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(cricket menace)
02/15/09 10:54 PM
Looking Glass Studios to close (the end is nigh) [re: ]  

The last recording studio to be widely used by David Bowie - Looking Glass - (which is owned by Philip Glass and located conveniently to Bowie in Soho), appears to be closing.

Mark Plati is currently doing his last ever session there.

Some of the artists that have honored the space:

Laurie Anderson
David Bowie
Brazilian Girls
The Breeders
David Byrne
Ornette Coleman
Cheryl Crow
Chocolate Genius
Counting Crows
The Cure
The Dandy Warhols
Dean & Britta
Gavin DeGraw
Marius DeVries
Neil Finn
Philip Glass
Michel Gondry
Holmes Brothers
Angelique Kidjo
Kaki King
Iggy Pop
Grace Jones
Kevin Killen
John Legend
Manic Street Preachers
Tony Maserati
Motion City Soundtrack
Nina Nastasia
Gil Norton
Mark Plati
John Popper Project
Lou Reed
Duncan Sheik
The Silos
Earl Slick
Patti Smith
Spooky Ghost
Craig Street
David Torn
TV On The Radio
Suzanne Vega
Tony Visconti
Roger Waters
Lizz Wright

Let's hope that it's a great final hurrah.

Bowie Downunder

(cricket menace)
02/15/09 11:00 PM
Re: Looking Glass Studios to close (the end is nigh) new [re: Adam]  

Some examples of albums created (or partly created) here:








Bowie Downunder

Diamond Frog
02/16/09 05:50 PM
Re: Looking Glass Studios to close (the end is nigh) new [re: Adam]  

Any information on why they're closing?

When Bowie meets Satie | Froggy does Bowie

(cricket menace)
02/16/09 08:50 PM
Re: Looking Glass Studios to close (the end is nigh) new [re: Diamond Frog]  

All I have so far is "it's over" and it's "a long story".

Maybe it was finance in these difficult times ... I am not sure.

Bowie has certainly lost his most convenient and most frequently used studio. Not that he cannot record elsewhere but it is another blow toward hearing new music from Bowie again. If anything has been recorded in the last five years, it's probably been there.

On a related matter, it would be a good idea for Glass to do The Lodger Symphony in this time of long absence.

Bowie Downunder

(the voyeur)
02/17/09 08:19 AM
Re: Looking Glass Studios to close (the end is nigh) new [re: Adam]  

As seen in the "dead men don't talk" clip and "what's really happening" promo?

Wasn't Heathen recorded in upstate NY?

(cricket menace)
02/17/09 08:46 AM
Re: Looking Glass Studios to close (the end is nigh) new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

Both Looking Glass (in Soho) and Allaire (upstate) were used.

Interestingly, Looking Glass was the first - for preparatory work that included some 40 unfinished pieces.

Then it was David Torn that recommended a new venue - one that was apparently like no other he'd been to.

The new location proved very inspirational and according to Visconti, Bowie began writing furiously within days.

Bowie Downunder

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