to my ear. I've decided to ignore what artists say (actually only when I don't find any point in their views) and just focus on what they produce.

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05/19/04 09:15 PM
Re: The Idiot (Morrissey calls Bowie "A Business") new [re: Soulman]  

Ahh, now we're talking. All we need to do now is try and get all the other Mozz bashers on here to at least sample the cooking before refusing it.

What Morrissey has been saying is in some ways no differant to Bowie's "Hi, i'm Bi" shit from the early 70's or the numerous other one liners and comments thrown our way by many other popstars in passing time.

Fact remains kids, Bowie has become exactly what Mozz states...A BUSINESS!!!

When you all go and buy the 30th DD's next month remind yourself of what Mozz said about the business and don't pass the buck blaming EMI for Bowie's greed.

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05/19/04 10:11 PM
Business Schmusiness new [re: Diamond_Dave]  

In reply to:

Fact remains kids, Bowie has become exactly what Mozz states...A BUSINESS!!!

That's not the part I'm taking issue with. I'm annoyed by Morrossey's immature revisionism saying that Bowie was "only relevant by accident", and then goes on to say that "he probably wanted to be the lady in waiting". Just silly, spiteful attacks. The amusing thing is that Morrissey is so insulated that he probably believes that he is in someway more relevant to popular music and culture than Bowie which is, frankly, utterly ludicrous.

My flesh inherited a thousand natural shocks the first time I gazed at your pre-Raphaelite locks

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05/20/04 02:20 AM
Re: Too True, Kidtoucher [re: Marquis]  

I downloaded the new Morrissey album from the iTunes music store. Yea, I admit it, I bought it.

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