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(cracked actor)
06/23/04 03:42 PM
Re: 2 CD Limited Editions of Outside, Earthling, Hours new [re: Adam]  

Yes I agree, the hours one looks very interesting, I hope they get rid of the annoying gap after dead man walking which ruined the reissue of Earthling

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06/23/04 03:56 PM
Stigmata new [re: pablopicasso]  

Perhaps the Stigmata film version is an instrumental reworking by the score composers Garson and Corgan?

OK, I am am getting carried away now.

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(thunder ocean)
06/23/04 03:57 PM
Sysiyo's verdict. new [re: Adam]  

A decent selection, I must say.

Outside: If I'm not too much mistaking, they've managed to include every known outtake/remix from this album, with the exception of the I'm Deranged edits from Lost Highway (obviously excuding the Essexboy tracks). I might get this one, though I have all tracks except I Am With Name (Album version, which isn't in fact the version on the album but longer while lacking the Ramona A. Stone segue). Some of my copies of these tracks are on skipping discs, though, and the copy of Hallo Spaceboy instrumental includes a part of a Nite Flights remix in the end, so it might be nice to have proper versions of those. I would have put I'm Deranged (Jungle Mix) on Earthling (swapping it with IAOA Showgirls version).

Earthling: I would have chosen somewhat different mixes, for instance the Vigor Mortis Remix for Dead Man Walking instead of Moby Mix 1, and Adam F. Mix of Telling Lies (to replace really either of the other mixes). Also, why two versions of IAOA V1 but none of the other NIN mixes (there were six, after all)? Good to see both the Tao Jones tracks included... but where is the Earthling version of I Can't Read? It was slated for inclusion on the album quite long. Other tracks that could have been included are Planet Of Dreams and Fun. The only track completely unknown to me is Dead Man Walking (Moby Mix 2). I will definately buy this, though all the remixes will just be 'raw material' for a multi-disc Earthling collection I'm compiling (see artworks here and here. The tracklisting is an early take, and the cover will probably change slightly, too).

Hours...: Very nice that the live versions that were used on Survive and Seven singles are not included. The tracklisting seems quite comprehensive, though it would have been nice to see Trying To Get To Heaven and possibly A Foggy Day In London Town in the discs (though those are abmittedly very obscure), as well as some of the instrumentals from Omikron, possibly Gandhar, Snow Level and one of the Shooting-tracks. Although what would be really nice to see is a comprehensive good-quality release of the entire game soundtrack. The tracks I don't have are Seven (Beck Mix 2) and the Omikron versions of Thursday's Child and The Dreamers. This one's another maybe for the purchase, depending on weather or not I have the money.

In general, these seem like excellent releases never the less. The tracklisting for Earthling is not complete, but other than that the releases cover pretty much everything released off those albums. The box is attractive, let's hope the induvidual digiboxes are, too (the colours were a bit off in the midprice re-releases, and Earthling's cover was centered incorrectly, there was an extra centimeter of space on the left side of the cover). It would be desirable for EMI to make the 30th anniversary releases equally attractive (though I realise there is less released material available).

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(thunder ocean)
06/23/04 04:02 PM
Re: 2 CD Limited Editions of Outside, Earthling, Hours new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

In reply to:

Have 2-3 of the tracks on the bonus discs actually never surfaced before? Beck Mix #2? Stigmata film only version?

Beck Mix #2 was to my knowledge on the one-disc US only (?) reissue of Hours. To my knowledge, only the Omikron versions and Stigmata Film Only version of TPTAGTH are previously completely unavailable. All others have been released at least on obscure 12" singles.

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06/23/04 04:11 PM
Re: Stigmata new [re: Adam]  

perhaps its just the electronic fizzeling which seems the main difference between the stigmata soundtrack (as on the survive single) and the normal version...

the box set is certainly much more a bonus set than the releases so far. but still its more or less a collection of bsides which to the biggest part were not too hard to get. if there were more extras like the omikron versions - something previously unreleased and interesting at the same time - it would be a "strong buy" for me but in this case it's probably just a "buy if you find a good offer" and i will be happy with the hours... discs alone (which is funny, since i see it as the weakest of the three albums).

also i am not too impressed by the inclusion of all remixes - of course it is good to get them, but it would have been more interesting to get remixes of different songs in order to make the bonus disc listenable.

edit: well, of course i will buy all three fucking discs, even if just to get some fucking text-mix.... but let me at least pretend i would use my brain before buying them

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(thunder ocean)
06/23/04 04:23 PM
Re: Stigmata new [re: th0mas]  

In reply to:

but still its more or less a collection of bsides which to the biggest part were not too hard to get.

Except if you became a fan in late 2000 by which time the only single available was Seven 5-track. Of course, I've managed to find nearly all stuff listed by not quite so legal means. But still.

And concerning remixes... since they're not including any unrelesed material, the alternative to remixes would be empty space on the disc. And I know from experience the Heart's Filthy Lesson and Hallo Spaceboy remixes work quite well together, they're different enough to keep the whole affair interesting. Ditto to most Earthling mixes.

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(stardust savant)
06/23/04 04:25 PM
banging club choonz new [re: Adam]  

In reply to:

Yeah, the Stigmata film-only version has me curious. Who here has seen the film?

The version actually used in the film is a much faster , remixed version in a nightclub scene.

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(crash course raver)
06/23/04 04:26 PM
Re: 2 CD Limited Editions of Outside, Earthling, H new [re: Adam]  

The "hours..." reissue looks like the one to get, although I must admit, I'm quite impressed by all of them. Looks like I'll be getting a summer job after all.

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(cracked actor)
06/23/04 05:05 PM
Re: 2 CD Limited Editions of Outside, Earthling, Hours new [re: Adam]  

If my school doesn't get a copy of it via the record company (The media guy usually hands me all the Bowie albums he gets thru the companies), then I may end up getting one of them. Or all. I don't know if I feel like buying it, but will have to see if Tom gets it. They look interesting to listen to, however, they each just came out a few months ago as reissues. What's the need for more tracks? these remixes could;ve been added thru the reissues.

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(cracked actor)
06/23/04 05:26 PM
Re: 2 CD Limited Editions of Outside, Earthling, Hours new [re: Adam]  

I'm sure I'll get the box set, but not sure if there will be much in it that will knock my socks off. As for remixes, I usually like to hear them all, compare them to the album version, then decide which ONE version I like best, and listen to it but ignore the rest. Also, more likely than not, I revert to liking the album version best anyway, so the remixes alone don't grab me. They will be fun, but not essential--and I already own a number of them as single B-sides or Internet downloads.

I am curious about the Omikron stuff, as I've never heard it. That might be fun.

As for packaging, I hope the real "silver box" looks better than the computer-generated picture of it. I presume it will be shiny silver, with "David Bowie" in raised or recessed font--which might look o.k. Bit boring, though, I think.

And I do agree with BFP that the thought of listening to 3, 4, or 5 remixes of the same song in a row does make me cringe. Like I said, I'll probably just hear them all once, decide the album version is my favorite anyway, and then hardly ever listen to them again.

All these doubts and rants aside, I'm buying the thing. (I'm such a sucker!)


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