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(cracked actor)
06/14/07 08:09 AM
Re: New York - Paris - Wolverhampton new [re: Strawman]  

TWer's with long memories may remember that I staged two Ziggy shows here in Brisbane in 2003 and 2004 as part of the GLBT Pride Festival 03 and Brisbane Cabaret Festival 04.

The events were a great success and I've been asked many times when it might be staged again. I briefly considered it to mark the 35th anniversary but my mind has moved onto other projects (see myspace below!) and doing this show twice was enough for me.

Poster for our 2003 show is attached....


06/14/07 08:21 AM
Why not just call it the no-heteros club! new [re: mudley]  

GLBT pride is offensive to heterosexuals.

I could be a genius if I just put my mind to it.

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