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(the voyeur)
11/06/08 10:31 AM
What are these Bowie song titles? [re: ]  

I Never Dreamed(Kon-Rads 1963)
Hello Stranger(Mannish Boys 1964)
Duke of Earl(Mannish Boys 1964)
Love is Strange(Mannish Boys 1964)
Born of the Night(Lower Third 1965)
I Lost My Confidence(Lower Third 1965)
You've Got It Made(1965)
Too Bad(1965)
Hung Up(The Buzz 1966)
Getting Back(the Buzz 1966)
Over the Wall We Go(1966)
Pussy Cat(1966)
Bunny Thing(1966)
You're Funny Smile(1966)
We Are Not You're Friends(1966)
Everything Is You(1967)
Social Kind of Girl(1967)
Silver Treetop School For Boys(1967)
C'est La Vie(1967)
Waiting For The Man(Riot Squad 1967)
Sadie/Little Toy Soldier(Riot Squad 1967)
Mother Grey(1968)
Angel Angel Grubby Face(1968)
April's Tooth of Gold(1968)
Tiny Tim(Ernie Johnson unrealised 35 minute "rock opera" 1968)
Where's The Loo(EJ 1968)
Season Folk(EJ 1968)
Just One Moment Sir(EJ 1968)
Early Morning(EJ 1968)
Noon-Lunchtime(EJ 1968)
Evening Ernie's Boys(EJ 1968)
This is My Day(EJ 1968)
Life is a Circus(with Hutch 1969)

(the voyeur)
11/06/08 10:42 AM
Re: What are these Bowie song titles? new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

Tired of My Life(1970)
Buzz The Fuzz(BBC 1970)
Cyclops(1970) - retitled HD track?
The Invader(1970)
Right On Mother(1971)
Rupert The Riley(solo, 1971)
Miss Peculiar(1971)
It's Gonna Rain Again(1971)
Only One Paper Left(1971)
Ladytron(1973) - Roxy Music song?
Take It In Right(1973)
Tragic Moments/Zion(1973)
People From Bad Homes(1973)
I am a Laser(1973/1980)
I am Divine(1973)
Shilling The Rubes(1973)
Growing Up & I'm Fine(1973)
Too Fat Polka(1974)
Do The Ruby(1974)
Moving On and Turn Blue(w/ Iggy 1975)
Both Guns Are Out There(w/ Keith Christmas 1976)
Portrait of an Artist(Jammy Lodger Outtake 1979) - Visconti once mentioned that 14 Lodger outtakes exist prior to recording SM
Working Party(Lodger)
Emphasis on Repition(Lodger)
I Bit You Back(Lodger)
The Tangled Web We Weave(Lodger)
Pope Brian(Lodger)
Eno's Jungle Box(Lodger)
Burning Eyes(Lodger)

(the voyeur)
11/06/08 10:53 AM
Re: What are these Bowie song titles? new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

People Are Turning To Gold(1980 SM demo)
It Happens Every Day(1980 SM demo)
Cameras In Brooklyn(1980 SM demo)
Is There Life After Marriage?(1980 SM demo) different than circulating version?
Fujimato San(1980 SM demo)
Jamaica(1980 SM demo)
Because I'm Young(1980 SM demo)
It's Tough(TM 1991)
Shock For One(TM 1991)
I'm Pure(TM 1991)
Exodus(TM 1991)
The Nut Soldier(1994 Leon tape?)
Dead Man Don't Talk(But They Do)1997 - full version from movie?
Tryin' To Get To Heaven(1998)
Skylife(1998) - with Reevz, not Heathen version
Uncle Floyd(2001)
Hole In The Ground(2001)

(the voyeur)
11/06/08 10:56 AM
Re: What are these Bowie song titles? new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

From October's Record Collector magazine - written by the same author as BowieStyle. Author's propposed tracklisting for 3 cd Anthology.

I think some things are missing like Black Hole Kids, acoustic LD demos from 1982, 50 Hours outtakes(?) and who knows what else.

11/06/08 11:13 AM
Re: What are these Bowie song titles? new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

Take It In Right(1973)

I wonder what that song's about? Dirty...Dirty man. I wish he would release his dirty songs.

