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03/11/06 08:58 AM
"Don't you feel it? Bowie is cool." - Detroit 7  

Hello TW Happys

Well, as a long-time veteran Sailor man fan, I now have a duty to report this latest discovery. And just the other day, I got the newest release from Tokyo's very own Detroit 7:

detroit7 EP Vol.2


And you just got to love a band with a song called "GRACIAS" (Real audio sample) which opens with the following lyrics:

"Don't you feel it? Bowie is cool.
Don't you feel it? Lou is gorgeous.
Don't you feel it? Iggy is tough.
I just say they're so gracious."

"If you Kurt Cobain, what do you sing about?
If you Kurt Cobain, what do you do?
With a pain, what do you do?
With a head pain

This band is really getting VERY HOT here and their show in Tokyo for next week is TOTALLY SOLD OUT!!! And I just missed getting a ticket, but I have one for another Tokyo show at the end of this month!

The lead singer - Nabana-san (above center) - is a very beautiful and an incredibly talented performer who sometimes sounds alot like a young Janis Joplin AND she plays a totally incendiary lead guitar (Kurt Cobain style) that just totally rips my head off every time I jam one of their CDs or see them live. And I've seen them a few times now and they just keep getting better and better! And at the rate they are going up, I predict that they will do a U.S. tour of some kind within the next couple years or so. Check it out!


Rob <*v*>

(grinning soul)
03/11/06 10:04 AM
Re: "Don't you feel it? Bowie is cool." - Detroit 7 new [re: robpongi]  


(thunder ocean)
03/11/06 10:09 AM
Re: "Don't you feel it? Bowie is cool." - Detroit new [re: DefecateEcstasy]  

Also in the wrong forum, methinks.


03/11/06 01:28 PM
Re: "Don't you feel it? Bowie is cool." new [re: K]  

No, you're both wrong. This is not spam and its not in the wrong forum either. This band is on rocketship now blasting off here on in a very big way. And, most likely, they'll be coming to a theatre near you very soon as according to this interesting English press interview:

Detroit7: We Call It 'Metal,' They Call It 'Rock'

they were recently signed by Toshiba-EMI which is a BIG STEP up from before when they were on the Sony Music Artists label. I wasn't aware that happened until I just now found that interview, which, I highly recommend everyone reading. Its really cool!



03/11/06 01:41 PM
Re: "Don't you feel it? Bowie is cool." new [re: robpongi]  

That's awful.

" I'm looking for backing for an unauthorized auto-biography that I am writing. Hopefully, this will sell in such huge numbers that I will be able to sue myself for an extraordinary amount of money"- David Bowie

(thunder ocean)
03/11/06 01:48 PM
Re: "Don't you feel it? Bowie is cool." new [re: robpongi]  

This is still Bowie Talk: The News Today and I fail to see what this group, apart from having a reference to Bowie in their lyrics, have to do with him.


03/11/06 02:25 PM
Re: "Don't you feel it? Bowie is cool." new [re: K]  

Well, actually, in the song, they also refer to Iggy Pop and Lou Reed as well as Bowie. And if you read the interview you'll see that they are strongly influenced by Mr. Pop and Mr. Reed too. Now, who do you think got them started and helped make them who they became?

And this is significant because now we are seeing yet another new generation of young artists (Detroit 7 are all in their early '20s) who are still being influenced by Mr. David Bowie and associates. And that is most likely a big reason why they are succeeding so very well and rising so quickly. But I understand if you are still partisan, because I know that alot of people, including alot of Bowie fans that I know, get literally stuck in one specific era or genre of music and cannot see outside of that and, often, don't even want to try to look. But I think it is very important to pay attention to new, up and coming groups as much as possible.

You should also know that I am a veteran Bowie fan from way back in the Ziggy days and I was actually at the Stage recording shows on April 28 & 29, 1978 at the Philadelphia Spectrum. And I've seen Bowie more than 50 times, I don't even know how many. But, I have also been a fan of other groups along the way too and now I'm a fan of Detroit 7 because they are good and they are admittedly influenced by Bowie and others in his era.

And if we can't talk about other bands that have been influenced by Bowie and related others here, then that's just outright censorship as I see it. And now this makes me wonder, how many more generations of bands and musicians will continue to be influenced by Bowie et al into the future?!?!

(crash course raver)
03/11/06 05:18 PM
Fills me with the urge.. new [re: robpongi]  

well, rob, it's better than the usual shit that is in the news or views. Defecate needs to get out of his box. What's his reason for slaggin'? It doesn't really matter if it's in news or views, actually. If it was in the news recently and it mentions bowie, well, hippity shit! I'm interested Rob, so keep doin' your thing.

cra ck

03/11/06 10:03 PM
Re: Fills me with the urge.. new [re: ghostlove]  

Hi Ghostlove!

How are you?! Hope all is well with you and yours. Good to hear from you again! Thanks alot for your reply.

Well, I must also add that I have been to hundreds and hundreds of concerts through the years and as for Detroit 7, personally, I've never seen so much soul power in an underground/indies rock group since, well, since I first saw Shonen Knife many years ago. And, as I'm sure you know, Shonen Knife has done so very much, they've gone all over the planet and are still producing truly excellent rock music and are highly regarded by many as living legends in our time. Well, it will take some time yet, but I really believe that Detroit 7 will also eventually rise to that same level, and very possibly, go even further beyond it.

Also, there is one very interesting news item that I just noticed on their site. And on this coming May 10th, Detroit 7 will release a "Nirvana Tribute" EP through "Universal Music" which is Asia's music market leader! You can see this news in Japanese here:

Detroit 7 News

So the world will have to wait a little longer, but not too much though, as I'm sure that you can now see that this group has a great, big and beautiful destiny already happening for them!

Stay tuned!

Rob <*v*>

03/12/06 04:08 PM
Re: Fills me with the urge.. new [re: ghostlove]  

P.S. Here is a very nice picture of Detroit 7 that I wanted to show you:

Stay tuned! <*v*>

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