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(cricket menace)
01/10/09 00:20 AM
The Disappearing Act [re: ]  

I've been wondering recently if it's something of a tactic.

In the early days, Alice Falls and the ilk expressed that the closeness created by the internet was harmful to fandom - and that concerning Bowie, some of the important mystique and intrigue wears off.

Another musician I like - Jens Lekman - has a habit from time to time of just cutting off completely. Like when he suddenly quit myspace for good. And in the last couple months, he's gone the full hog by deleting his email account and website altogether without any given reason.

Of course The Daddy has some level of commitment while Bowienet still remains as a pay site.

Bowie Downunder

(crash course raver)
01/20/09 01:13 AM
Re: The Disappearing Act new [re: Adam]  

I wonder how many are still paying over there? it would be interesting to see some statistics, you know how many registered users they had at the peak, and how many they have now.

How much is it nowdays to join there anyway, just curious...

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(electric tomato)
01/25/09 03:08 AM
Re: The Disappearing Act new [re: Adam]  

How the hell can you know about Jens Lekman?

I was always looking left and right!

(cricket menace)
02/14/09 11:04 PM
Re: The Disappearing Act new [re: jonasf]  

By fluke, I saw Jens as a support act in a small pub a few years ago. I have followed him ever since.

The Bowie silence is getting ridiculous ... I am thinking it must be a strategy - to build of anticipation and perhaps lower overall expectations (which I would say was badly needed among the hardcore fans).

It's not too late to offer BNet members some reward for the last five years of nothing ... at least if only a year or two membership for free.

Bowie Downunder

02/14/09 11:49 PM
(*sigh*) new [re: Adam]  

Fuck, man...

David Bowie, the man, the human being, owes us nothing. Nothing. No artist owes us, the fans, anything. Bowie's strength has always been in defying expectation, not giving people what they want. If he wants to stay out of the public eye and spend time on his family, he has every right to. No actual anticipation is being built outside of the die-hard obsessives, who would probably expect nothing less than the second coming of Jesus Fucking Christ if he were to start recording another album.

Especially if Robert Fripp were on it.

I mean, just in case he's reading this, you know. That'd be nifty.

(cracked actor)
02/15/09 02:57 AM
^^(*o*)^^ new [re: schizophrenic]  

Agree 100%. Bowie owes us nothing. His catalog is awesome and he is but a few artists that can say they utilized their creative peak in such a masterful way in his time. I will say that it can be frustrating to fans who follow his career to know that he isn't as active as he was, but such as life.

(cricket menace)
02/23/09 00:18 AM
Re: ^^(*o*)^^ new [re: ghostlove]  

Is David Bowie weaning his fans?

February 22 2009 at 11:17 PM sam (Login whitecaps)
BW Member

Hi. There's a famous line in Bowie's song, Glass Spider: "The baby spiders would get scared and search frantically for their mother. But the Glass Spider would have long gone, having known that the babies would survive somehow on their own."

I wonder if this situation is similar to our own. We are Bowie's baby spiders, searching frantically for him, a new album, a new appearance, a new photo. However, Bowie is teaching us to survive without him.

One day Bowie will be here no longer, and he must gradually wean us and accustom us to his absence. Perhaps Bowie's silence is his last greatest gift of compassion for us.

Bowie Downunder

(stardust savant)
02/23/09 11:11 AM
Re: ^^(*o*)^^ new [re: Adam]  

Now that's just lame. Aside from a tiny percent of overly absorbed wackos, I don't think Bowie fans really need him to "survive." We just want to hear some good smarty-pants pop music. In the absence of David Bowie, we just end up listening to more David Byrne. That doesn't really warrant a weaning process.

Non importa quanto si aspetta,ma chi si aspetta.

02/23/09 03:55 PM
Re: ^^(*o*)^^ new [re: guiltpuppy]  

You've somehow managed to simplify what David Bowie is to people. It's not really as clear cut as that.

(crash course raver)
02/23/09 06:06 PM
Re: ^^(*o*)^^ new [re: Chinchilla]  

You are right it is much more complicated.


