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09/11/05 04:33 PM
Re: Why??? new [re: diamondogz74]  

I think the toy tracks are crap. David did the right thing putting some of the tracks as b sides. I would much rather have a fantastic album like heathen over the toy tracks.

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(big brother)
09/11/05 04:51 PM
Re: Why??? new [re: jabow]  

In reply to:

a fantastic album like heathen

I'm with you, HEATHEN is a fantastic album!


(wild eyed peoploid)
09/11/05 04:53 PM
Re: Why??? new [re: diamondogz74]  

Few of those bonus tracks were fine & I like 'Afraid' but a whole RETRO album? Christ, no, no, no.

Plus I really hate the sixties.

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~ Claude

(big brother)
09/11/05 05:17 PM
Re: Why??? new [re: Sam_X]  

Safe is a fantastic Toy song!


(cracked actor)
09/11/05 05:24 PM
Re: Why??? new [re: Claude]  

Safe isn't a toy song, it was recorded for the rugrats soundtrack but was subsequently not used, it was then rerecorded for Heathen but used as a b side. The only Heathen B sides from Toy are;
You got a habit of leaving me,
Baby loves that way,
Conversation piece..

Afraid and Slip away were also from Toy.

The Toy songs are as follows;

Afraid: has appeared on Heathen.

Baby Loves That Way: released on the Japanese 'Slow Burn' (Sony SICP-162) and UK and EC 'Everyone Says 'Hi' CD single (ISO/Columbia 673134 5 and ISO/Columbia COL 673076 2).

Conversation Piece: appeared on the bonus disc of the 2CD edition of Heathen.

Hole In The Ground: remains unreleased.

I Dig Everything: remains unreleased.

In The Heat of the Morning: remains unreleased.

Karma Man: remains unreleased.

Let Me Sleep Beside You: remains unreleased.

London Boys, The: in July 2002, a 1'26" excerpt was issued as a "secret B-side" on a section of BowieNet dedicated to Heathen, followed in August by another 1'30" excerpt. As the latter is faded out, both pieces still do not cover the entire song.

Shadow Man: included on both EC editions of the 'Slow Burn' CD-single (ISO/Columbia COL 672744 1 and COL 672744 2) and on the UK 'Everyone Says 'Hi'' single (ISO/Columbia 673134 3).

Toy: this track was later offered as a free download (re-titled 'Your Turn To Drive') to customers who ordered their copy of Reality online from HMV.

Uncle Floyd: this song was re-recorded for Heathen as 'Slip Away'; the Toy version remains unreleased.

You've Got a Habit Of Leaving: featured on the EC 'Slow Burn' (ISO/Columbia COL 672744 2) and UK 'Everyone Says 'Hi' singles (ISO/Columbia 673134 5).

Wake up!.

(big brother)
09/11/05 05:34 PM
Re: Heathen is the Toy new [re: Pablo-Picasso]  

Heathen is like a Toy!
I want another Heathen/Toy album!


(big brother)
09/11/05 05:55 PM
Re: Fashion Rocks new [re: Claude]  

I want this BOWIE!


(big brother)
09/11/05 06:24 PM
Re: Fashion Rocks new [re: Claude]  



(mortal with potential)
09/11/05 08:45 PM
Re: Why??? new [re: SoulLoveChild]  

2 Contamination: Attempted Rock Star Murder Hyber Bole/Cycle??

Oh yeah, that would be really really awesome ;)

09/11/05 10:39 PM
Re: 2 out of 3 new [re: Pablo-Picasso]  

Fantastic! Is there an mp3 available of the Life On Mars performance? Man, DB looked wonderful. I thought the black eye/bandaged hand was brilliant, very clever. Only Bowie...

Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!!

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