(cricket menace)
11/06/08 11:15 AM
Re: What are these Bowie song titles? new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

There's a few titles I haven't seen before but I guess this represents a fan's knowledge of what is out there rather than what would really appear on an Anthology (some of these titles like 'Do The Ruby' are only rumors). If nothing else, this at least demonstrates that there's easily enough material out there without trying to look hard.

Bowie Downunder

(cricket menace)
11/06/08 11:51 AM
Re: What are these Bowie song titles? new [re: Adam]  

A few they've missed (this is by no mean comprehensive):

* Bowie's aborted second album for Decca (had titles such as 'Reverend Raymond Brown' and 'Threepenny Joe').

* Arnold Corns sessions

* 15 songs written for '1984' the musical. 5 further tracks for 'The Ziggy Stardust Show'.

* The Man Who Fell to Earth soundtrack

* 30 outtakes from Low were 'looked at' by Bowie and Eno for release on RYKO.

* Demos of 'Loving The Alien' and 'Dancing with the Big Boys' apparently far superior according to Bowie

* In the mid 80s, 30 songs written with Iggy Pop on guitars up in the mountains. Only 5 Bowie / Pop compositions made it on to Blah Blah Blah.

* Never Let Me Down demos (apparently all songs were written before entering the studio!).

* Music for La La La Human Steps. As late as 1994, Bowie mentioned he had several hours worth of material written for the dance troupe. “I've also been working again with the dance group La La La Human Steps, writing music for them to perform. and we've got HOURS OF STUFF TO SORT OUT - we've had no notion of the maketplace in mind. It's an honest, healthy approach for an artist to work only for yourself.” – MOJO, October, 1994.

* Bowie and Gabrels concept album based on Steven Berkoff's 1983 Cockney melodrama West. The only known song to originate from these sessions is 'King of Stamford Hill' which later turned up on a Gabrels solo album.

* Bowie's aborted late 80s solo album (recorded in LA with Bryan Adams band and Bon Jovi's producer).

* Bowie's wedding music. Some of the material was subsequently used as a basis for some of the tracks on Black Tie White Noise, for instance, ‘The Wedding’ and ‘The Wedding Song’.

* 35 hours of material from the Outside sessions. Apparently three full albums worth of material were completed.

* Reportedly, an album of acoustic songs was scheduled for release in 1997/98. During television, radio and live appearances, Bowie began to perform both his older and more recent songs completely stripped back.

* Eight Bowie/Gabrels originals for the soundtrack of computer game Omikron. Bowie pointed out that he wanted "to give a warmth and heart" to the soundtrack for the game, rather than the "cold emotional drive" seen in most current games.

* 100 songs written for Hours.

* Toy (including a remake of Bowie's first single 'Liza Jane').

* 23 songs from the first lot of Heathen sessions with drummer Matt Chamberlain who has said 'I sort of remember that alot of the songs didn't have vocals on them when I cut them---they were instrumental pieces and they ranged from very aggro to beautiful and ambient'

Bowie Downunder

(the voyeur)
11/06/08 11:35 PM
Re: What are these Bowie song titles? new [re: Adam]  

Is this the first time titles have surfaced for Ernie Johnson and the Lodger outtakes? I think I've seen some of the SM outtakes titles before.

I think Bowie also recorded some extra "US Pinups" tracks.

(cricket menace)
11/06/08 11:46 PM
Re: What are these Bowie song titles? new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

The Ernie Johnson tapes were listed and described in Record Collector around the time it was being auctioned. The Lodger titles follow what Visconti revealed at his book signing.

Bowie Downunder

(the voyeur)
11/07/08 01:18 AM
Re: What are these Bowie song titles? new [re: Adam]  

According to the "Diary of a generalist" fan book that came out before SM, Visconti says 24 tracks were cut for Lodger.

Some of the titles mentioned above may be alternate titles. Notice that "Repetition" is used twice, once on album and once on a list of alternates.

What about the speculation that I Prey Ole was actually recorded in the late 80's and not in 1979. Some fans have thought this due to it not sounding like it belongs to those sessions and because it's believed Bowie never visited Spain until the late 80's.

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