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05/17/04 03:10 AM
Ziggy new [re: tonyinsf]  

In reply to:

He went on to say that the public only fell in love with Ziggy Stardust, and the visuals for Ziggy were dreamt up by someone else.

Morrissey is only describing his own experience. This is what he has said previously about attending Ziggy Stardust concerts:

I would be there at noon, and I would be pressed against the door twelve hours before anybody was ever going to think about opening. And I would race to the stage, and an industrial crane couldn't move me from that spot. You would have to blowtorch me off the front of the set if you wanted to move me. I was there, wanting some form of evidence, commitment. Wanting the world to change. Someone to do it for me. That's what I saw. And so that's what I wanted to provide.

I would have been interested in seeing the original uncut version of Jonathan Ross at least to see how JR handled his bullshit.

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05/17/04 03:58 AM
Mister Zero Talent new [re: tonyinsf]  

I have never understood why Morrissey and The Smiths got praised for their music beyond maybe five songs.

True 80s crap.

The man can't sing. Back in the 80s when that Smth hype started I saw some live show on German tv and was shocked: How could anybody with a horrible live voice as him be hailed a hero? A shitty whinger who underpassed the already poor standards of most of the music of that era. Easily. And their studio recordings were nothing but the fine art of repetition heavily due to Morrissey's one tone singing but also to Johnny Marr's fairly stylish but also fairly limited guitar playing. A one trick pony.

I saw Johnny Marr live a few years ago - ranks among the most boring shows I ever witnessed. And his singing makes even Morissey standing a chance for not coming last in the most miserable live singer contest.

I am sure that Morissey would have long been forgotten as a musician if he hadn't produced a few headlines about his weird persona at the early stages of his success. And as he seems clever enough to undestand that he cannot cut it as a singer he tries to get back to the top by what got him there before: Making headlines. At least tiny ones.

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(wild eyed peoploid)
05/17/04 04:12 AM
Re: Ziggy new [re: Adam]  

I'm surprisd he got to number 3 in the singles market. Unfortunately this will make him even more smug. I wish Bowie would try releasing more singles.

Yes, Bowie has slagged off other artists too, but he doesn't go on about the same person in every interview like some kind of nutcase desperately seeking publicity. If Bowie wants to attack him back, he should do it by airing his views in song ala 'Scream Like A Baby' and 'Lucy Can't Dance.' Far more entertaining.

05/17/04 04:59 AM
Re: Ziggy new [re: Max_M]  

After you've succesfully thrown out younger, charttopping artist from a tv show because of jealousy it's hard to sink any lower. Morrissey has a long road to travel if he wants to be as much of a fuckwit as Bowie was.

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(wild eyed peoploid)
05/17/04 05:06 AM
Re: Ziggy new [re: RabbitFighter]  

Who did he get thrown off? I'm not sure I understand what you're referring to.

05/17/04 05:20 AM
Re: Ziggy new [re: Max_M]  

Gary Numan. I believe the year was either 79 or 80. I'd check the details from Strange Fascination but I have no idea where the book is at the moment. I believe David Mallet was somehow involved with the show in question and Bowie used his friendship with the guy as a leverage to kick Numan out. You can't sink much lower than that.

The God you love is gone
He lies broken by your shame
The thing that took his place already died

05/17/04 06:11 AM
Malaise new [re: RabbitFighter]  

And didn't he have one of the Sex Pistols thrown out of an Iggy Pop gig (although admittedly there might've been a stronger case for doing so)? Still, that's low; if it'd been during his paranoid cokehead era I would've understood but he was supposed to be cleaning up by then so there's really no excuse. I wonder if that line from Slowcar To China ("you will pay Mr Jones") is related or if he just happened to pick it as a common name.

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05/17/04 07:22 AM
Another View. new [re: poorsoul]  

In reply to:

And didn't he have one of the Sex Pistols thrown out of an Iggy Pop gig (although admittedly there might've been a stronger case for doing so)?

In his autobiography, John Lydon claims that he was having a conversation with Iggy backstage after Iggy's gig, then Bowie walked in and for no apparent reason had his goons throw him out. However, Scott Asheton (part of Iggy's band) recalls the situation differently - he claims that Bowie and Iggy were having a civil conversation with Lydon, then Lydon got up and swore at them and stormed off (to talk to Iggy's band instead).

Which brings me to Gary Numan. As far as I know, all we have to go on regarding the Bowie incident is what Numan himself has said about it. And it's not exactly reliable testimony, given Numan's predilection for two-facedness (ie. making his name as a Bowie clone/freely admitting his fandom, then later on claiming that Bowie had little influence on him, and that he admired Low more for Brian Eno). I'm not saying that Bowie wasn't a bastard at the time, but I'd rather hear his side, or failing that, someone else besides Numan, before I make a judgement. I mean, how do we know Numan didn't say something to Bowie at the time that provoked him?

05/17/04 07:54 AM
Every song is like Sunday new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

In reply to:

If this comment is so out of line, then the UK music press will call him on it, right?

Huh? This is just one guy's opinion. It's not the function of the press to set him straight.

Jonny is right though: to understand Morrissey, you need to understand how childish he is. Everything about him, his badly-thought out political positions (which have bordered on the racist and xenophobic at times), his Holier-than-Thou vegetarianism, the way he slags all his old friends off, the way he looked at Ziggy and just saw the costumes....this all tells you that mentally he's still a child, and a superficial one who thinks he's smarter than he is at that.

Morrissey used to drink quite a bit in a pub here in Dublin that I also frequented. He always gave the impression he wanted to be seen, he wanted someone to come up and hassle him, just so he could complain about getting hassled when he just wanted to enjoy a quiet drink.

Since he's moved to the States, he seems to have just got odder. He came across really poorly on Jonathon Ross - he made Ross look like a genius by comparison. And I don't get his whole "I'm not a performer, I'm real" shtick either. Who does he think he is all of a sudden, Bruce Springsteen?

That said, it is kinda nice to see him back. A superficial little kid he may be, but that can be entertaining in small doses. And if his single success shows Bowie and his record company how easy it is to score a big UK single these days, that'll be a good thing.

Slan libh,


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05/17/04 11:22 AM
Re: Who needs AMG? [re: White Prism]  

Wanker. I thought DB would be the last person Morrissey could criticise, given Morrissey's one-dimentional back catalogue... hearing middle aged men sing about growing pains is kind of silly. Besides, DB never claimed to be up with the times, he does his own style regardless of whether it's in or out of style.

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