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(stardust savant)
03/24/05 11:59 PM
Omikron II in development - will Boz be back?  

No specifics, just a short peice of news that the sequel to the Bowie-starring PC/Dreamcast game is in development. We'll probably get some more details at E3 in May.

I'm sure it's still too early on in the design process for Bowie to have any involvement yet, but it raises the question: If he is approached, would he still be interested today? Would it be beneficial to his career to participate again and possibly get new exposure?

The original Omikron was released in May of 1999 in the environment of a booming info-tech world and digital mania. Bowie was embracing the prevailing climate with open palms - BowieNet had been launched September of '98 and he performed at the webcast NetAid charity concert a year later. Six years later the Silicon bubble has long since burst. The popular notion in the late 90's in the that computer games would become common place as the "interactive movies" of the future has gone out the window along with flying cars and tacky hologram shops at the mall. Having digital rock concerts in a video game was both a notch in Bowie's belt as a constant innovator staying relevant and also a clever business move to connect with a new generation of consumers.

That said, has Bowie's interest in digital culture packed up and moved out like so many workers in Silicon Valley? Even if his personal interest is gone, would another crossover be in his interest as businessman?

What sort of impact did his participation in the original Omikron have on fan generation and sales? --does anyone have an educated guess on that? Adam, Dara?

Ultimately, I think he finished work for Omikron and after a few gamer magazine interviews and initial sales figures he probably left and never looked back. It's true Boz rarely ever retraces his steps, but since the heart-straining end to the Reality tour last year no one's heard of word of his next direction. Maybe his next step won't be where we were expecting.

He longed to be an artist but balked at the necessary sacrifices

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