So please do enlighten us.

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(electric tomato)
03/11/09 05:42 AM
Re: ^^(*o*)^^ new [re: guiltpuppy]  

Well, as for me, I'm not an overly absorbed wacko, I'm just a regular absorbed wacko!

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(cracked actor)
03/12/09 09:22 AM
Re: ^^(*o*)^^ new [re: robpongi]  

I disagree with the view that Bowie does not us, nor is he obligated to release another album.

He has accepted the role of rock star, is in perfectly good health, and still has his talent and charisma. He should do what he does: exercise his gift.

How hard can it be to strum a few chords and make up some words?

03/14/09 07:20 AM
Re: ^^(*o*)^^ new [re: to_dizzy]  

In my opinion, he got out of the rat race, like we all want to.
He's rich, married to the most beautiful woman on earth and has a daughter that requires lots of attention especially at that age.

He wrote in You've been around 'it's too many lonely night I can't tell bad from wrong, I can't pass you by'.
He just wants to enjoy life I suppose.

(cricket menace)
03/15/09 07:14 AM
Don't let me know when you're opening the door new [re: kalamazoo]  

Certainly if Bowie had become a 'business' or 'product', then yes, he's escaping the rat race.

Part of me still hopes he IS the artist he always said he was - working as much for the art as the audience. The best thing I can hope for, is that he still occasionally writes music ... and one day we will hear it.

Of course, Bowie does not have to do a thing at all. He's done more to please me than any other artist ever will. But in the end, he is David Bowie and David Bowie quitting music is something that won't go un-noticed. Even in this stage of his career, the magnitude is not altogether dissimilar to John Lennon's retirement, Cat Steven's conversion to Islam and Kurt Cobain's suicide. These great artists all opted out for varying, personal reasons. The main difference is that this time, there is no official announcement.

Bowie Downunder

(wild eyed peoploid)
03/30/09 06:44 PM
Bowie new [re: Adam]  

As to whether Bowie "owes" us or not, I think there can be a case made that we are indeed owed an answer. Even polite civil discourse would demand an answer.

Face it some of us have been Bowie fans for decades. We've supported him, attended his shows, defended him against the critics, and turned other on to his music thus feeding the growth of his popularity.

I'm sure Bowie is aware of the connection, the intimate physical/spiritual connection we all have with him and I'm willing to bet there exist some connection between Bowie and his fans that he senses.

When you decide to become a commercial entity, especially with something so spiritual as music you must accept a certain amount of responsibility towards the love and good will that your fans shower upon you.

I wonder how many times his fans have lifted his spirits or when he was having little commercial success that words from a fan may have lifted his spirits?

Even a modest farewell would be kind and honorable.

There is such a thing as class and compassion. I'm sure we'd all rather hear him speak his mind instead of having to guess. No one likes to feel slighted or jilted and David is doing just that with this wall of silence.

We all grow old, fade away, and die. I wish Bowie would show some grace and speak about the future and what his intentions are. We all know he has a HUGE library of unreleased music that he could distribute for decades to the delight of his fans both old and new.

Lastly when one is given a gift of talent, especially extraordinary talent you have a duty to share that gift for as long as you can.

One day Bowie will be gone forever and each day is one day closer to the inevitable, but until then I hope David Bowie decides to grace the world with his gift of music and do all he can to make the day a bit brighter with a song or two.

Love feeds Love's eternalness and Love feeds the warmth of your caress...

03/30/09 11:29 PM
Um, no. new [re: Steven]  

In reply to:

I'm sure Bowie is aware of the connection, the intimate physical/spiritual connection we all have with him and I'm willing to bet there exist some connection between Bowie and his fans that he senses.

You've had an intimate physical connection with Bowie???

Seriously though, this argument is just all kinds of wrong. Though I'll bet he appreciates the support, I'm not sure how, er, "intimately and spiritually" connected Bowie can feel to a group of total strangers when he's probably just trying to have a quiet, normal life of his own. The only thing that makes you perceive him differently from any other human being is the fact that his line of work puts his public persona front and center. Which brings me to the next point...

