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(stardust savant)
08/11/05 03:03 PM
Re: Fashion Rocks new [re: dukewhite]  

Ha ha . . . the return of the thin white duke. Good to see you about, dukewhite! Enjoy the show! I, for one, would love to see you come out of semi-retirement.



(the voyeur)
08/11/05 07:25 PM
Re: Fashion Rocks with Arcade Fire new [re: diamondogz74]  

Arcade Fire do their second ever live TV appearance.....and they do a duet with Bowie!!!

I wonder if it will be a new DB song, old DB, cover, AF song or a new AF song?


(stealing for that one good rush)
08/11/05 07:27 PM
Re: Fashion Rocks new [re: zigbot]  

semi-retirement? It's just been over a year. He's gone longer than that before. To you and I who devoted months of our lives to his last tour, I guess it does seem like that to an extent.

As for Arcade Fire, I had heard rumors for some time, but official word is nice. I am excited. While I like AF a reasonable amount, I am mainly excited to hear Bowie with a different band than the one I've heard the last 18 times I've seen him. I don't think a whole show with AF would be good, but for one song, it will be fun. I saw the Flaming Lips play backup to Beck in 2003 and it added an extra element to the music, so I am anxious to see how this effects Bowie.

I am no longer an active member of Teenage Wildlife

(you will pay mr jones)
08/12/05 03:26 AM
Whispey new [re: diamondogz74]  

In reply to:

It has always been my dream that Bowie recorded an album using Phil Spector as producer

Well, he will be needing something to occupy his time in gaol.


(wild eyed peoploid)
08/12/05 02:18 PM
Re: Whispey new [re: poorsoul]  

I was watching the film, 'seven' a couple of days ago and i was shocked to hear 'the heart's filthy lesson' in the finishing titles! A fantastic track for a fantastic movie. They should haved used 'a small plot of land' also...

08/12/05 02:34 PM
Re: Fashion Rocks with Arcade Fire new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

In reply to:

I wonder if it will be a new DB song, old DB, cover, AF song or a new AF song?

I questioned this earlier in this thread and was told it would have to be a well known song, because of the audience, I don't agree with this idea at all, why can't he sing a brand new song? perfectly reasonable to me.

In reply to:

Well, he will be needing something to occupy his time in gaol.

Only IF and thats a big IF in america these days with celebrity court cases.

London Bye Ta-Ta...

(crash course raver)
08/12/05 03:37 PM
Re: Se7en new [re: b_mardle]  

Yes, it fits the movie perfectly. It's the only song that's not on the soundtrack album, though.

The symphonic piece by Bach for the library scene is a very good choice too.

One thought-murder a day keeps the psychiatrist away.

(stardust savant)
08/12/05 04:32 PM
Is Bowie Arcade Fire's Bitch? [re: dukewhite]  

Duke! I wasn't saying BOWIE is in semi-retirement, I was saying YOU are in semi-retirement given your sparse attendance here at TW. It's good to have you back!

As for Arcade Fire and Bowie teaming up . . . I'm not so thrilled. Here's what I posted about it at BWW after someone suggested how much Arcade Fire would benefit from having Bowie perform with them and how Bowie's "patronage" of the band have benefitted them:
OK, I have a different spin on the Bowie/AF thing.

I had read a bunch of very positive (gushing, even) reviews of AF's Funeral in a number of music mags, but what made me go get the album was Bowie's endorsement (gushing as it was, as well).

But the "average" AF fan is not a Bowie fanatic in his/her 40s. So, I highly doubt Bowie's "patronage" has meant squat to AF's young fans.

I'm fine if they team up for one-off thing, but I, like Spidey, don't want to see them mix it up too much together. I adore AF, and I adore Bowie, but I wonder if the PERCEPTION by younger fans (or by cynical Bowie fans) might be along the lines of what many thought when Bowie collaborated with NIN a while back: "There goes Bowie again, the aging rocker affixing himself to the coattails of the up-and-coming hipsters in his relentless and pathetic effort to remain 'relevant'."

I don't want to hear that shit, so I don't want them to team up.

And if Bowie actually SINGS an AF song with AF as backing band on Fashion Rocks, it isn't AF who benefit in my view. It's Bowie. And if he does this, so help me God, much as I love the man, he will be making himself AF's BITCH! If AF provided instrumentation for his performance of one of his OWN songs, that's fine. But if he sings one of THEIR songs, he's merely a "guest vocalist" on a performance that is duly and rightly THEIR performance, not his own.


(the voyeur)
08/12/05 08:25 PM
Re: Is Bowie Arcade Fire's Bitch? [re: zigbot]  

<<gotta be a well known song>>

That's 95% true, but what did Bjork do in 2003?

I think it's going to be a cover song ie: Bowie/Placebo-20th Century Boy, DB/Bono-Gloria, DB/Morrissey-Cosmic Dancer.

I imagine AF will do 2 songs, one alone and one with Bowie. AF are also doing a Letterman appearance the same month.


In every article I've seen about AF, Bowie has been mentioned. Bowie was hip to them, perhaps before Funeral was released in North America - I'm not even sure the album had US distribution.

I would say AF have about as much to gain as DB. The saddest thing is I doubt this show would touch AF without a celebrity cameo of some kind. Remember the Grammy's demanding a OK Computer era radiohead do a duet with Bowie?

I cannot recall Leno ever touching an indie(DIY) act as a musical guest.

As for the NIN/DB tour - I would say Bowie was the highlight of the night and few open minded poeple have disputed that. And I've been vocal about Bowie's attempts to remain hip(**moby who?**) I'm in the NIN/Moby demographic.

When I think of vintage rockers trying to be hip, I think of Jimmy Page performing with Lymp Bizzkyt, Santana performing with Everlast or Stevie Wonder performing with Will Smith.


08/13/05 07:09 AM
Re: Is Bowie Arcade Fire's Bitch? [re: bowiefanpeter]  

In reply to:

or Stevie Wonder performing with Will Smith

Or even this bunch

London Bye Ta-Ta...

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