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(mortal with potential)
02/25/05 10:44 AM
'Perfect Playlist' new  

Each week, one of the UK's broadsheets has an article on a different artist called 'Perfect Playlist', with suggestions for the 10 best songs by that artist which readers might like to download.

Yesterday, it was the turn of Bowie, and the reviewer selected the following (they were originally listed chronologically, and randomly here) :

Golden Years
Oh! You Pretty Things
Moonage Daydream
Let's Dance
I'm Afraid of Americans
Breaking Glass
Ashes To Ashes

An interesting mix, I thought. Rather than turn this into a 'my favourite Top 10 DB songs' post which has, I'm sure been covered zillions of times, perhaps TWers might have thoughts about what they would recommend in this list instead, that someone interested in downloading a 'Top 10' would enjoy.

For me, IAOA would have to go - I've never liked it - unimaginative, 'shouty' lyrics and unnecessary bombast. A couple of them have obvious commercial appeal (Let's Dance, Golden Years, Ashes to Ashes) but others are refreshingly non-mainstream (Win, V2-Schneider, Breaking Glass).

Any views?

02/25/05 11:13 AM
My 'Perfect Playlist' new [re: Rocknrollinbitch]  

I'll play the game....

In no order, whatsoever:

Young Americans
Space Oddity
Life on Mars?
Hallo Spaceboy (PSB mix)
Let's Dance
I'm Afraid of Americans (NIN mix)
Breaking Glass
Rebel Rebel

`Would you tell me which way to go ?' said Alice
`That depends on where you want to get to,' said the Cat
`I don't much care where --'
`Then it doesn't matter which way you go'

(thunder ocean)
02/25/05 01:36 PM
Re: 'Perfect Playlist' new [re: Rocknrollinbitch]  

In reply to:


Good lord! My favourite Bowie piece ever!

Project Michelangelo | LiveJournal

02/25/05 07:23 PM
Re: 'Perfect Playlist' [re: Rocknrollinbitch]  

Interesting... I'd go for...

Life On Mars?
The Width of A Circle
Oh! You Pretty Things
Strangers When We Meet
Young Americans
Wild is the Wind
Be My Wife

My musical stuff is fun, because I like musics; they are very good and nice. On a lighter note, I made gingerbread! Yay! So, anyhow, yeah. I NEED A NAP! Hoo boy, David Bowie is the bee’s knees.

(electric tomato)
02/25/05 08:01 PM
Re: 'Perfect Playlist' new [re: Rocknrollinbitch]  

Some odd-ass choices there. Breaking Glass? I mean, I have loads of affection for that track, but I mean, I have to call it "that track" because it's not even really a song.

My list, in no particular order:

Station to Station
Drive-In Saturday
Jump They Say
Bewlay Brothers
Seven Years in Tibet
Five Years
The Motel
We Prick You
Teenage Wildlife

Some odd-ball selections, and by no means would I say these are the ten best songs exactly... But they're ten songs that have at some point or another managed to become the focal point of my existence, and that's as good a criterion as any.

Sadly, no Low on there, but there's just not a track on there that I feel really stands on its own strongly enough to be Top Ten. I suppose I could take how well a song plays in the context of its album into consideration, but then it would turn into a fist-fight between most of Low and most of Outside. Which may be a contest worth a thread of its own.

The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had.

02/26/05 09:28 AM
Re: 'Perfect Playlist' new [re: guiltpuppy]  

V-2 Schneider
Little Wonder
Let's Dance
TVC 15
The Heart's Filthy Lesson
Strangers When We Meet
Always Crashing In The Same Car


Get out of my mind! All of you!!

02/26/05 08:50 PM
Re: 'Perfect Playlist' new [re: jump93]  

Joe The lion
Boys keep Swingin
Jazzin for that blue jean - yeah
Let's Dance - 11Min57sec;s version
Hearts filthy lesson
Ashes To Ashes
Golden Years
When the wind blows

Now the savage days are here

(wild eyed peoploid)
02/27/05 04:52 AM
Re: 'Perfect Playlist' new [re: Rocknrollinbitch]  

This list is pretty much a combination of the Bowie songs I really like and those I believe could be called his best (hence the seeming abundance of hits):
New Killer Star,
Dead Against It,
Ashes to Ashes,
A New Career in a New Town,
Station to Station,
Young Americans,
Big Brother,
Aladdin Sane.

"And then Bowie started to turn up to New York Dolls shows. You know, with a notebook."- Jayne County.

(crash course raver)
02/27/05 09:22 AM
Re: 'Perfect Playlist' new [re: Rocknrollinbitch]  

Battle for Britain (the letter)
Soul Love
Buddha of Suburbia
Word on a Wing
Fame 90
Everyone says Hi
Queen Bitch
Sound and Vision
New Killer Star

02/27/05 09:43 AM
Re: 'Perfect Playlist' new [re: Rocknrollinbitch]  

In reply to:

Any views?

These were chosen by Lynsey Hanley of the right wing newspaper The Daily Telegraph in a cheap attempt to appear with it

It then goes on sycophantically to say that Lynsey is clearly a woman of taste and she goes on to give each track a glowing review

With a general election most probably in May? this is called hi-jacking the plebs.

London Bye Ta-Ta...

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