In reply to:

When you decide to become a commercial entity, especially with something so spiritual as music you must accept a certain amount of responsibility towards the love and good will that your fans shower upon you.

Maybe that's why he stopped then. No one makes good art out of a sense of obligation, and maybe he would have rather stopped than half-ass something just because his biggest fans would be disappointed otherwise.

Also, the whole "spiritual" argument is REALLY getting on my nerves, mainly because it seems like you're projecting your own set of beliefs on to his art. Which is okay, of course - all great art should be completely open to interpretation. But what if he doesn't subscribe to this same system of belief as you? Should someone tell him that his good karma absolutely depends on his making another album for the benefit of the fans? Yeah, I'm sure that'll really get the creative juices flowing.

In reply to:

Lastly when one is given a gift of talent, especially extraordinary talent you have a duty to share that gift for as long as you can.

No you don't, especially when talent is such a subjective thing. There are people who think Bowie is a complete hack. You can make some kind of argument for why they're wrong, but in the end your opinion is just that - totally subjective, and of no bearing to how any other human being should choose to run their lives.

I agree that it would be nice to get some kind of statement from the man, but this idea of him actually owing you something seems to stem from a concept of moral obligation that's self-righteous at best, and completely fucking delusional at worst. Frankly, I'm not even sure why I'm trying to make a rational argument out of this. Guess that lack of Bowie news has given us all a lot of free time, eh?

(beyond the yoga zone)
03/31/09 03:54 AM
Re: Bowie new [re: Steven]  

In reply to:

Even a modest farewell would be kind and honorable.

A modest farewell would be admitting closure.

No matter how much work Bowie is or isn't prepared to do in the next few years, he's never going to admit to closure. After all, he might wake up with a new idea to share with us all the next day!

He couldn't make the same mistake as Aussie 'legend' John Farnham, who's on the brink of announcing his 4th (yes you read it right, FOURTH) 'last ever tour'. He's such a fool, he's even been sued by a fan for lying about his 'retirement' when in the end, he just wanted to keep on performing. After a long break.

We all knew Reality was the last world tour Bowie would ever do, but he never said it himself in so many words. Anyone who didn't believe that was really kidding themselves. Studio output is a different kettle of fish, I know.

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(cracked actor)
03/31/09 12:21 PM
Re: Um, no. new [re: schizophrenic]  

If we wanted to get 'spiritual' about it, then we need to not be such hungry ghosts as the buddhists say and have such a heavy attachment to Bowie's person. That is also a form of idoltry in other religions and a mental addiction in psychological terms. The closure aspect I don't buy either since there is such a pelethora of work to delve into to provide comfort. Closure by his announcing a retirement gives him a limitation and by us wanting his announcement is warrantless speculating and assumption

More, more, more is not spiritual at all no matter how new agey you make it sound. So in essence I agree with Schizo and SLC about the state of affairs a reasonable person should have regarding Bowie's retirement and maybe giving fans some studio output would be nice... but if not, so be it.

(grinning soul)
04/02/09 09:27 AM
Re: ^^(*o*)^^ new [re: jump93]  

...apparently there`s a small mention in latest Classic Rock, with Jimmy Page on the cover, that David has been in Berlin recording lately...

(cracked actor)
04/02/09 02:22 PM
Re: ^^(*o*)^^ new [re: Kjartan]  

Whoever strated that Twitter account must be laughing his arse off.

Bat-Man and Robin go to the doctor (1952)

(grinning soul)
04/03/09 12:12 PM
Re: ^^(*o*)^^ new [re: Mxy]  

Really? Twitter was the source of that info? I didn`t know that, I didn`t read it myself, it was just a friend who told me. Are you sure it came from Twitter?

(cracked actor)
04/04/09 00:23 AM
Re: ^^(*o*)^^ new [re: Kjartan]  


Bat-Man and Robin go to the doctor (1952)

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